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Why So Many People Are Sick on Earth

Sickness nearly always has a spiritual component. If there is dis-ease in your physical body, it’s a signal to look deeper for the cause.

Here’s the way physical sickness works:*

As we progress along our happy—and sometimes not so happy—lives, we are presented with situations, called catalyst, that give us the opportunity to grow.

When we fully glean the lesson from that catalyst, and we fully process the growth from it by feeling the emotions, allowing them their release, and acknowledging the perfection of the opportunity, then that energy is released back to Source for reassignment.

However, if we don’t fully acknowledge the catalyst, by stuffing the feelings down, using substances for escape, or even over-working ourselves in order not to address it, then that catalytic energy remains with you.

If not fully addressed, the catalyst turns to the physical body in order to get your attention.

Here’s the question I get a lot after I explain it:

“Well then why are there so many awake people who are sick?”

And it’s a great question.  Here’s why:

Those awakened souls you are meeting are positively polarized, meaning that they have chosen a path of Service-to-Others.  These will be those Little-Rays-of-Sunshine people, who live by compassion and kindness towards others.  They spread their Light wherever they are, to everyone they meet; and often, they forget about themselves.

This is when things get stuffed down, not addressed, when they are giving, giving, and giving more to others without taking the time to give to themselves.

That’s why the oxygen masks drop down, and you’re advised to put yours on first.  You can’t help anyone else, until you have helped yourself.  In a world that needs all the giving it can get, it’s easy to forget that.

Today, Lightworker, make sure that you appreciate your lessons, feel the emotions associated with them, and release all that catalytic energy.  Appreciate yourself for any reason at all, and continue being kind.


Earth Energy:





644 (Prioritize Your Intentions)

333 (Your team is with you)


*Note that there are soul plans that include experiencing sickness as a limitation; this situation is much rarer than that described above.



author: Kimberly

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How Do You Treat People in Your Fantasies?

One of the amazing parts of human incarnation is the ability to feel with our five physical senses.  Those not in physical bodies don’t have this advantage, which is why Earth is such a happening place right now.

The ability to perfect the melding of conscious awareness with the physical human experience is of greatest benefit to you, because you have a 360-degree view of your reality from within, and also from without.  That’s good shit, right there.

This combo of ability to visualize what isn’t yet in our physical surroundings, yet feel that visualization in our physical body is what manifestation is all about.

It’s you, fantasizing.

Let’s talk about the fantasies that we all have.

There are the positive fantasies of being able to retire on your own island to never work another day in your life, and then there are the more dualistic fantasies perhaps of a darker nature.

I mean, Fifty Shades of Grey did pretty well in the box office.  That’s all I need to say on that one.

Since you are living in a reality of your own creation, you have free will to choose any fantasy you can imagine, and focus upon it. This is the creative process at work. You are using your imagination to create your surroundings and experiences; wild, or tame, or anything in between.

Rarely does it occur that your fantasies include only you.  There are other players helping you to fulfill your dreams. Today, check out how you are treating those other people in your fantasies.

Are you treating them with the same love and respect with which you’d want to be treated?  Or are they submissive, weak and bidding to your every will?  Are you equals in the fantasy, or is there a power play?

Examining this part of you can open up doors to the self that may need some attention.

Remember, you are the creator of all of your relationships, even before they arrive in your physical existence. Fantasies are a good indication of where you’re headed.


Earth Energy:






1144 (seek ways to work more efficiently)

544 (acknowledge your hard work related to growth)



author: Kimberly

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what if all of life were a virtual reality game
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What If This Life Experience Is Just a Game?

If you knew that all of Life were just a game, and we’re all playing it virtual-reality style, what would you do differently?

What if you knew that you were completely safe to make any decision you desired, create anything you want to see, experience or love, and you understood that everyone involved was just as safe as you are?

Would you:

  • Take more risks?
  • Love more often?
  • Address the hateful parts of yourself because the game isn’t as much fun when you’re the bad guy?

Today, go about your day from the perspective that it’s just a game, and the object of the game is to be love.  Look at everyone that comes into your point of view as a fellow player, perfect just like you, and wanting to have his own experience of the game.

See what happens.


Earth Energy:






553 (Major life changes to align you with your soul mission)

333 (Your team is with you)



Your team is coming back together.



author: Kimberly

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