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How to Locate Your Guides in the Physical

Your physical world is a mirror of what’s going on inside of you. As within, so without, so we say.

As you go about your day in the 3D world, your guides from the non-physical constantly place symbolic reminders in your environment, hoping you’ll see them and note the connection to a theme you’ve been contemplating lately.

For instance, if you’ve been thinking about buying a new car, and you were wondering if you should buy it in blue, rest assured you’ll being seeing the exact car—in blue— everywhere you look. Seriously, in mathematically impossible proportions.

You may previously have labeled such things as coincidences, but now you remember that you are creating your reality. Then, they become something else: Your thoughts made into form.

It’s not limited to seemingly inanimate objects, either. You have many guides who show up in your purview to deliver you a message. Chances are, you miss most of them in our busy world full of devices to stare at.

Those that appear in human form are the easiest for you to interact with. They can dart into your line of view from nowhere, and dart away just as quickly. Some will simply disappear in front of your eyes, to give you the added challenge of reviewing your beliefs about such things.

Remember: Nothing is random. Nothing. If it’s showing up in your view, then there is a reason for it. And the fact that it caught your attention gives it even higher clout.


Next time you have an hour, go sit in a busy place. Get a tea, and put your phone away. Observe the people around you, and let your eyes wander. It won’t be long before someone appears that catches your attention. Now watch that person and ask yourself a few questions.

First, use your brain to gather information. Like you are studying for an important test and want to remember as much as possible, take careful note of details. You are getting a download, right there, in the physical.

How is this person dressed?

Like a homeless person? Similar to you or vastly different?

Remember colors, repeating elements (once I saw a man wearing a completely tie-dyed outfit, including shirt, jacket, pants and even socks), or other things that stand out about their clothing. Pay attention to printing on T-shirts, jackets, or bags they are carrying. Note repeating numbers.

What are the person’s physical characteristics?

Pay attention to the ethnicity, height, weight (are you judging?) and posture. The majority of my guides fall into two categories: gorgeous black men with peaceful eyes, and a stubbly-whiskered white man with a Cheshire Cat smile, who has recycled himself in multiple cities.)

Which props are being used?

Since they have a whole stage to act on, your guides will use any props they can to get a message through to you. From a man transferring deadly canola oil from a large bottle to a small one on the street in front of me, to a homeless man emptying out his bag to show me his valuable meteorite collection; the props used are powerful symbols and offer volumes of information to you through symbolism.

What are they doing with the props?

Their actions with the props will tell you even more. Register the movements, and notice if any are being repeated over and over. This is an indication that the gesture itself holds a message for you.

Are there words?

This aspect of your encounter is the most fun. Focus and take in as much as you can. If you have a notebook, write it down as soon as possible. I promise, you will refer to it later.

What are they saying, and with what tone?
You might notice that the words are spoken in a contemplative manner, for instance: “Wow, it’s already been 9 weeks since my mother passed away.”

Are they speaking about others, or about themselves, or to you?
Is it gibberish or cohesive talk?
Does it refer to things that you’ve been thinking about, grappling over, or just encountered recently?

Do others appear to see them or not?

Are people stopping to watch the person, or do they just walk by like the person is invisible?

Most of my guides are not seen by the rest of the crowd. Occasionally, they will attract the attention of others, such as one beautiful black man, who was covered in scarves and adoring his reflection in the Starbucks window for an hour. He attracted 4 security guards and a lot of laughter from viewers. That was the day I couldn’t decide which scarf to wear, and finally in frustration, decided to wear none of them.

Now that you’ve recorded the major physical elements of your guide, use your inner wisdom to FEEL out the situation. This requires your focus inwards, to what your gut is telling you.

When the gut is included in the processing of the message, things get easier. It helps you count out possibilities, based on where you say you want to go. Does this feel good? Or bad? Noting these sensations is important because you’ll be using information from this encounter to create your reality.


What is the overall feeling of the scenario?

