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Happening Now: Secrets Coming Out

Time is running out for people who have been living a life of secrecy.  Those who excelled in power over others via abuse and exploitation will no longer have a place to hide.

As Earth ascends, people learn all about sovereignty.  We realize that we’ve been giving our power away to others, when we have everything we need inside to excel at anything we set our sights on.  We remember that no one can take power over us without our permission.

And now that we’re learning the benefits of that mindset, watch out dudes who have been exploiting people for self-serving reasons.

With this newly-rediscovered self empowerment comes the desire to speak out about historical incidents of abuse that were previously suppressed by victims* due to shame and fear of ridicule.

You can, of course see it in the news daily, with the #METOO movement and other activities that support the vocalization of misapplication of power.

These secrets boiling to the top are indications that society is moving towards a platform of transparency, where those who held power through corruption and the disrespect of human life will be balancing out that energy (what most would call karma) in any number of ways.

They could choose to heal, or they could choose to not heal, which will probably mean that they leave Earth in one of many ways (I’ll leave that up to your imagination), but this sort of Darkness is being squeezed out by the Light on both sides.  There will be nowhere for it to go.

The next question I’m always asked, is “WHEN?”

Anyone that gives you a definitive prediction for that is not informed, since it’s entirely up to the Collective as to when.  It’s the frequency of the Collective that determines when change happens, rather than one group or movement that initiates this change.  The critical mass of the Collective will decide when that happens, and when it does, then these mass arrests will occur. Until then, it will happen on a smaller, more individual scale….probably to people you know.

With that said, the Earth is being bombarded with massive energy from the solar system, including the Sun, so if you’re into astrology at all, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it.  You can learn a bunch about your own energy patterns based on solar flares and moon phases.

With all of the incoming energy comes further awakening, as our solar system moves into a particularly charged area of the galaxy.  This affects the Collective as well, so I can say that I do expect mass awakenings by the millions during 2018.  I am seeing evidence of this in the past few months, where engagement has skyrocketed with people searching for answers.

So hold onto your seats, Lightworkers!  If you didn’t know your purpose, here it is.


BE yourself!

Be transparent, and know that this time is about choosing your path between Service to Others and Service to Self.  If you are serving others, there will be no secrets. You won’t need them, because you will be living a life of integrity. That’s a great example to set, don’t you think?


Remember, always be you, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy





1144 (Lightworker activation in preparation for awakening of the unconscious collective)

688 (Material needs met, sell something you’ve been meaning to sell)



*I use the term “victim” here in the 3D sense of those who have been harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.  In the spiritual sense, there are no victims, just those who have chosen to experience a particular catalyst for purposes of growth.  This explanation pisses some people off, and that’s ok by me.  Victims attract victims.  Victors attract victors.  




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cintamani stone
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Cintamani Stone: Fortifying the Light Grid

There is a grid of light that encompasses Earth’s surface.  You, Lightworker, are part of that grid.

Rather watch a video than read?  Here it is…

Lightworkers, or Lightwarriors as many are being called now for their progressive Light-bearing action to deliver healing energy to humanity, are spread around the globe.  We’re represented in tiny families living in mud huts in Indonesia, and as Upper West Side philanthropists, and as school teachers in Kansas.  The connection between us begins with our ethereal bodies, which extends in a dimension your physical body has, historically, not had access to see.

That’s what keeps us longing for each other.  That’s what makes connection with another Lightworker such an exhilarating experience, when we meet someone as weird as we are, we rejoice in being able to be our authentic selves without having to explain the basics of our shared beliefs.

This grid is becoming exponentially stronger as each member of it expands its consciousness to allow in communication from ourselves in other dimensions. It’s the fortification of this grid that is squeezing out the Darkness on Earth.

Along with a huge network of beings living both beneath the surface of the Earth and around it, humans are creating what’s been called Compression Breakthrough.

This concept is much like a panini, if you will.  Light as the bread on the top, light as the bread underneath, and as it’s pressed together, the Darkness has nowhere to go but out.

There are many theories as to whom is living beneath the surface, and my beliefs may not match yours.  Doesn’t really matter, as long as you consider one thing:  if you are partnering with them to encompass Earth with your energy, ensure that you sense collaboration with beings of Light.  You can call them anything you want, and attribute their galactic history to any of many groups that are assisting us with Earth’s upliftment.

One way you can connect with those who are squeezing the light from below is with a Cintamani stone.

Cintamani stone, also known as Saffordite, is the most fascinating stone I’ve ever encountered.

The Cintamani (Sanskrit for “wish-fulfilling jewel”) has a sacred connection with the Agarthans, light beings who live in subterranean caverns on Earth. The Agarthans are one of many civilizations assisting us with positively increasing the vibration of our planet, to liberate those humans living within the constraints of limited consciousness.

The stone Saffordite, which is found in Eastern Arizona, is a weathered Obsidian glass.  Volcanic in nature (vs moldavite and other tektites, which are formed by meteors pounding the earth and forming glass,) Saffordite contains crystalline magnetite, which, as you may deduce, makes it magnetic.  Thus, the stone is also an integral part of Earth’s magnetic grid.

There are stories that King Solomon understood the sacredness of the Cintamani, which is infused with Sirian energy.  He was purported to carry one with him on his journeys to keep him secure during travel, and there are some pieces of channeled art (well, actually ALL art is channeled) that denote such stones being used in sacred contact with evolved cave-dwellers.

They are really not very pretty stones, as stones go.  As a gemologist, I get to study a lot of rocks. Rather dull and commonly opaque, they display similar dimpling to moldavite, which many use as a conduit for extraterrestrial contact.

In current times, it appears that this stone is playing a supporting role as we near The Event, when Darkness succumbs and Earth turns its corner toward critical mass in awakening.  It’s fortifying the Light Grid, by transmitting the energy of the Lightworkers who interact with them.

Owning a Cintamani is a responsibility, though.  It’s not just another crystal to stack in your pile of pretty rocks.

The stones themselves are magnificent transmitters, so if you are feeling dark and gloomy, it’s best not to handle it until you feel better.  You are an integral part of the Grid.

When I first touched mine, it nearly burnt a hole in my palm.  I had to put it down, get myself centered and grounded, and try again. The energy is a strong, ancient, Earthy one, and although I believe life shouldn’t be taken so seriously, I have great respect for this stone and the information it provides to me. I treat it with the utmost of respect. In fact, for as long as I’ve been around stones, this one holds the most energy of any stone in my collection.

I keep mine on a piece of palo santo wood, which is commonly burnt like sage to cleanse an area.  I find myself desiring it to be nearby more and more often.

This is most likely due to my commitment to spread Light.  Being part of that grid is important to me, and it strengthens my resolve to serve as a Light bearer to all that I meet.  And the burning part?  Just an ego check, in my book.  Always a good perspective to revisit from time to time.

If you are interested in a Cintamani stone, there are plenty of places online to obtain one.  It’s always better if you can pick it out in person, however in this day and age we’ve gotten good at recognizing energy from photographs; so listen to your gut and you will know which stone is right for you.  If none speak to you, then it’s not time to own one.

And although grade of quality is normally important in choosing a stone, it’s not as important in choosing a Cintamani.  What’s more important is which one speaks to you.  The photo accompanying this article is my stone, which would be considered a B-grade.  It chose me, so maybe it’s a small reminder to accept those imperfections all humans have on their evolutionary path of remembrance.

So now what do you do with your Cintamani stone?  Here is how to activate and anchor yourself into the Light grid.

Peace to you, Lightworker.


Here is a great resource for Cintamani stone on Instagram:

The Saffordite Collection


Rather watch a video than read?  Here it is…



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Happening Now: You’ve Got Haters

The initiation has begun.  This is a time when your beliefs will be vehemently challenged by those who are not ready to accept diversity and opposing viewpoints.

Yesterday I got my first one-star rating.  I considered it part of my own initiation.  We as Lightworkers have spent such a large part of our recent lives in solitude, in introspection.  Basically, as hermits.  And now that the energy is speeding up a whole lot on Earth, it’s our time to expose Who We Really Are to the world.

This is the time of your purpose, Lightworker, whether you’ve just recently discovered that you are are a Lightworker, or if you’ve known for years.

It’s time to come out of the woodwork and mingle with other humans.

Yes, I said humans.

Not just your guides, your angels, your spirit animals, or Metatron.  I mean other humans who are living and walking on this Earth right now.

It’s terrifying, I know.

Humans can say hurtful things; they can oppose every belief you have and place you back on that shaky foundation of doubt you thought you left behind.  Humans can call you ugly, or stupid, or full of shit.

These are the humans that aren’t ready to awaken, even though they will be, albeit kicking and screaming, if they are staying on this planet.  They are living in a reality that they consider so solid, so rigid that they cannot affect their own outcome.  They are reacting to external influences rather than creating their desires because they still believe themselves powerless.

And these humans are giving you the perfect opportunity to practice unconditional love.

They are serving you in many ways:

  • Providing you with a reason to check your ego
  • Preparing you on a small scale for what you will encounter when the shit hits the fan
  • Reminding you of a perspective that you thought you left behind, but could learn to appreciate
  • Allowing you the chance to measure your resolve to remain authentic

How you interact with your “haters” is up to you.  It will tell you volumes about yourself regarding your progress along the awakening path.  Even if you falter, remember, you can still glean the lesson from the experience, recognize what you will do differently next time, and let it go.

That way, you won’t need yet another catalyst to present itself for the lesson.

I prefer to not engage with those who want to argue, but rather I just send them love. There are many variables to such interactions, but the one constant is always LOVE.

I remember when I viewed life from a hater’s perspective.  Glad I moved on, but also glad I had the chance to live there for a while.  It helped form the new ME that I love and respect so much.

If you are thinking about Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet to your family, perhaps this video will be of some assistance.

Remember, always be yourself, all the time.  Love!


Earth Energy


Golden Yellow




144 (huge Lightworker activations)

333 (Your family is with you)

1010 (Get out of your comfort zone)



author: Kimberly

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ugliness is coming out
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Happening Now: Triggers in Close Proximity

We are the badasses of the Universe right now, and there are lots of eyes on humanity at this time.  You are a celebrity!

Oh, and fellow humans love to magnify every misstep of a celebrity for all the world to see, huh?  It’s a wide audience that loves to revel in the blunders of his fellow man.

In preparation for Earth’s higher-frequency collective energy, any ugliness inside you will be coming out.


As if the outside world, with its volcanos, protester-blasting and upcoming earthquakes (whoops, spoiler) aren’t enough.

Yet that’s how things change; through disruption.  Disruption in the Earth’s core, disruption on the Earth’s surface, and disruption within you.

Expect some triggers to arise for you at this time.  These could be in the form of really challenging relationships, bosses, or neighbors.  Basically, interactions with people you can’t easily get away from.

I’m sure the Higher Self is patting itself on the back for this one.  These triggers were designed so we couldn’t just ignore the interaction; it made the trigger someone within close proximity so we can’t skirt the issue anymore.  It’s a smooth move, actually.

These people will be triggering in you some of your own ugliness in the form of impatience, insecurity, judgment, and quick-flaring anger.

But not to worry, it’s just a belief system like all those others you’ve been dealing with.  So treat it the same way:

  • Observe when you veer off the path and negative feelings arise.
  • Accept responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions.
  • Ask yourself how you feel about what just happened and feel the feeling right then and there.
  • Send those feelings out into the Universe for the energy to be reassigned.
  • Ask your Higher Self to work through you when interacting with such people in the future.

You are growing with each interaction; the quicker your internal response time is to situations like these that engulf you in flames, the faster you will put out the fire each successive time.  Soon, it will just become habit. This does not take long, my friends, if you address these occurrences right away!

So why is everyone being triggered at this point in time?

You, Lightworker, are being activated in preparation for serving your community when shit hits the fan.  I’ll be honest: there are some things coming that will be stretching the limits of the belief system of people who have only lived in the 3D reality in which they feel they lack control of their own lives.

