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Are You Awakening video: Do you feel like you stopped evolving?
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Video: Do You Feel Like You’ve Stopped Evolving?

Sometimes, it feels like the signs of evolving are gone, but your advancement is still at work! The journey of awakening touches everything and goes beyond your conscious awareness.

Even when you feel like you’ve stalled, you are still evolving. The path to Oneness is a one-way journey. And there is a way to check just how much you’ve progressed since a year ago! In this video, Kimberly shows you how to do a self-check!

Fight your own disbelief in yourself and remember that you are the creator of your reality!

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Video explaining how to clear 3 main chakras responsible for human body vibration and release your energy blocked inside them.
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Why is My Body Vibrating Without a Vibrator?

Kimberly from AreYouAwakening answers another question about the awakening process: “Why is my body vibrating?” 

She’ll talk about 3 main chakras that are responsible for human body vibration:

  • the Root Chakra,
  • the Sacral Chakra,
  • and the Crown Chakra.

After watching this video, you’ll learn how to meditate and clear out the energy blocked in your chakras.

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