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Make the messages in songs work for you

Video: Make the Messages in Songs Work for You

The easiest way to send yourself a message is through music, don’t you agree? That feeling when you know that the lyrics are about you and your current mood? This is not a coincidence. You’ve created it.

As you send out your energy, it returns to you in messages. And once you come to the understanding that you are creating your reality, you’ll know that nothing that comes to you is random.

For that reason, Spotify algorithms are a perfect way of communication from your Higher Self. Your song-lists are the reflection of your vibrations. They bring messages meant to guide and help you grow. Watch the new awakening video from Kimberly explaining how to make the messages in songs work for you.

And here’s more: check how you can use Spotify to find the songs that speak to you.

Tribrid art self-portrait

Tribrid Self-Portrait – Channeled Extraterrestrial Art Creation

This video offers a unique insight into the artistic process Kimberly goes through every time when channeling. The session took a few hours overall to create the finished work. You’ll see here a short 30-minute version of how extraterrestrial art is done.

The work in progress is a self-portrait of a Tribrid.

He is a combination of Human, Zeta Reticuli, and Sirian. Naturally, he exists in what we perceive as “our future.”

Note that this is an artist’s representation which is rarely literal.

This is a collaboration between the entity and the artist that goes beyond physical. Such a piece of art is more about the energy it emanates than the actual image.

Channeling brings concepts that may be hard to formulate into logical sentences. You’ll notice the parts of heavy channeling right away. As Kimberly is working with her Tribrid collaborator this time, her main task is to represent the energy she is getting from the extraterrestrial being. It is her responsibility to collaborate and convey the right energy.

Do you feel the extraterrestrial eagerness to participate and help us grow? This is the energy that this creature is channeling to us. Such collaboration is mutually beneficial, offering them healing and a helping hand.

You’ll also notice a pretty tiara on Kimberly’s head that is made of aqua aura crystals, an effective channeling enhancer.
Do you like the work?

For more art from Kimberly, see her posts on Instagram:
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sad man at beach
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Waking Up In The Morning In A Horrible Mood?

The act of dreaming performs many functions.

While your body is regenerating itself, you are usually far from it, exploring other realities, current concerns, and processing things that you haven’t faced during your waking hours.

You’ll likely see heavy symbolism there, represented by archetypes of many Earthly themes that humans explore during their time on Earth.

So what to do when you wake up in an awful mood?

Well, if you’re like me, who lives a life through symbols, you may try to dissect the dream down to the bare bone.  Animals in a cage?  You’re stuck.  Always searching for something you cannot find?  The illusory belief in separation.  I could go on all day, but why?

You need not overanalyze. 

In fact, you can choose to ignore all of the individual elements occurring in your dream, and simply focus on the feeling it left you with.

So if you wake up in a horrible mood, then chances are you were processing something icky.  And guess what?  You don’t even have to know what that icky thing was.

Your ability to process blocked energy is exponentially larger in your dream state.  Of course, humans were told that things that occur in this state are fantasy, and so we tend to discount their value altogether.  Once you allow in the belief that your dreams are serving you, then you open yourself up to the possibility of clearing that blocked energy—also called healing—while you sleep.  You need not consciously revisit every single traumatic event that left a mark on you in your daytime state.

You can wake up healed.  And generally, when you feel crappy in the morning, this is exactly what happened.

So why the low feeling upon waking?

Here are my two opinions on that:

1. So that you can learn to recognize the difference in your own frequency.  You went to bed feeling great, but woke up sad.

2. So that you can show gratitude to the Larger part of you for minimizing your suffering.

Both of these reasons allow you to appreciate the Universe’s perfect orchestration of events, while honoring your own growth as a human in an illusory world.

Raise Your Vibration

If you do wake up in a crappy mood, aim to raise your vibration in any way possible.  Try gratitude, appreciation, laughter, music.

For me, it’s coffee and remembrance that this occurrence is just part of a cycle of clearing and that my outlook on life is positive.  Sometimes, of course, it’s just plain hard to see the light. If all else fails for you, read this:

You never go backwards.

You are always evolving, and you never fall back, even if you think you do.  Your bad dream need not be a portent for upcoming crisis or disaster, unless you choose to think of it that way.  Since you are creating your own reality, whichever meaning you attach to that dream will stick.  Me, I choose such things to be unconscious gifts of clearance, and I leave it at that.