These challenges to belief systems will NOT be subtle; and there will be plenty of terrified, confused people looking for guidance.  You are the one that was always different, calmer, centered, and not so swayed by public opinion, news and other drama.

They will be coming to you.

So these little sample triggers of late are there to show you what these upcoming interactions on a larger scale will be like.  If you can’t master your behavior around one annoying boss, then mass hysteria in your entire office will be a real shitstorm.

So study up, my awakening friends; your time is coming near to serve.  In case you’ve always wondered what your purpose was….here it is.

Always remember to be yourself, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy:



Forest Green



999 (End of an era)

1024 (Byte of information coming)



author: Kimberly

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No Need to Go Viral to Serve Your Purpose

Humans as a whole yearn to align with their purpose.  We all want to leave some mark on this world that remains after we’re gone.

With the media the way it is, we are inundated with stories about those whose actions and words have changed the world—millions of people, sometimes— for the better.  And it would be natural, in our Western society, to want to emulate that.  Not only would it be a great feeling to positively influence so many people, but it also brings up ego-related endorphins that we get to address for the experience of growth.

Your purpose does not have to be quitting your job and feeding the homeless.  Your purpose could be your being the reliable one at your office, or the shoulder that people cry on and they know they’re safe.

Here’s the key:  You don’t have to go viral to serve your purpose.

Western culture idolizes those in the spotlight. And, admittedly, the spotlight is a great information propagator to the masses.  Who could count the number of inspirations those in the spotlight have dispersed?

Yet, making the assumption that this is the only way to serve one’s purpose is cutting yourself way short.

Consider this:

What if, during this lifetime, you only inspired ONE person on Earth?  Would your life have been worthwhile?

Imma let you think on that a second.

You might pull up thoughts like:

  • That would be a waste
  • When he dies, then my impact will die too
  • I must have been pretty insignificant to have only inspired one person


Remember that awakening is about seeing things from a broader perspective.

That ONE person could go on to change the world by the millions, all based on your contribution to his development.  All based on, perhaps, one conversation, while waiting to board a plane at the airport.  Or by one of your acts of kindness to a stranger.  Or simply a smile when someone really needed one. We really have no idea what our actions are doing for another person, for each individual is battling his own demons in his own special way.

Your impact is always greater than you think, though, or you wouldn’t have ever interacted with that person. That’s why people come into your life, whether it be for a 30-second conversation, or for 50 years.

From our limited (but thankfully, growing) human perspective, we can’t see that big picture; and this is by design, because we wanted to discover life in increments.  Every single interaction is an integral part of the grand design, serving everyone involved, as well as reminding you of your magnificence.

Your purpose is right NOW, my friend.  There’s no need to quit your job or live the life of the ascetic, unless you want to. Knowing this allows you to cast your Light outward to the world, knowing that it will affect exactly the right people in just the right way.  You don’t have to know the details to know that it’s working.

Peace and Love to you.


Earth Energy:






688 (Give yourself the credit you deserve)

999 (End of an era – prepare for new chapter)



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unconditional love no matter what someone looks like
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Easter Rising: May the White Rabbit Lead You Well

Whether you celebrate within an organized religion or not, Easter celebrations still abound with a sense of community, acceptance of what is, and the potential to exhibit unconditional love.

Today, Lightworker, follow the rabbit (whether you call him the Easter Bunny or a messenger) and focus on unconditional love for all that you meet in your path.  It’s a day of rising, of New Beginnings, and rebirth. I just used sage to cleanse my entire home, and it feels lighter, like spring can now actually enter my consciousness and allow new opportunities to enter where there was staleness before.

Plus, it’s April Fool’s Day  –  so seek to also maintain levity throughout your day.

You are creating your world.  Live Your Creation today. Something new is beginning.


Earth Energy:






3 (catalyst)

1000 (new spiritual cycle)



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you were probably king in another life
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Past Lives: They Weren’t All Horrible, You Know

Lightworker, you have lived many lives in preparation for this very one you’re living now.

With each incarnation, you learned more about yourself, by creating scenarios and situations that challenged you in any number of ways.  Those lives provided you the fortitude that braces you in this current incarnation—the you that is different from the others, the you that follows your inner compass, the you that has all of the skills needed to lead others by example.

In the thousands of lives of an old soul, there is no doubt you’ve been slaughtered, you’ve been abused, overcome with grief, abandoned.  All of those awful things that gave you the experience to understand your fellows who experience it in this timeline we’re all surfing.

Yet the natural state of the Universe is one of balance.  Which means that—even if overachiever souls like Lightworkers have a special duty above and beyond those of other souls—we still had lives that went well.

Lives in which there was little traumatic strife, lives in which we excelled easily.

Lives in which we were adored.

Most past-life regressions that I review recall the negatively-focused lives.  I think that’s been our history, regurgitating itself so that we could address it and heal.  However those days are coming to an end, so now it’s OK to recall those GOOD lives, those FUN lives, and those lives in which you experienced joy.

They are in there, so feel for them next time you meditate.  Remind yourself that you are a whole being, who can observe any one of your experiences, including the happy ones.

Then, see what happens in your life when you focus on that joy.


Earth Energy:






000 (At one with the Universe, ancestors)

17 (Look back at who you were, and appreciate who you are now)



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are you working at a job you hate?
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Do You Have a Case of the Mondays?

You had a good weekend, relaxed, caught up on the fun part of life.  You may have gone to bed last night with that sinking feeling, the knowing that when you get up the next morning, you must go to a job that doesn’t fuel your passion for life.

Total Office Space stuff.  And my description describes 70% of our Western Culture.  Those of us that still foster the belief that you can’t make money doing something you love.

I won’t be the one lecturing you on this one, because I am part of that 70% myself. I had that sinking feeling last night too, and I woke up wondering where the belief that “you must suffer to survive” really came from.

There are tons of circulating theories that describe this belief:

  • You are working for the Man
  • Reptilians run the world and you are just a pawn
  • The government knows what’s best for you
  • It’s your duty to mankind to serve the world from 8 – 5.

All theories, all of which divert our ego-driven mind away from feeling what the hell it really is that’s keeping us from doing what we love, AND making enough money to live, doing it.

Let’s dig deeper to see if we can find it:

  • You are afraid that you will starve.
  • You’re going to be one of those people living in a cardboard box under a bridge.
  • You have a family to feed.  Your needs should come last.
  • It would be irresponsible to just up and quit a well-paying job.

So many fears hiding in that one Monday-morning let down, eh?

I just named a few, but I’m sure you could add to the list.

So what to do?  Do you quit your job now, or drudge on until you kick down the cubicle wall and start defrauding the company by filching pennies at a time? Do you jump and hope for the net?  Or do you wait until the pain of work is greater than your fears of starvation?

Yeah. I get it.  I can’t make that decision for you, but as someone who has jumped without the net (and there it was) and as someone who has held onto a job way too long, I can see exactly where you are if you are on the fence about what to do.

Here’s my take on it:

On Monday morning, if you intend to go to your job, try looking at it from a different perspective.  Is there something that you can focus on about it that can get you through while you spend non-work hours meditating on what your next step is?

Here are a few suggestions on what you could focus on:

  • A coworker that makes you laugh
  • The opportunity to extend kindnesses to someone on your commute
  • Making extra sales so that you can save the excess money for after you jump ship
  • Respect for your boss, who has always treated you fairly
  • Appreciation for the chance to learn something and get paid for it

It is my hope that you, Lightworker, get to do what makes your heart sing.  I hope that you feel the same way for me.  Remember to always keep your focus on the vibration of being there, even if you are physically at a job that isn’t creating that for you right now.  It’s gotta show up if you do that, so be ready to jump.  There’s a net there. I promise.


Earth Energy:


Light Green




666 (Balance material and spiritual)

1010 (Get out of your comfort zone)




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do aliens exist?
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Why Do Awake People Believe in Aliens?

There are lots of references to Aliens in material written for awake people.

