How can I manifest things instantly?

Here is the best answer, straight from Abraham-Hicks:

A soft and gentle focus, with no resistance, produces nearly instantaneous results.



The “soft and gentle” portion of the statement is characterized by a sense of ease; by being in a state of joyful acceptance rather than myopic expectation.  Your desired situation can occur in any number of ways, and most of them you’ve never even considered.

Believing that something can only come to you one way—the way you’ve imagined it—emits a frequency of resistance to a possibly much EASIER path!  Do you see how resistance can be tricky that way, and trap you in the corner of not allowing, when you thought you were allowing?

By maintaining a soft and gentle focus that your desire arrives via any path that the Universe provides, you’ll release the resistance necessary to accept it into your life.

Distract yourself with fun things, which help you to enjoy the moment.  Forgetting about time facilitates the remembrance that life is holographic, and it does not follow the watch or the calendar.



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