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Refine Your Telepathy Skills with Insight Timer

Very soon, words will not suffice to express how you really feel.

During the awakening process, the capabilities of your physical senses will expand.  In addition to this, you’ll also activate latent inner senses that have lain dormant while you were having a fully human experience.  These combined inner and outer senses will be your new method of communication in a 5D world.

While we’re in a human body, we focus away from our inner senses in order to experience what it feels like to lack them.

You will outgrow this limitation, though, in your yearning to feel your way through life rather than to think yourself through it.  What sort of abilities are we talking about here?

Abilities such as smelling the color blue.  Tasting cigars you’ve never smoked.  Or hearing sounds that have no external source. Just a few examples from a vast number of options.

These inner senses provide you with a rich melange of input with which to create.  What could you do with a well-formed motivating sentence spoken to you from inside your head?  Once it doesn’t scare you to consider things like this, then you are on your way to allowing other beings to communicate with you through the most basic of means:  energetically.  This is telepathy.

Yet it’s a mixture of sensations beyond someone just speaking words to you inside your head.  Here’s a few:

  • Changes in pressure in your ears, eyes, or sinuses.
  • Images played across the internal screen behind your closed eyes
  • Bodily sensations such as vibrations, pinpricks or itchiness

Now to unlock your full capabilities overnight would be jarring, to be sure.

It takes time to adjust your focus; to recognize the full intention of the communication (“am I being possessed?”); or what to do with the information even when you do know what it means, or from whom it originated.

So we start by taking small bites.  Here is one way to practice receiving telepathic communication from other aspects of yourself.  You can label them extraterrestrials, archangels, spirit guides, Higher Self, or whatever you choose.  It’s all energy, and it’s all You, expressing yourself from another perspective.  It’s important to note this here because if you still have fears about possession or the imbalance of power (“someone is trying to do something bad to me”), then your heart is not open.  This will limit the flow.  Allow yourself to feel any fears, and if they persist, come back later.

I prefer to call these activities play. Or if you’re really devoted to your awakening process, you could call it”plerk,” as Marilyn Harper and Adironnda do. (Play + Work = Plerk).

Here is a free and easy way to practice your telepathy skills using the app Insight Timer.  You probably already have it on your phone.  But if not, you can get it here.

If meditation intimidates you, then this is a fun challenge to squash some assumptions about what you think meditation should look like.  Here’s the only rule there is:

There are no rules.

You can meditate in any position, while doing anything you like, in any place that you like, for as long as you like.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is merely speaking from a place of their own limitations.  So let’s start with an open mind and set up our session.

Setting up Insight Timer for a telepathy session.

Insight Timer interface

Above are the final settings that I use.  You have options, as always.


  1. Set the duration.  I chose “no limits” but you can choose otherwise.  Aim for at least an hour if you can.

    Insight Timer interface

  2. Set up your interval bells. Choose a sound that you like,  and set it to ring repeatedly every 2 minutes, for the duration of your session.

Insight Timer bell settings

3. For the Ambient Sound, choose “Enchanting.” This is a recording of Tibetan chants, which are created by using the pineal gland; this is also called Toning.  These tones, generated from within this tiny area deep in the center of the brain, transmit a frequency that the mere physical vocal cords cannot mimic.  (You have this ability too, by the way.  Toning will activate great secrets of creation in you.  I’ll leave it that vague!)

4. Finally, set an ending sound if you prefer.  This will let you know that you’ve reached the end of your practice.  It’s optional.


Getting yourself into the frequency to receive

When you have some time, hook yourself up with some headphones (these are highly recommended in order to limit outside noises) and get started.

Start the session by turning on the Timer and closing your physical eyes. You will see in front of you an internal screen, which by default might be unlit.  (You use this all the time, even if you don’t know that you do. If you have ever had an orgasm, then you know inherently where this place is.)

This screen will be your area of focus.  Find a point on it and focus on that point.

My center point is straight ahead on the screen, and is a peach color, signifying Relief.  “Everything is going OK.  Nothing is exploding.  Things work themselves out.”

As you settle into the sound, expect some lulling.  It could take up to 20 minutes for your linear thoughts to settle down.  Just listen. Chill. Focus on your center point and hang out.

So why the bells?

The bells are placed in 2-minute increments to act as a refocusing signal for your meandering brain.  If your thoughts wander, the bell calls your awareness back to the present.  Just re-focus back on that center point on your internal screen.  You won’t wander for more than 2 minutes!

Soon, you won’t even hear the bells as your mind maintains focus on the center point without their assistance.

This is when your logical mind steps back, and the pathways of communication will open.  It may feel like you are half awake and half asleep at the same time.

As you maintain relaxed focus on your center point, the chants themselves may also fade away.  New sounds will begin to emerge instead.  Initially, these sounds may simulate a record being played backwards; like a wave that amplifies, from quiet to climactic, and then disappears. Listen to the Beatles’ Revolution #9 if you want an example of that.  These sounds will be whisps of words at first–perhaps ghostlike–but will get stronger as you practice.

Relax the requirement to define what the words are saying.

There is great joy in the ethers when a human makes an attempt to connect with other forms of consciousness.

There are beings lined up to speak with you, for they are learning just as much about communication as you are, in the process.  They are ascending too.  They don’t care if you get it on the first attempt.  They care that you are bothering at all: “I got to speak to a human!”  It’s a celebration on all accounts.

Let the words come in, and relax.  If your mind flares up in an attempt to translate, wait for the next bell and refocus yourself.  Soon, it will relax altogether when it realizes that nothing goes “sploady” from this exercise.  You’ll love the interactions so much that any fears subside.  THEN, you will begin to recognize the words.  Give it some time.  Relax.  Have fun.

With some practice, you may choose to move the bells to more frequent (if your thoughts still swirl a lot) or less frequent (when you can maintain focus on your center point for longer periods of time).  It’s your session, and as I said before, there are no rules.

Your willingness to open yourself to communication will expand to the waking parts of your day.  Use any 3D challenges to focus on your center point and rebalance your frequency.  When you get there, you are open to messages, whether or not you’re actively using the Timer.  The Insight Timer is a great tool to learn a new habit, but it’s not required forever.

So start the party now, my friends.  There are many etheric buddies awaiting your invitation.  Love to you!



author: Kimberly

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woman in shavasana
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Whose Voice Is That In Your Head?

Your busy day might leave little time for introspection. When on those rare occasions on which you do find time to meditate, you may have doubts about who it is you’re connecting with when you do. Is it safe to listen? Or are those voices in your head a symptom of insanity?

Concerns like these are normal!  Film and TV constantly relays the notion that inner voices in your head tell you bad things, and urge you to do bad things, and so should never be considered as valid advice.

The key is to listen to what the voice is saying to you.

Is it berating with a tone of condescension?  Is it reminding you of all the mistakes you’ve made over the years? Is it spiteful?  Or is it kind, and gentle?  Do you feel comforted when you hear it? Does it inspire something in you?

The tone and content of the message indicates which part of the vast YOU you’re currently connected with.

There is a process that will bypass the negative talk, and clear the path of communication to that inner guide that wants to see you succeed in this physical life.


You’ve heard it a million times, I know.  “Take several deep breaths.”  It’s the beginning of every meditation and initiates every yoga practice.

Do you ever skip that step?

I bet that there have been times when you, in a stationary race against time, sat down to meditate and you glossed over the breathing part to get right to the good stuff.

If this is you, then you may not be fully connecting with your Higher Self.  And that “good stuff” you were aiming for, can be replaced by a barrage of negative talk and a cyclone of unwelcome thoughts. It’s no wonder that many people fail to establish a regular meditation practice.

There is a reason that breath is included prior to these practices.  Because it opens the pathway to Source.  Not just figuratively, but literally.

Breathing has both physical and energetic benefits.  Not only are you oxygenating your organs, but you are also opening a clear conduit to your Higher Self that, in most people, the ego blocks by default.

The ego is an important part of our physical existence.  A key element in maintaining the time/space physical reality in which we live, the ego is the looking glass through which we view this Earthly illusion.  So if you are having negative thoughts as you meditate, then continue breathing until the negative talk subsides.  Here is the inbuilt benefit from breathing that applies to all of us:

Your ego is designed to move to the background when you focus on controlled breathing.

This is when your Higher Self has a chance to be heard.  This voice may sound like your own, or like your favorite grandfather (alive or not), or perhaps like no one you have ever heard before.

And this voice will never, ever, ever, ever, be harsh.  It will never degrade you.  It will never urge you to do—or even think about—harm to another.  It will have your, and all others’, best interest in mind.

Should you be hearing otherwise, then continue breathing.  Breathe longer than you think you should.  Focus on each breath, until the calm settles over you.

Try ten deep breaths.  That may be more than you’ve ever done in one stretch before.  The idea is to get beyond the mind fidgets, and to clear the path for communication with Source.

Once you notice the subtle changes in your thought patterns, and feel your body relax, then it’s time to  begin the dialogue with your Higher Self.  Ask it for direction and feedback about how you are doing.  Is there anything that can make this journey easier? More fun? More rewarding?

The You behind the curtain will always be there for gentle, positive guidance.  This is the You that wants to see you succeed.  The trusted coach, the loving guide.  The information you receive will sit well in your gut, which has its own brain, by the way.

No matter where you are on in your personal evolution, controlled breathing will always validate your connection to your Higher Self. So please, take the time to clear your channels by putting the ego to sleep for a time. I’ve listed some resources below on breathing techniques in case you’d like to learn more.

I think you’ll find great rewards waiting inside of you.




author: Kimberly

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Learning the Ujjai breath (my favorite).

Long, deep breathing and Breath of Fire



symptoms of awakening
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That One Weird New Awakening Symptom

The Awakening process is comprised of upgrades to all aspects of YOU: Mind, Spirit and —Good Lord!—your Physical Body.

That sounds like fun.  Being upgraded. Right?

Not always so much fun.

Let’s take a quick look at what upgrades to each part of YOU could look like.


Upgrades to your Mind are made so that you can use it more efficiently.

For a human, you just may feel like you are freaking out.  Know that these are positive upgrades, and the symptoms will subside.

Some common symptoms include:

  • Hearing a song whose lyrics feel like they were written just for you.
  • Seeing repeating numbers.
  • Overhearing conversations of others that answer a question you just asked yourself 5 minutes ago.

These experiences are indications that your mind is recognizing patterns, signals and prompts that were programmed there (by YOU) to switch “on” at a certain point in your life. That’s great news!  Start taking note when these prompts occur, because they always have relevance if you’re aware of them.


Upgrades to your Spirit Body are made to align your connection with Source.

Symptoms from spiritual upgrades vary widely among individuals.  Here are the most common:

  • Spaciness or Light Headedness
  • Decreased inclination to “play society’s game” anymore
  • Isolation: you’d rather be alone than with people

Experiences such as this are signals that you’re more in alignment with your Higher Self.  The veil of forgetfulness is lifting, and you are strengthening the connection to the part of you running the show.  Your ability to consciously create has just magnified itself exponentially.


Upgrades to your Physical Body are made to change your chemical composition.

As scary as that sounds, these improvements are changing your actual physical structure from a carbon-based being to a crystalline-based entity. You’re now even closer to your pure Essence, which is Light. You are integrating back into your Light Body.

Yet the physical symptoms that your body feels could be scary.  Here are a few:

  • Flu Symptoms from out of nowhere
  • Sleep disruption; waking up at 3am
  • Vibrations in your hands or feet

There could be some pain; that’s also normal.  My suggestion is that if something feels wrong, then please see a medical doctor (in accordance with your beliefs) to rule out anything biologically that needs balance.

Otherwise, if your gut tells you to wait it out, then such symptoms usually subside in 3-5 days.

Here’s the newest, weirdest physical symptom I have been experiencing:

You know when you’re on a plane, and it makes a sharp descent?  Like you’re falling straight down? Your stomach raises up in your chest cavity and you are suddenly shot into a super-conscious state.

Think about when that happens.  No matter what you’re doing, you always, always stop what you’re doing to recognize that weird feeling in your gut.

Yet it’s not a great feeling when you’re sitting stationary, strapped into a car in gridlocked Los Angeles traffic. Or when you’re eating on the patio at a fancy restaurant. It will catch you off-guard every time.

So if this symptom occurs in you, take advantage of that super-consciousness and connect with Source.  It’s trying to get your attention to deliver an important message.


These symptoms are just a short list of many you may be experiencing in your journey to awakening.  Some of them really suck, but thankfully most of them are brief.

You can read the more comprehensive list of Awakening Symptoms on our Awakening Symptoms page.


Earth Energy:


Royal Blue




1111 (Snapshot of your thoughts; make them good)

1024 (You’ve received another byte of information – take note)



author: Kimberly

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Figuring out why things happen to you
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Figuring Out the Lesson in Any Situation

So you’ve meditated, journaled, threw shit, drank yourself stupid, complained to anyone who will listen—and you still can’t figure out why something happened to you.

Usually, at least ONE of these tactics will help you determine the lesson behind any situation, but there are times when you just can’t pull it out of yourself.  Of course, the more you push, the worse it gets.  The more stressful you get, the more short-tempered or teary-eyed you become, frustration sets in and you are just spinning your wheels in a cloud of smoke.

I mean, you’re trying to grow, dammit!  Why isn’t the Universe giving you answers?

Perhaps you could try rewording the question.

Instead of:

“WHY did this happen to me?”


“Life, what is it that you’re trying to teach me here?”

It’s a very subtle but important difference.  In the first question, you are PUSHING against life for an answer.  In the second question, you’re asking for it to come in.

As you awaken, you will learn that trust is a key player in life.  Most of us have trust issues, because if you’ve been on Earth for any serious length of time, then you’ve been betrayed in some way.

As such, it’s pretty understandable that you don’t trust Life, either.  You may feel that you must mold it into anything you want, and you can, if you want to push that hard.  Or, you could let Life show you the exactly perfect scenario for your growth.  It’s going to happen anyway, so giving your trust to the Universe will make that ride much smoother.

Your answer could come in many forms.  It could be words, a photo that shows up and sparks a memory that you feel into, or another situation could present itself to you so that you can recognize it real-time.

Letting it in helps you finally get it OUT, and then you can ask Life for the next experience from your newly-enlightened perspective.


Earth Energy



Sage green



669 (Clearing out old patterns)

000 (You are one with the Universe)



author: Kimberly

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when you're tired, play like a kid
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When You’re Tired of Growing, Act Like a Kid

The life of an awakened person can be lonely.  Always striving to be better than you were yesterday, and holding back on judgment, unkind words, and 3D human actions.

Lightworkers are wired differently, and one of our main purposes is that we support higher frequency behavior and set examples for those around us.  We’re weird that way, and the weirdness that alienated us in the past is now the weirdness that supports us as valuable contributors to the shift in Earth consciousness.

But it does get tiring, living up to our own high standards.  And it’s OK to want to check out and stop being the example once in a while.

When kids are upset, they divert their attention to something that brings them a higher vibration, that makes them feel better.

If you feel exhausted from all the growth, take the time to regenerate.  This may mean that you just watch animated movies all day, or go swing on the swingset in the park.  Draw a picture that looks like Picasso’s worst work.  Go buy some Legos and make a fortress.

Even though you’re not sitting lotus-style in meditation while you’re engaging in such activities, you are still growing.  You are experiencing the exhaustion, the “I’m fed up with this shit”-ness, and you are feeling the feelings that come along with it.  We came to Earth to be human, and humans experience a gamut of emotions, many of which just suck.

And I guarantee that you can’t watch this clip without laughing.  I dare you.



Earth Energy:






222 (Keep visualizing what you want to see)

777 (All is in divine order)



author: Kimberly

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when inspiration strikes in the frozen food aisle
Awakening Rants, Daily Energy Report, Life on Earth,

When Inspiration Strikes in the Frozen Foods Aisle

Have you noticed more great ideas coming to mind lately?

They could be in the form of new inventions, solutions to things you’ve long had issues with, or increased inspiration in artistic endeavors.

Congratulations, Awakened Trailblazer!  You’re allowing more of your Higher Self in!  Now the messages were always being sent to you—in fact, that’s how we’ve had so many people in history invent the same things on different ends of the Earth at the same time—yet now that the veil between your Earth self and your Higher Self is thinner, your radio tower is more tuned in and ready to accept this inspiration in greater magnitude.

But don’t expect them to just happen when you are meditating.  Often, they’ll happen when you’re preoccupied with something else — in the shower, while chopping carrots, or in the freezer section at the grocery store.  You never know what that bag of frozen broccoli can inspire in your creative mind when you least expect it.

This is you, creating more of YOU, and these gifts are joyous reminders that you are the creator of everything in your reality.  Make sure to write them down (bring a small notebook, or type them in your phone if you absolutely have to); these thoughts are often like wisps of smoke that dissipate immediately after they’re delivered, because your intuition will be working more rapidly than in years past.  You’re not using your brain matter to store things in the same way you used to, so write it down the moment you can.

The more you trust yourself to record these creative missives, the more of them you’ll receive.  No need to worry about implementing them immediately, since there’s no time anyway.  When you are ready to create, you’ll have your inspiration right there.  Just a few words that you’ve written down about the concept will be enough to spring it back into a full-blown idea again.  It’s sort of like those little bags that you suck the air out of and stuff under your bed, and when you open them up, the contents re-inflate.

Happy Creating!


Earth Energy:






888 (Financial Abundance)

2222 (New concepts about reality are expanding for you now)


Stocks to Watch:

Buy NEO (Crypto)



author: Kimberly

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Video tips by Kimberly Darwin from on raising the level of your vibration when you feel shitty.
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How to Raise Your Vibration When You Are Feeling Shitty

? We all have fantastic days when everything is great, but sometimes life feels like shit.

