Video: Rewiring Your Past with Light

How can you change your past?

In this video, Kimberly talks about rewiring your past with light.

How can you change your past and how does “rewiring” work?

The journey begins with revisiting a past event in your memory, which you’d like to review from a different perspective. At the time when you “were” there in linear terms (and you still are – don’t forget that everything is happening at the same time), you probably were too busy to pick up many important things. Now let’s swipe away all the negative stuff and fill that event with LOVE!

Your 3D ego might be seeing many things as “wrong”, but it’s much easier to focus on the right things when you look at the scene from a 5D perspective.

As a true master of creation, you’ll see how fun it is to spread your loving light over a multitude of living creatures (who are also a part of YOU); plants, animals, and humans. Send them love, and that will make you feel really great!

That is how you erase insecurity and fear from your past and start to see things changing for you on all timelines. You’re not only doing it for yourself, by the way. By raising the frequency of every energy piece in a past scene, you’re rewiring the whole collective with light altogether! Thus, you’re not only changing the past, you’re also learning how to switch timelines and make life on Earth better for everyone!

Remember: you have the power to change your past just as easily as you can change your future!

Love to YOU!


author: Kimberly

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