Awakening FAQ

Awakening FAQ


For those interested in quick answers to some of the most basic questions related to awakening, incarnations, soul mates, 3D reality, and 5D reality, we are finally compiling the hundreds of questions we’ve received over the years.

This FAQ, like the rest of the Universe, is a work in progress.



There is only a very small portion of you that is in your physical vehicle right now.  The majority of you is non-physical, existing in the form of sentient energy, which is living other lives, in other realms, simultaneously.

Since you desired the experience of a seemingly-solid reality, you “separated” some of your energy from the whole, slowing down the frequency until it appeared solid.  This is the physical “you.” You are never really separated, but you gave your physical body the sensation of being separate from other things, so that you could interact with them using your five senses.

When you are finished with this experience, your energy will coalesce again in the non-physical, leaving your body behind to return to the physical earth; and back into the All That Is (that’s you too!).

You will then remember your native essence as the creator of your reality; and you will continue creating yourself in any way you desire, whether that be further incarnations in a physical body, or in a non-physical one. Your personality remains, now expanded from your recent incarnation.

Recommended book for more information:

Neale Donald Walsch: Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends