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Barreling Along the Spiral
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Barreling Along the Spiral

Barreling Along the Spiral

(verb) – the process of revisiting a subject that you thought you were finished with.

For many of us on Earth at the moment, we are revisiting similar issues in order to transmute them for the collective:

Non-serving belief systems

  • Unworthiness
  • Unlovability
  • Age, gender or ethnic equality
  • Enlightened people should be poor
  • Powerful people are exploitive
  • Miracles are dealt out to a select few
  • Abundance must be earned by hard work
  • Everyone else is happier than we are
  • We react to our external world rather than create it

Human Limitations

  • Physical inability to heal
  • If it hasn’t been proven by science, then it is impossible
  • Separation
  • Disbelief in anything that cannot be explained
  • The five senses determine reality

The Spiral of Life is endless, with each incident of consciousness experiencing its desired growth in its own manner, and adding onto the Spiral to increase its breadth and depth.  To expand the Universe.

A situation arises. We process our thoughts, feelings, beliefs. And we glean the lesson/reason that the situation was recalled to us.  We assimilate our new beliefs about the situation, and we continue on with our lives.

And then the situation returns again.  We fret.  We meditate, we cry. We were finished with this–we did the work, we transmuted it, we forgave, we were gentle (or not) in our healing.  “This should be finished.”

So why did it arrive again?  Some think it a test of our resolve.  Some think we crave pain and drama, much like a habit. Some think of it as punishment for not being the A-team transmuter the first time around.

Me?  Well, I think we just want to grow a little bit more from the situation.  Each time, we give it a new facet.

From all of the experiences of the situation, from all of the times we faced it head on, and learned something about ourselves.  We’ve returned over that same area in the Spiral, but this time, we have more tools–or weapons, if you still view it that way–to address the situation from a different perspective.

What better way to see something from multiple angles, than to experience them all.