Awakening FAQ

Awakening FAQ


For those interested in quick answers to some of the most basic questions related to awakening, incarnations, soul mates, 3D reality, and 5D reality, we are finally compiling the hundreds of questions we’ve received over the years.

This FAQ, like the rest of the Universe, is a work in progress.



Well, things get better! You will understand that your thoughts are creating your reality, and you’ll continue your inward journey to recognize the power you forgot you had.

Once you recognize that you have the power to experience anything you want in life, the doubts and cynicism about what can happen in your reality will fall away. Be gentle with yourself. You’re recreating an entire paradigm, redesigning how you look at life. Once the doubts have faded away, you’ll be what people call fearless, and the sky is the limit as to what you can experience when you recapture that forgotten power.

Don’t let others tell you that you can’t do something. They are speaking through the filters of their own fears, and as such cannot support you in your growth. That’s why people fall away. They’ll be replaced with people that can support you on your path.

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Congratulations!  You’re waking up!

The code 1111 is one of the first to activate in the awakening human.  When you see repeatedly see this awakening sign, it’s an indication for you to first consider “coincidence,” which progresses to the consideration of “synchronicity.”

It starts with “Why do I keep seeing this number?”  This begins the internal journey that opens the consciousness to the possibility of life forces beyond what you can see with your senses. You’ll begin to notice other synchronicities that have been occurring in your life, too, after 11:11 shows up.

So you will begin the shift from an external focus to an internal one.  You will contemplate what really can happen in our world, including non-physical occurrences, miracles, and magic.

Seeing this number is a reminder that you are currently aligned with Source.  Now is the time to act on your highest joy.

Welcome to the fun side of life!


A coincidence is commonly defined as “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.” And yet there’s more to the story.

Since the 3D world requires empirical evidence of a relationship that’s verifiable through at least one of our five senses, anything that happens in life without previously planning the interaction is generally devalued as a chance occurrence.

In terms of the awakened individual, there are no chance occurrences…only synchronicities.

These remarkable coincidences are a result of your interaction with the holographic Universe, which is created by you, for you.  These chance encounters, repeating numbers, and overheard prophetic statements are placed there for you to tune into—or not—depending on your thoughts, feelings and vibration at the time.

In essence, coincidences are synchronistic breadcrumbs placed in your path.  It’s up to you how much relevance you give it.

And note that ALL moments are coincidences in their truest form.  We tend to assign some moments more relevance than others; this is how we make choices as to which path of breadcrumbs we’ll follow.


Consciousness is sentient energy.

In other words, it’s energy that is aware of itself.  You are energy, and you are practicing self-awareness whenever you act as the observer of your feelings, behavior, or situation.

Expanding your consciousness entails observing yourself—and others around you—from an increasingly larger perspective.

Imagine that you are at the base of the mountain.  You can see the ground around you in all directions, if you spin around.

Now climb halfway up the mountain.  From this perspective, you can see the ground where you were just standing, plus the part you’ve just climbed, since you’ve changed your perspective.

If you climb to the top of the mountain, your view is massive, allowing you to see the path you’ve climbed, as well as other paths leading to the summit. The higher the perspective, the more you are able to observe.

Every time you observe others from their point of view, you increase your perspective, and you climb higher up the mountain.


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