Your consciousness is vast.  Please learn to trust it.  Once that trust starts to solidify, you will no longer need to go over your subjects of healing with a fine-tooth comb.

You can simply Let. Them. Go.

Love to you.



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Listening to Awakening music on Spotify, understanding messages from your Higher Self.
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Make the Messages in Songs Work for You

Yes, that song is for you.

Part of awakening is understanding that you have always been sending yourself signs to guide you to your next desire. People have all sorts of cool names for these signs: breadcrumbs, guideposts, and sparks. I just call them messages.

Once you are able to at least CONCEDE that you are creating everything in your reality, you can acknowledge those signs and feel into what they are trying to tell you.

One of the easiest ways to check out your self-channeling abilities is in songs.

You! You are songwriter. An artist. A poet.

Since we are all one, it’s really YOU creating all this cool music.

We’ve all got a song that means something–evokes an energy, a fond memory, or a brutal one. Music has emotion built right into it, with the changes in frequency necessary to create different tones that our ears can hear. Add the lyrics to that and you have a powerful communication channel from your Higher Self to you. Tune in!

Here’s a way to start getting comfortable with gleaning messages from songs presented to you.

I use Spotify because they make it super simple.

    1. Open Spotify on your device and click the Browse icon at the bottom.

Start making your Spotify music playlist

    1. Then, click on Discover.

Discover music for your awakening process on Spotify

    1. Click on “Your Discover Weekly” to display the songs that Spotify has chosen for you this week.  My new list is loaded every Monday afternoon.

Weekly awakening songs playlist on Spotify

Spotify will choose songs from current artists, new releases similar to songs you already have liked, and with similar themes or tone to those you have in your library.

Now look at the songs in the list. Do any of the titles stick out to you? The artist, the album? Visual messages are often sent this way.

Listen to the songs. Do any of them answer recent questions you’ve had?  Evoke an emotion? Make you angry or like you could clean your whole house and not think it’s work?  This is the energy of music working its wonders on your awesome being.

In all honesty, your first couple of lists may not show much until you show the Universe that you are focusing on music as a valid means of communication with yourself. Send out that intention, and for God’s sake, HAVE FUN! Every song will most likely not apply, at least right now. If it makes you angry, or you sense discord in your body, then skip to the next song. Your Higher Self will send you messages for options for multiple paths; you want to go sad, you’ll resonate with the somber songs. You wanna spread your wings and fly? Then that music will feel great to you.

Save the songs or collect the lyrics in a journal so that you can refer to them later. If a word, line or title sticks out to you, you’re meant to pay attention to it. That’s how such messages are sent–they are subtle. Oh, and yes, it’s normal to listen to the same song 84 times in a row. All of my friends do it, too.

I made my own personal playlist of songs that spoke to me, entitled surprisingly enough, “Meaningful Messages.” It’s now over 125 songs that I can rest assured will get me warm and fuzzy faster than a pint of Haagen-Dazs.

Each week, you will receive new songs and, if nothing else, you’ll be exposed to a wider variety of music than you’d normally choose.

Happy Treasure Hunting!



author: Kimberly

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what your energy looks like to others
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What Your Energy is Like To Other People

Our existence in this Universe is all about frequency.

We’ve discussed earlier the reason why you meet people, why you feel shitty when in big crowds, and how you can sometimes be invisible to those around you.

In each case, it’s about your frequency, or in other words, your vibration.  Also known as spiritual density, it’s the amount, and balance, of light you exhibit.  Each person has an energetic signature—just as individual as the one you use to sign for a package—that others can sense, whether they are aware of it or not.

The best way to do this is to imagine yourself in a room, seated in a chair, and you’re blindfolded.  Now imagine that you have a helper who ushers people into the room, one at a time, in complete silence.

First, they bring in a sibling or someone you’ve grown up with.

Could you recognize the signature of that person?  Without your physical senses in action, you’d be using your ethereal body to read their signature.  Your etheric body will recognize the energy of the person who has entered the room, and indicate to your mind who owns that signature.

Now, let’s say they usher in a stranger.  Your ethereal body will read that signature, and, based on the balance (or lack thereof) of his energy centers (also called chakras,) you will receive all sorts of information.  You may feel like the stranger is benevolent, or you may not.  Male or female.  Older or younger. Such indications are sent to your gut, where the intuitive center lies.

Falsehood can’t exist in this realm.  That means that if you follow your gut, then you are acknowledging one of the most powerful connections available to you while in this physical incarnation.  It’s going to be only as good as your mind allows, however, because anyone who has ever been on a diet knows, the mind can talk us out of anything if we give it that power.  Just takes a little bit of training to trust yourself to quiet the mind to receive the signals.

So let’s experiment with signature-detecting in a real scenario.

Next time you walk down the street, put some headphones on and play some music that makes you bounce in your step. Think of joyous things, and get to the highest vibration available to you.  Be really OK with life right now.

You and your signature are just walking along, between and past other people. And in the background, they are sensing your signature, and you theirs.


Those that are vibrating at a much lower vibration than you will not see you.

These individuals may be upset about something; or they could be sick; or mourning; or completely unconscious of their power as the creator of their life.  They could be trauma victims, or working through financial issues.  This could be a temporary decrease in their vibration, or it could be their normal state.Some may just see you as a gray mass or faceless blob, due to their focus on the underlying issues running their mind. You may even have to sidestep to avoid their running into you, as they often don’t even see the physical aspect of you walking along.


Those that are vibrating at slightly lower vibration than you will see you.

Depending on your own frequency, this is the largest portion of the population.  If you are awake at this time, it will be the majority of people that you encounter.  They will be engulfed in themselves; in whether or not they fit in with the crowd or if they feel accepted in the current situation.  Or they will be focused on external things like their cell phone, complaining at a spouse, or be in a hurry to get somewhere.  It is possible that you could have a conversation with them, and if there is common ground, communication could be fruitful for both parties.


Those with a Service to Self path will attempt to avoid you.

Thankfully, this group is diminishing, however with the Earth ascending at such rapid speed, if you were to run into this group, it will be in the very near future.  This group would be those who have chosen to focus on power over others, even to the point of exploitation; their focus is not on service to fellow man, but service to the self as the center of their creation.  I had an encounter with a soul like this last week, while I was walking to the gym.  An older female, she was walking towards me, saw me, and made a very wide circular berth around me.  She stopped completely, watched me pass, and then continued on. Those of this vibration are so dissimilar to you that, when you’re on top of your game, they cannot interact with you whatsoever.


Those of a slightly higher vibration will smile at or acknowledge you.

It will generally be them initiating the smile, and you will both see them as kind and as non-offensive.  They will leave you with a feeling of calm, joy or peace.  This group is increasing in number, and although we are usually surprised to have someone initiate a friendly connection, it is beneficial to both parties to do so.


Can you see where I’m going with this?  I could go on to other levels, of course, but you can place yourself in either position in this interaction—that of the walker, and that of the one who encounters the walker—and understand that there will always be those of lower vibration, and always be those of higher vibration around you.

And of course, those of very high vibration—well, you can’t generally see them, right?


Yet as you practice increasing your vibration, and maintaining the highest level available to you for longer periods of time, those of a higher vibration to you will start to show.  And further around we all go on the circle of consciousness expansion.


One caveat here to mention:  Assess where your ego flares up in such situations.  Do you judge those of lower vibration?  Are you envious of those of higher vibration?  Such assessments are part of the programming from which you’re freeing yourself.  That programming was put there to keep you feeling separate.  You no longer need to compare yourself to anyone else to determine your value.  If you must compare at all, compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.  Is your frequency higher?  Are you joyous?  Have you served anyone today?  Did you send love?


And remember:  Always be you, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy:





1010 (Get out of your comfort zone)

666 (Physical and spiritual balance)



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bending time
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About Time: 150-year-old Breadcrumbs Left Just For You?

On your quest for knowledge, you will most certainly look outside of yourself for indicators of your next steps in life.

Today, I want to discuss the material—also called breadcrumbs—that you “stumble upon” in your wild search for answers.

Let’s say you have an idea about something you’d like to research.  It could be soul plans, or raising your Kundalini, or self love.

First place you’ll probably go is the Internet, where you’ll search for that term, and start clicking on links.

You’ll be directed to exactly what you’re needing at the moment, and sometimes that’s a crazy wild frenzy of clicking on seemingly unrelated links to end up there.  This is your Higher Self and other contributing energies assisting you in finding what you are looking for.  Don’t fight it.  Enjoy the treasure hunt!

As you gain trust in your ability to create, you’ll listen to your gut more often and click on links that feel right to you.

When the destination is reached, you’ll find the information there to answer the question, fortify the desire, or fill in some blanks about your inquiry.

You’ll probably feel elated that you found the desired information, and you’ll be excited to read it.  You inhale the stuff, relish its value, integrate it….and then you see when it was written.

Perhaps it was written 25 years ago, 50 years ago, or even 150 years ago.

How can something that old apply to you?

To the human mind, which is taught to follow linear progression, you could doubt that the information presented is relevant to you at all.  I mean, how could something that Abraham Lincoln said in 1860 be written for you, who lives in a very different, 21st Century world?  How could he know what your question would be, and provide an answer for it?

To your larger Self, the time element is moot.

Since everything is happening instantaneously, it doesn’t matter when it was written. Linear time, as we use it here on Earth, is just a construct that the Collective, which includes you and I, have agreed to abide by while we were still asleep. Once we awaken, we learn the malleability of time and the meaning of “everything is happening now.”

The message that arrived to you via your wild link-clicking was one of infinite potentialities, and your observing of it activated it into relevance in your life.  You have set up these messages, like the multitude of books in a library just waiting for you to pull one off of the shelf. This is so with any song that plays, any conversation you overhear, any repeating numbers you see, or any other breadcrumb that you find along your path.

It’s the non-physical part of YOU, sending yourself messages in all manners and forms, to see what you’ll find relevant for growth. That means you had a part in every song, poem, film or book that enlightens you. You are the creator of it all.

That’s how powerful you are!


Oh, and my favorite Abraham Lincoln quote:

“No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.”


Earth Energy:





355 (There is help if you will accept change)

888 (Money coming in)



author: Kimberly

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Begin, when creativity strikes
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Signs that Creativity is About to Strike

You are a unique soul that came to Earth to experience life through a particular set of eyes.  You brought with you an equally unique set of traits, skills, and talents that are at the essence of Who You Are.

When you came here, you forgot your power.  But through your introspection, your yearning for growth and thirst for knowledge, you woke up to the remembrance that you’re creating your life.

I wish I could say that the circuits are always open to Source, but we close them often—through resistance and fear—on our path of awakening.  When they do open, that’s when Creativity flows through you.

That’s when you allow Life to use you as a brilliant performer in its dance, accentuating your unique skill set to provide to serve those that interact with you during daily life.*

Our days in the Western World are overwhelming.  With technology, commutes, over-scheduled commitments and excessive responsibility for staying afloat, our minds run the show and we struggle to allow consciousness its chance to guide us.

It’s easy for us to miss those subtle cues telling us that we could be of service to someone, at that very moment.

That creative service could take many forms.  It could be an act of kindness, assisting a family in need, a smile, or a work of art awaiting its birth.

There are subtle signs that Life is offering an opportunity of creative action through you at that moment:

  • You suddenly feel unusually calm despite a chaotic situation
  • You feel uncontrollable urge to write, draw, or take action
  • Ideas pop into your head that have no reference to your current situation
  • You feel strong emotion about something, as if you’re listening to a nostalgic song

These cues are your chance to open those circuits and allow Life’s force to create through you.

Recognizing them is the hardest part.  Yet with repeated recognition and association of the sudden change in your physical/mental conditions with the call for creativity, it, like anything else you do repeatedly, will become habit.

You can send out the intention every morning that your circuits are open, and that Life is free to use you, and your extraordinary set of talents, for its highest good.  That’s creativity, right there.

What a brilliant use of the Unique You.


Earth Energy:



Spring Green



999 (end of an era)

688 (material needs met, sell something you’ve been intending to sell)


*Note that I use the word LIFE in two forms:

Life: the force of everything, the collective and the ONE.

life: refers to this specific Earthly incarnation.




author: Kimberly

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To my mailing list:  I apologize in advance for any delays in sending the Daily Energy Report to you.  I have been writing non-stop the draft of my second book.  When Creativity strikes, I’ve learned to let it flow.  Thank you for your understanding.  I’ll be back to my NEW self very soon.

disasters can be miracles
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Disasters Redefined as Miracles – Happening Now

So you’ve been visualizing your dreams, and you’re living in that state for as long as possible.

