Video: Make Your Dreams Solid

Answering the question of our dear friend: What’s it like when your dreams become solid?

What if we could fly, walk through walls, make statues move, and enjoy other ‘weird’ abilities without any limitations just as seamlessly when we’re awake? You can make those dreams solid!

People are told to believe that the waking state is our only normal; that the dream state is just our brain’s special activity at the times our body is having some rest. What if we said that as our subconsciousness is shifting in that dream state, we simply disregard imposed limitations! And we can do that “in the real-life” as well! Just believe the fact that you can do anything.

And here is another surprise from Kimberly for you:

Your waking and sleeping states are actually the same!

But how do you transfer that unlimited state to your everyday life? The path from noticing coincidences to making manifestations is slow but possible for everyone of us. It all starts with noticing synchronicities. Such as 11:11 on the clock or knowing who’s gonna call. Then, as you broaden your perspective of what is possible on earth, small manifestations start to follow. As you proceed, you’ll be able to manifest bigger things. Though you manifest a coin or a car using the same amount of energy, your beliefs in what is possible get uplifted gradually.

Also, in this video, you’ll get to know Kimberly’s rabbit statue Winston, who may or may not be moving in the future. It all comes up to when Kimberly expands her belief system and decides that Winston should be dancing around.

Remember: All possibilities exist!

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