Video: Capture The Best Version Of Yourself On Camera

When you look at a photo of you from a year ago, what do you see?

A crooked nose and some fine lines? But that is only the superficial stereotypes that society makes us believe. The awakening process comes with an understanding that the perfect symmetry or the body standards we compare ourselves to are just made to sell us something and limit us.  So what is the best version of ourselves?

As a divine being, you have your own truth. You are above the standards of what you are “supposed to look like.”

Instead, look at your eyes! They are the window to your soul. Through them, you see the kind of person you were at that time. You see our own truths and beliefs. You may even be a completely different person inside with all the growth you’ve been through. And there’s no hiding from yourself!

Your physical aspects are just representations of how you feel about yourself.  What is your best version?

In truth, we are all just Light with a bunch of different bodies on different planes.

Lighten up on yourself! Learn how to take a selfie and enjoy it! If needed, take 30 pictures. The most important thing – have fun! Show the camera the most authentic and relaxed you. And when you look at them the next time, you’ll remember the fun and the authentic self of that time, and one of them will show you the best version of yourself in that very moment.

A tip from Kimberly:

Appreciate the diversity and love the best version of you!

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