Your physical life is beginning to show signs of moving you in the direction of your dreams.

Life is getting easier, grander, more joy-filled.

And then, BAM!

Something happens to set you back.  Could be a job loss, a divorce or maybe an accident.

This might be the time when you question your ability to create.

Why would the Universe send you back to remedial lessons?  Is there a God up there laughing at us as he squishes us like ants on a playground? I used to wonder that, if we were just a petri dish experiment.  Now I know we are, but that’s for a different day.

Take a look at this seeming disaster with your new pair of further-awakened eyes (all THREE of them), and ask yourself, “How has my vibration been lately?  Has it been the highest available to me? Or have I been sending out some negative vibes when those old shitty thoughts slip in?”

Be honest, because your integrity, and your FUTURE, depend on it.

If you conclude that you have been maintaining that good feeling in your recent past, then know that your seeming “disaster” is just preparation for receiving your desire.

Consider yourself shedding a skin, like a snake (my darkness-embracing visualization) or a butterfly leaving its cocoon behind (for you brighter Polyanna types.)

Use that perspective to KNOW that this occurrence is still a step in your desired direction, that you’ll get through it; and that greener grass is on the other side.

On the other hand, if you’ve been sending out those lower-frequency vibrations, then you could be on a path for more of the same.  Do whatever you need to do to raise your vibration and course correct your path.  Fuzzy kittens. Candy Crush.  Headbanging music if that brings you up.  Whatever it takes.

And congratulations on your expansion, Awakened Trailblazer!  Isn’t life exponentially more exciting now that you know YOU are creating it?


Earth Energy






666 (maintain spiritual / physical balance)

7777 (Everything is in Divine Order – trust the process)



author: Kimberly

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Video tips by Kimberly Darwin from on raising the level of your vibration when you feel shitty.
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How to Raise Your Vibration When You Are Feeling Shitty

? We all have fantastic days when everything is great, but sometimes life feels like shit.

Our lives are almost never smooth; that’s what being a human is about. The way out is raising your vibration.

Watch this video by Kimberly to learn more.

As humans, we’re not used to higher spiritual energy so much yet, so it might be difficult to concentrate on raising your vibration when you are feeling low. When it gets too tough, simply give yourself a break and start raising your vibration gradually.

Here are several tips to raise your vibrations:

  • Music. Create a special playlist of inspiring songs that will help you to relax (I use Spotify for that).
  • Replenishment box. Gather or write down all those happy things that make you feel good and store them in a nice box to review during times like this.
  • A book of appreciation. Write down everything you appreciate. This will help you during shitty days.
  • Physical activity. Just get sweating and everything will be balanced again. Yoga is also great for that!
  • Crying. There is nothing to be ashamed of — crying can help you to release all the negative energy.
  • Do not overindulge in eating when you are upset.

Do as much as you can to raise your vibration as high as you currently have access to.

And don’t forget to be the BADASS you are!

? We’re always happy to talk to you on Twitter: @AreYouAwakening

? Resource for keeping your vibration high:

Use music to clear out your old emotions and help you continue growing up spiritually during your awakening process.
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Using Music to Clear Emotional Residue

Everyone has a song that makes them want to cry.

These were the songs that were playing when something happened in your life, and your psyche associated them with the occurrence.  Just capturing a few notes as you travel past an open window, or while shopping is enough to bring back a flood of memories that may or may not be good ones.

You can use these experiences to clear out emotional residue if the memories evoked are not pleasant ones. Gone are the days, awakened soul, that you must toil over your past and figure out the why of things. In the New Energy, you can hear that song, cry it out right then and there (yes, you can!) and release that ensnared pain without your brain getting involved.

It’s about the feeling of it, rather than the analysis of it. Move the process from your head, to your heart, and your Higher Self will do the rest. Instead of asking yourself, “What happened?” formulate the question as “How do I feel about what happened?”

Those feelings are trapped, and once you let them go, you have popped another bubble of resistance.

I have a Spotify list of songs that clear out old emotions. Here’s how to create your own playlist on Spotify.

Today, search out a song that makes you emotional, and feel the process that occurs when it plays.

Earth Energy:

  • Purple
  • Blue
  • 999 (End of an era)
  • 288 (Don’t bother doubting)

Click here for more information about how songs bring back such vivid memories from the past.