Video: Timeline Switch: Dumping a Past Memory

When a bothersome memory from the past keeps popping up in your head over and over, you may realize that it’s hindering your evolutionary progress.

If so, you can learn to rewire your past by removing the bad memory or replacing it with a good one that helps you to manifest your desires. How can you do that? This video will give you the basics.

By learning the mechanics of creation you’ll be able to redesign your past, applying it to specific memories and past events.
Redesigning a memory is simply when you remember that time really doesn’t exist. A timeline switch is as simple as recognizing a lesson associated with the memory, acknowledging the lesson it’s taught you, and then sending it away.  You are not a slave to your past, nor are you required to relive it over and over.  It is always your choice.

Seems too easy? That’s because it is! The universe is simple. We as humans have chosen to live with limitations. The truth is, there’s no time, it’s all happening now!

You do have the power to change your past! You are the creator of your reality.

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