First off, let’s set a guideline before we start explaining this fascinating subject:

The term “alien” is generally considered derogatory, since they were here long before us; it’s a Christopher Columbus thing.  Instead, we call them Extraterrestrials (ET) or Extra-dimensionals (ED).  Since the acronym ED has other connotations which sometimes make me giggle like a sixth-grader when I try to associate it with a 4-foot-tall Zeta Reticuli, I prefer to use ET.

So, let’s start over:

Why Do Awake People Believe in Extraterrestrials?

Because once you begin your journey of expanded consciousness, you discover that you are the creator of your entire reality.

One being, LIFE, has decided to individuate itself and endow each of the other selves with all its power.  And some of those individuations wanted to forget they had that power, so that they could experience the fun of remembering it was there all along. So those individuations incarnated into bodies on planets, like Earth, whose stage was set to support forgetfulness like that.

Other individuations decided to create in other ways, so they chose different bodies on different planets that were set up with environments to support those challenges.

There’s your Extraterrestrial.


Now let’s take it a bit further:

If we are all individuated from One being, LIFE, then all of those others are just YOU.

You in different bodies, in different timelines, and on different planets.  Other you’s, created by YOU, to see and experience the world from different eyes.

You can drill this down further:

Once you awaken, you understand the concept of unity.  Accepting the differences of others who don’t think, behave, or look like you.  These differences expand in both directions infinitely.


  • Family
  • Country
  • World
  • Galaxy

or microcosmically:

  • The dark part of you
  • The happy part of you
  • The shameful part of you
  • The fearful part of you

Doesn’t matter what direction you look, there will always be another, different YOU to integrate.  That’s the purpose of life, to bring all the other YOU’s back together.  Not only does it include doing the inner work of facing your dark side, but it also includes doing the outer work, from accepting others in our own world, to accepting others who look and live vastly different than we do.

Hence the strong relationship with ETs when you’re awakening.  Not only do you get to learn about the cool story of how our planet evolved, but you get to meet other you’s in every shape and color you can imagine.

Please visit the Resources page for ways to learn more and establish contact with ETs.


Earth Energy:






333 (Your guides are by your side)

999 (End of an era)



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Let's look at the people who use their power to serve themselves and those who use their spiritual power to serve other people
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The Polarity of Power

Power contains polarity within it.


You could use your power to serve others.  Or you could use your power to serve yourself.

Let’s take a look at high-profile people who use their power to serve others:

  • Richard Branson
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Bill Gates

I also recognize countless others, who aren’t in the spotlight, as just as valuable as anyone IN the spotlight.  Yet the spotlight magnifies influence in a short amount of time.

Now, look at some high-profile people who use their power to serve themselves:

  • Kim Jong-un
  • Donald Trump
  • Harvey Weinstein

And hey, I also recognize countless others, who aren’t in the spotlight.  Our pedophiles, abusive parents and some Catholic priests in whom thousands gave their trust.*

It’s been a common belief that those who champion for unity and a peaceful world should be doing it for no compensation;  after all, you act from the heart, right?


That notion was distributed to keep you terrified about your very survival, and to seek out the comfort of a job serving those who serve themselves.

Yet look at the choices someone in the spotlight has.  Those who focus on service to others are doing perfectly fine being prosperous, and are sharing their wealth in ways they could never do without the funds to do it.

This belief system, that if you are a good person you must be poor, infiltrates Western Culture and limits how people feel they can contribute. My depression-era mother viewed her existence very differently than I do, and as such, she grew up with a constant expectation of lack.

You can break that cycle any time you like, you know.  Remind yourself of those who are using their success and prosperity for the good of all, and allow your abundance in so that you can do the same.

The best thing you can do is to be yourself.  That will bring you to the highest frequency available to you, and that in itself serves the world.


Earth Energy:





777 (Everything is in divine order)

0000 (Something’s come full circle – about to begin new phase)


* Note that there is another layer to service, which is discussed in this video if you want to delve deeper into why there exists the dichotomy of Service to Self vs Service to Others.  Watch it here.


Resource related to Servcie to Self vs Service to Others:

The Law of One material.  This is in pdf form and it is an advanced read.  Purportedly the channeling of Ra, who we know as the Egyptian Sun God.  Best to download it and read in very small portions.  See it here.



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