Lose Your Job? Time to Celebrate!

Your old self wants to keep things unchanged for the rest of your life, but that’s not the case anymore when you finally wake up.

Moving from 3D to 5D is not about comfort at all: it’s about your spiritual growth and having new experiences. That’s why, when you lose your job, you should celebrate that life-changing opportunity.

Listen to your higher self, guides, or angels or whatever you call them, and take any chance to transform your life, whether it scares you to death or not. It’s totally normal to go through emotions, like mourning and frustration. You can feel shitty for as long as you can stand yourself.

The only thing that matters is your GROWTH!

Here are top reasons why losing a job is good for you: –

  • You no longer have to get up early Monday to Friday
  • You become open to changes
  • You start experiencing new exciting things
  • You meet new amazing people
  • Eventually, what you have lost will be replaced with something closer in vibration to a NEW you!
  • ======================================================

Remember: it’s all about you! If you have a big loss like losing your job, celebrate it and move further! ======================================================

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