Our lives are almost never smooth; that’s what being a human is about. The way out is raising your vibration.

Watch this video by Kimberly to learn more.

As humans, we’re not used to higher spiritual energy so much yet, so it might be difficult to concentrate on raising your vibration when you are feeling low. When it gets too tough, simply give yourself a break and start raising your vibration gradually.

Here are several tips to raise your vibrations:

  • Music. Create a special playlist of inspiring songs that will help you to relax (I use Spotify for that).
  • Replenishment box. Gather or write down all those happy things that make you feel good and store them in a nice box to review during times like this.
  • A book of appreciation. Write down everything you appreciate. This will help you during shitty days.
  • Physical activity. Just get sweating and everything will be balanced again. Yoga is also great for that!
  • Crying. There is nothing to be ashamed of — crying can help you to release all the negative energy.
  • Do not overindulge in eating when you are upset.

Do as much as you can to raise your vibration as high as you currently have access to.

And don’t forget to be the BADASS you are!

? We’re always happy to talk to you on Twitter: @AreYouAwakening

? Resource for keeping your vibration high:

You are a conscious creator - go on an astral adventure with Are You Awakening
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Going on a Big Astral Adventure?

You are turning into Light.

As Earth progresses into 5D, our bodies are turning less dense and more into Light.  What does that mean for you? That astral travel is much easier, and you can create with more abandon than before.  Plus, you get to be conscious while you’re doing it, if you practice.

Today, take time to lay quietly and, after doing whatever you do to quiet your mind (if you can’t do this, watch our video on meditation). Once you are in that relaxed state, send yourself on a trip somewhere.  This is the time to use your imagination, and make that place look, sound and smell like anything you want. It’s your life, and you’re creating it, so you may as well create something fun.

As doubts drift in (“you’re making this all up,” “you can’t really leave your body,” “you should be doing laundry”), thank these thoughts, tell them you’ll be back later, and continue on with your adventure.

This is great practice in building your conscious creator muscles. We’ve always been creators, remember, but we weren’t doing it consciously in the past because we were programmed to doubt those abilities. We reacted to our outside surroundings, and created from that place, which as you now know, is ass backwards.

I’m asking you to create first, and watch as the physical world molds itself to your creation.

Yes, you can. And the laundry can wait.

Earth Energy:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • 222 (visualize your desires)
  • 111 (new beginnings)
Awakening Rants, Daily Energy Report, Life on Earth,

Popping Bubbles of Resistance

Resistance is Futile.

I’ve always wanted an occasion to say that.

So now you’re awake, and you know that your answers are inside you.  You’ve set up some kind of meditation practice, where you can quiet your chatty mind and find some stillness in between the thoughts.

What happens when you do that?  Well, besides the obvious and well-published benefits of finding stillness (such as increased ability to focus, better problem-solving skills and a decrease in stress-related illnesses), there is one really big benefit that you may not have thought about.

It’s the ability to release resistance to the stuff that holds us back from getting what we want in life.

Think of facing a fear like a glass of Perrier.  As you pour the liquid in the glass, the bubbles bounce all over the place.  You let the liquid settle a bit, and a lot of bubbles pop on their own.  You pick the glass up to drink some, and more bubbles pop on the way.  You put the glass down, and there go some more.

The longer the glass sits in stillness, the more the bubbles pop.  Fewer and fewer will rise to the surface, and when they do, they are smaller, less forceful.  They don’t upset you as you drink.

Just as in our Perrier example above, bubbles of resistance will surface for us related to issues we’re confronting.

Pop those suckers, by tackling them head-on, feeling the emotions related to them, and then focusing on something that makes you feel amazing.  Future bubbles that arise will be weaker, easier to identify, and easier to address.


Earth Energy:






144 (Don’t take no for an answer.  Drive on.)

822 (Philanthropy)


Stocks to Watch:



spiritual closetTN
Awakening Rants, Featured, Life on Earth, Videos,

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Coming out spiritually to your family and friends is often like coming out of the spiritual closet. Why do so many people struggle with it?

Watch this video by Kimberly and Kelly of AreYouAwakening to learn some simple tips on how to celebrate your higher-self and leave your spiritual closet. When you start growing up spiritually, your family members and friends might say you’re going crazy, they might want to bring you to a priest, doubting your sanity, or calling you a sinner.

No matter how tough they try to oppose your awakening, continue to be who you’re called to be.