Is it playful? Mysterious? Silly? Does it leave you with questions? GOOD! Take note of whether you feel uplifted, puzzled, or excited. Your reaction to the scene from this perspective gives you a myriad of clues about your current world view.

If the message felt ominous, like when you read an Edgar Allen Poe story, then consider what parts of you expect bad things to happen. If, instead, you got a good laugh or scratched your head in wonder about its meaning, this can indicate that you are willing to consider that communication comes from many sources, and that life is meant to be a dance.

Remember that the message is delivered to you from a neutral perspective. It’s you that gives it meaning. The way you label things, prior to storing the data in your cells, is figuratively “time-stamped” based on your beliefs about the data at that moment.


In a world without time, your messages could refer to the past, the present or the future, in human terms.

Since everything is happening simultaneously, a message could refer to any timeline. This might be apparent only when the download is installed in your system, or in other words, when your consciousness has time to process it. The messenger could have brought further richness and humor to an experience you had earlier that day, like my “scarf” guide. It could let you know that the present path that you are on could use some course correction to create a different future, based on where you say you want to go.

Guides are everywhere for you. Once you allow the possibility of receiving messages such as these, you will be presented with all sorts of exciting opportunities, in the most unexpected places. Life is meant to be joyous, and creative, and exciting. There are other aspects of yourself who would love to see you feel the excitement of your creation, and not all of them live in physical bodies. Some just think themselves into physical form, just to serve you. To co-create with you. Remember that you are never alone out there in that big world.

Love to you.




author: Kimberly

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using the lottery to get into alignment
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Playing the Lottery to Practice Abundance

Want to play a manifestation game to get you more in alignment with abundance?  The lottery is a perfect tool for that. And it’s cheap!

Manifestation = A desire + Intention + Feeling the vibration of something that you want.

It’s how everything in your world is created, by the way.  You start with the thoughts–and feelings–about something, and you send out your intentions (either consciously or unconsciously, your choice! Repetition and perseverance further concentrate those intentions, until finally:  POOF.  It appears in your physical surroundings.

So what constitutes abundance anyway?

The concept of abundance is of the biggest lies fed to our Western society.  And pretty much all of us are still struggling within the gripping net of limitation about our lack of it, and what it even means in the first place.

By now I’m sure you recognize that one person’s abundance is not another person’s abundance.  The happiest people I have ever met lived in a shack made of mud, with one window and no door, on the island of Lombok in Indonesia.  I’ve never seen any group exhibit more joy, despite their seemingly lackluster environment and lack of material things.

So before I tell you about playing the lottery, I want to emphasize that I do not consider having a lot of money as being abundant.

It’s about options, really.  Having more money gives you more options from which to choose.


So, the lottery.

The lottery is the perfect playing ground for you to test your alignment skills.  Since you know that feeling the way you want to feel will bring things to you that make you feel that way, it’s easy to imagine how your life could be more aligned if you felt you had more options, ie. more money.

And lotteries are drawings for gobs of money, nearly every day of the week.  Money out of nowhere, to be sure.

And that’s where money really comes from.  It’s an idea. It’s a collective idea. And ideas start from….nothing.

If you can view money as an instrument of trade, rather than a means to an end, it loosens some of that tangled web we’ve been trapped beneath.

Money is an idea, and ideas come from thin air. Having more money provides me with more options. I use it, with gratitude, as a tool.

So buy a lottery ticket.  Choose numbers that mean something to you.

And once you have that ticket, you are on your way.  You’ve served both your 3D belief that you have to DO something to get money, and you’ve unleashed your potential to dream.

Now add this.  See if you can fit yourself into the following scenario:

You win the lottery. Lottery winners generally have a year to collect their winnings. Since you are a master of money, you choose to recoup as much of those winnings as possible, without losing half of it to taxes. So before you step forth with your winning ticket, you consult an attorney, who helps you form a charitable foundation.  You create positions within the foundation for yourself, and your family, as employees of the foundation. You then plan to donate the largest amount of your winnings allowed by law to your foundation, thus avoiding heavy taxation.

It can take up to 12 months for creation of your foundation, so you can’t step forward with your winning ticket until your foundation is up and running.  You won’t tell your friends, or your boss.  It’s business as usual to the outside world.

12 months, sitting with a winning ticket, and you essentially can’t tell anyone.  But you know it’s coming.  There is no doubt in your mind that the money is coming to you.

How do you feel?

Excited?  Anticipatory? Expectant?  Are you ready to plan what you are going to do with the money coming to you?

Excellent.  Feel those feelings, and start planning.

Now you are in the state of allowance.  Stay there for as long as possible, and rock that shit.


Does this mean that you have to play the lottery every week?

Well, that depends on how strong your beliefs are that money must come to you through known channels.  After a while, those limiting beliefs will fade away, as you see more and more evidence that money comes from all over the place.  There is always a bigger picture than the one you can currently see, so allow the power of the larger part of YOU to do its thing.

I know that I spend $2 a week on much stupider things than practicing my alignment, so if playing the lottery keeps you in that excitement, then indulge yourself for the sake of growth and expansion.


Good luck, awakening master!  And use that money wisely.



author: Kimberly

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Trigger Message Kimberly Darwin
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Trigger Message: Symbol Projection

I received this symbol very clearly, and it was “suggested” (that really means DO IT) that I recreate it and present it in the manner in which it was presented to me, projected like a frame in a film.

Note that such symbols, as well as numbers, are sent to us to unlock coding that has been sitting dormant inside of us until activated.

You may or may not feel differently after viewing it, although I do notice that it takes a few days for things to be unlocked for me. Think of it as the end of a ball of yarn, which will now start to unravel as you continue navigating through this life.

This is the “phi” symbol, which honestly I knew nothing about until after I drew it and started researching.

There are some added comments after the message with additional suggestions for research, should you be interested.

Some resources for you, in case you are interested:




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277 activation code
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277: Activation Code for The Flip

Your Higher Self is pretty witty, sending you activation codes disguised as license plates, restaurant receipts and the time displayed on clocks.

Exciting stuff, I think, because not only does the consistent viewing of repeating numbers strike up inquiry within as to the basis of coincidence, you’re also downloading and activating codes that have been dormant in your DNA all this time.

After the usual 11:11, 222, 333, and similar numbers, your activation codes will become more specific.

One indication that you are about to jump into 4th Density is that you will most likely start observing the number 288 in ridiculous amounts. This precursor code is a reminder to suspend doubt as you awaken, for there are many layers of the 3D illusion that will be stripped away as you ascend. Our society is taught to doubt the intuition and bodily senses as faulty at best.  They are not to be trusted, for if you did, you would be way too powerful to control.

When you being seeing the number 288, it is most likely after a huge spiritual growth spurt in which new abilities are developing.  Perhaps you’ve been clairvoyant lately, and you’ve seen visions of an event prior to its happening in the physical.  But then immediately, the 3D programming overpowers it as stupid, crazy or your imagination.

The 288 Effect, as I call it, is the reminder to suspend doubts while you train yourself further to trust in the messages the Universe is sending to you.

After your new habit of suspending doubt takes hold, then you might begin seeing the number 277.

That’s when shit gets fun!

The consistent presentation of the code 277 is an indication that you are close to making The Flip, or the point at which you are trusting MORE than you are doubting.

You will begin to see your routines soften, you’ll focus on doing things that make you more joyful (which could included blowing off a boring job because you know something better is coming), and you will most likely develop some wild creativity.  Your potential will be blooming in all areas of your life.

How long it takes for you to make The Flip depends on many factors, including:

  • How deep your programming is.
  • How much time you have to yourself to explore life without external 3D responsibilities.
  • How well you eliminate your mind chatter.

For me, it took about 2 weeks.

Living on the Flip side means you will allow yourself to be led by your Higher Self more often than you doubt the occurrences happening in your daily life.

It’s confirmation of you as the ultimate creator of your reality.  You are lessening the distance between the physical You and the Higher Self 6th Density YOU.

Note that this is not an entirely linear progression; you could be flying high for several days, allowing yourself to flow downstream all day, being led here and there, learning new things, following the guiding impulses, and then the next day some of those old doubts may arise for you to process.  That’s great! There will always be polarity on Earth, no matter what anyone tells you.  You just won’t be so affected by it, and you’ll be able to make your choices without having to physically experience both options to know which one works for you.

This is a 4th Density ability, and Lightworkers are graduating at a rapid rate.

So expect some fun stuff to happen, when you finally let down your fear of insanity and the external judgment of others.  One tip I use to remind myself when those doubts arise:

“Even if I AM crazy, I’m focusing on being the best person I can be, and I live my life based on love and compassion.  If that is considered crazy, then I’m all for it.”


Note: The number 288 is also double the value of 144, which is a very prominent Twin Flame activation code.  Feel into that if you’re part of the Twin Flame experiment.


Earth Energy:





277 (headed toward The Flip)

288 (suspend doubt)




author: Kimberly

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bending time
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About Time: 150-year-old Breadcrumbs Left Just For You?

On your quest for knowledge, you will most certainly look outside of yourself for indicators of your next steps in life.

Today, I want to discuss the material—also called breadcrumbs—that you “stumble upon” in your wild search for answers.

Let’s say you have an idea about something you’d like to research.  It could be soul plans, or raising your Kundalini, or self love.

First place you’ll probably go is the Internet, where you’ll search for that term, and start clicking on links.

You’ll be directed to exactly what you’re needing at the moment, and sometimes that’s a crazy wild frenzy of clicking on seemingly unrelated links to end up there.  This is your Higher Self and other contributing energies assisting you in finding what you are looking for.  Don’t fight it.  Enjoy the treasure hunt!

As you gain trust in your ability to create, you’ll listen to your gut more often and click on links that feel right to you.

When the destination is reached, you’ll find the information there to answer the question, fortify the desire, or fill in some blanks about your inquiry.

You’ll probably feel elated that you found the desired information, and you’ll be excited to read it.  You inhale the stuff, relish its value, integrate it….and then you see when it was written.

Perhaps it was written 25 years ago, 50 years ago, or even 150 years ago.

How can something that old apply to you?

To the human mind, which is taught to follow linear progression, you could doubt that the information presented is relevant to you at all.  I mean, how could something that Abraham Lincoln said in 1860 be written for you, who lives in a very different, 21st Century world?  How could he know what your question would be, and provide an answer for it?

To your larger Self, the time element is moot.

Since everything is happening instantaneously, it doesn’t matter when it was written. Linear time, as we use it here on Earth, is just a construct that the Collective, which includes you and I, have agreed to abide by while we were still asleep. Once we awaken, we learn the malleability of time and the meaning of “everything is happening now.”

The message that arrived to you via your wild link-clicking was one of infinite potentialities, and your observing of it activated it into relevance in your life.  You have set up these messages, like the multitude of books in a library just waiting for you to pull one off of the shelf. This is so with any song that plays, any conversation you overhear, any repeating numbers you see, or any other breadcrumb that you find along your path.

It’s the non-physical part of YOU, sending yourself messages in all manners and forms, to see what you’ll find relevant for growth. That means you had a part in every song, poem, film or book that enlightens you. You are the creator of it all.

That’s how powerful you are!


Oh, and my favorite Abraham Lincoln quote:

“No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.”


Earth Energy:





355 (There is help if you will accept change)

888 (Money coming in)



author: Kimberly

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spiritual closetTN
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Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Coming out spiritually to your family and friends is often like coming out of the spiritual closet. Why do so many people struggle with it?

Watch this video by Kimberly and Kelly of AreYouAwakening to learn some simple tips on how to celebrate your higher-self and leave your spiritual closet. When you start growing up spiritually, your family members and friends might say you’re going crazy, they might want to bring you to a priest, doubting your sanity, or calling you a sinner.

No matter how tough they try to oppose your awakening, continue to be who you’re called to be.

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Do I Really Have to Meditate?

“Do I have to meditate?”

The answer is definitely Yes.

But, you do NOT have to wear orange or sit cross-legged like a pretzel. Indeed, you should avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and stops you from clearing your mind. Let’s redefine what Meditation is.

We’ll help make it easier for you to comprehend the basics of meditation as we’re moving from old 3D Earth into 5D.

Ask your questions on Twitter ?

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Repeating Numbers: Am I Going Crazy?

No, you’re not. It’s just YOU sending yourself a message to wake up.

You might see 11:11 plus 1:11 multiple times in a row every day, you might also see other repeating numbers on a clock or elsewhere. It’s fairly normal for people who are awakening.

As you progress in your awakening, you’ll start asking yourself what these signs mean to you, and you’ll realize that what you think about is what you create. That’s the Law of Attraction. Knowing that every single thing around you is being created by yourself is a huge responsibility. It’s a great chance for you to course-correct if you need to.

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Seeing 11:11? Are You Bonkers? Or Brilliant?

Have you seen 11:11 on the clock way too many times for it to be a coincidence?

Well there’s no such thing as coincidences, Dear Ones, so kick that notion to the curb.

One of the most common signs of awakening is seeing repeating numbers on a freakishly consistent basis.  The most popular “introductory number” is 11:11 on your digital clock.  Or on the gas pump when it stops automatically.  Or your receipt from lunch.

These messages are coming from your guides to you.  (And since you are your guides, it’s really you sending it to yourself, but we can ignore that for now.)  They aren’t sent to to drive you crazy, although that is often a by-product of the phenomenon.  You/your guides send it to you to gain your attention, so you question what’s happening to you–in the present moment–and to foster the inner journey that is soon to come.  After all, your medical doctor won’t be able to tell you why you keep seeing 11:11 on the clock, nor your lawyer.  So it’s up to you to go within and start questioning your reality.  This is how the internal process begins.

You’ll get used to it, and when you do, you can add the second, deeper explanation for your viewing the numbers:

Your guides are asking you to consider your thoughts right now, at 11:11.  It’s a gentle reminder that thoughts create, and if you want a positive physical reality surrounding you, then monitor your thoughts.  You can switch gears pretty quickly with repeated reminders, and what a great way to bring you to the present moment than questioning both your sanity and a crumbling concept of reality.

Please have fun with it.  Don’t take this too seriously.  You are here to learn, grow and experience your glory as a creator.

And think big.


author: Kimberly

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Daily Energy Report,

Daily Energy Report – November 7, 2017

The Road Ahead.

Life is full of hills and valleys, and the road of our consciousness winds through them all.

We whiz along gazing at the landscape, sometimes green and exciting, sometimes a wasteland. Just around the turn, there could be another deep dip into a valley you weren’t expecting to encounter.

Today’s energy is one of trust.  Trust in your higher self, and in the bigger picture that isn’t revealed to us, as your life serves all beings, everywhere, along the way.

Since we wanted this to be an adventure when we incarnated, we aren’t shown the end of the road.  We craved the excitement, to see if we would pass down into that valley with white knuckles…or with the thrill of a roller coaster in its first big plunge.

It’s when you trust yourself that everything will work out fine, even if that valley is a deep one; that you can appreciate the dip and the growth potential from riding it.  Trust that you will find the skills, opportunities and assistance needed to glean positive growth, with as little suffering as you choose, right from within yourself.


Earth Energy: Deep Blue, charcoal.  Sitting with things and trusting.  Gentle reminder to question why you doubt, and if that still serves you.  Numbers: 0000 (things have come full circle), 444 (all is well even if you can’t see the big picture).




Had a big loss overnight with the death of a beloved horse.  Feelings of guilt, questioning the balance of human/spiritual motives. Advised to treat myself gently.



Very gray and heavy.



Recalling and re-experiencing the harming and killing of innocents in other lives, then feeling horridly guilty and self-punishing.


Song in memory of Caberneigh.  A much-beloved pet who will be missed by many.