Awakening FAQ

Awakening FAQ


For those interested in quick answers to some of the most basic questions related to awakening, incarnations, soul mates, 3D reality, and 5D reality, we are finally compiling the hundreds of questions we’ve received over the years.

This FAQ, like the rest of the Universe, is a work in progress.



Consciousness is sentient energy.

In other words, it’s energy that is aware of itself.  You are energy, and you are practicing self-awareness whenever you act as the observer of your feelings, behavior, or situation.

Expanding your consciousness entails observing yourself—and others around you—from an increasingly larger perspective.

Imagine that you are at the base of the mountain.  You can see the ground around you in all directions, if you spin around.

Now climb halfway up the mountain.  From this perspective, you can see the ground where you were just standing, plus the part you’ve just climbed, since you’ve changed your perspective.

If you climb to the top of the mountain, your view is massive, allowing you to see the path you’ve climbed, as well as other paths leading to the summit. The higher the perspective, the more you are able to observe.

Every time you observe others from their point of view, you increase your perspective, and you climb higher up the mountain.


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