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when you are alone on valentines day
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How to Avoid Snarkiness When Alone on Valentine’s Day

If you’re with a partner, appreciate them for everything they are.  If you’re not, well, remember that self-love is important too.

SERIOUSLY? That statement incites total snarkiness in me.  All those people gushing with love, holding hands over dinner…and we all KNOW how many diamond rings cross restaurant tables on a day like today.

Does that make you less than warm-and-fuzzy when none of those couples include YOU?

I get it.  Me too.

And this very 3D energy—that feeling of lack that surrounds you on all sides when it seems like everyone else is celebrating their abundance—is totally normal.  In fact, it’s almost expected, based on how we were programmed to believe that you are nothing without a partner.

And it’s not so easy to just make the switch to sending out compassionate love to every living being on Earth, when the belief systems sit so deep.  And awakened being, it’s OK to be where you are right now, feeling a little envious, sad or lonely.

Yet you have an extra piece of the puzzle that fits in….right THERE….that is the reminder that you can feel a feeling, and let it go; and then reach for a better feeling, a higher vibration, to get you out of your funk.  And you also know that as you raise your frequency, you help all of the others around you to feel better too, just by shining your light upon them. And you ALSO know that every time you send out love, you are sending it back to yourself.

Feel the shit you feel today.  Recognize it.  Then do whatever you need to do to feel better.  Pictures of fuzzy kittens, exercise, whatever.  And then send out that love to everyone you meet, even if they are wearing a shiny new ring.


Earth Energy:






333 (Your guides are by your side)

000 (You are one with the Universe)


If you want to learn how to send out a LOVE BOMB, click here.



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The spiritual duty of a lightworker is helping others to wake up
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The Spiritual “Mop Up” — a Lightworker’s Duty

Lightworkers awakened early, to support the rest of the population as it questions the reality in which it’s been imprisoned.

And don’t expect thanks from the general populace, either, because most people have no idea that they are prisoners.  That’s about to change.

I’ll say it with love, but I’ll say it just the same:

Most people are asleep. They don’t understand the concept of oneness; they don’t grasp that they are creating their reality with their thoughts; and they don’t understand the transmission of energy beyond what powers a smartphone.

But you, Lightworker, you do. You have expanded your consciousness, you have done the inner work to question authority and its intentions, and you rule your existence based on inner guidance rather than social consensus.  You comprehend the nuances of energy, and you honor your gut feelings about the integrity of the people you meet.

You came here early to help the rest of the world wake up. It’s happening, but we haven’t reached critical mass just yet; and there will be times where you are “called” to a certain place in order to shine your Light on the people gathered there. These will often be places you’d had plans to visit months before, but by the time arrives, a catastrophe has occurred in the area you are scheduled to visit.

Just last year alone, I visited areas after a mass shooting; widespread flooding; a tornado; and two locations devastated by forest fires.

This is the modern version of a clean up crew, when a group of Lightworkers visits an area that’s suffering from a collective low-frequency.  Just by your being there, you are raising the frequency of the area. Nothing need to be done, but I like sending out love bombs to all who will accept them, even if the the recipients are unaware that they were showered with love.  There is a part of them that is soaking in that energy, and this benefits everyone, everywhere.

If you are called to perform a spiritual “mop up,” remember that all Beings are perfect aspects of source, and there is no hierarchy.  You have a special ability to channel positive energy to those around you, and it’s the duty—and the gift— of the Lightworker.

Earth Energy:

  • Tan
  • Green
Stocks to Watch:
  • ARCH
  • CEF

Kimberly Darwin

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protect yourself in traffic
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Tips That Will Keep You Safe in Traffic

Road traffic is one of those dangerous and annoying things that can piss off even the calmest people. You can either get stuck in a traffic jam or find yourself in a crazy rush, but protecting yourself is a key milestone in avoiding road accidents. So, what should you do to stay safe in traffic?

Kimberly shares some incredibly simple tips that will keep you safe on the road and help you to enhance your awakening process.

Don’t worry about all those evil forces that may be or may not be there. First of all, you must protect yourself against your own self. But how do we face our anger issues, stupidity, idiocy, and deal with them successfully?

? Can you believe that the key ingredient is LOVE? ?

You have the power to cover yourself and other fellow drivers in a warm light and keep everybody safe!

Too good to be true? Remember, you’re a Badass, and you always have the power to shape your reality!

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Leave Your Bag Behind

As you awaken, you will embrace more perspectives about life.  Your ability to excel in this area will depend on how much of the “old you” you will be willing to leave behind.

Think of climbing a ladder and you have a bag attached to your wrist.  It’s so heavy, and you see that the higher you climb, the more the strap stretches, because the bag won’t budge.  This is you and your increased consciousness.  Your bags are those beliefs, situations and constructs that you’re holding on to.

What is in your bag?

Could it be unlovability, the need to compare, abandonment issues, body image concerns, rebelliousness?

Today, know that there is no need to bring heavy emotional baggage with you on your path to awakening.  You can leave them behind, knowing that you will be provided with anything necessary to support your growth.

Earth Energy:






885 (big positive change in financial abundance related to job)

999 (End of an era)

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The Truth

Do you think that one life has more value than another?

Well if you watch television, most films or read at all, it’s likely you’ve been buying into that paradigm.  It was the reigning paradigm on Earth for, well, nearly all of its history.

But that’s changing, as more people awaken to the knowledge that we are all one Creator, divided up into individuations and given the illusion of separation.  Once the acknowledgment is made that you are me, and I am you, why would you want to treat me any differently than you’d like to be treated?  Aha.

That’s the illusion we’re breaking out of now – that bad guys get what they deserve (karma), and that there’s some ladder we’re climbing where I’m higher than someone else (evolution.)

We are waking up to the one Truth:

That no matter what role an individual is playing in your life, they are merely another aspect of the Creator (yes, that’s you) and their existence is every bit as valuable as yours.

Today, watch for people who challenge the Truth.  Know that they are simply forgetting that all lives are equally valuable.  Send love and understanding.

Earth Energy:


Yellow (lots of Orion Light energy)




777 (Everything is in divine order)

0000 (Full Circle reboot – expect new beginnings)




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Kindness, Reflected

Hey, you.  You are me.  And I am you.

We are reflections back to each other, and I’m here with you because you want me you to help you learn something. We learn from each other.  That’s the entire reason for Others appearing to you in your world.

When someone acts kindly to you, what do you do?  Hopefully, it’s act back with kindness, but we all know how hard that can be.  What you send out, you get back.  So what are you sending out?

Every interaction is about both taking, and giving.  Giving does not have to look like it did in the fifties, when you put dimes in the can at the grocery store.  Giving in the new energy is about being yourself, and sending little parts of you out to the world.  Just being you sends out a frequency, and that frequency affects me.  And taking?  That’s your ability to accept, with graciousness, the gift from another.

So today, send out some love.

Click here to learn how to send out a Love Bomb!

Our 3D world would have us believe that we aren’t that powerful, to affect strangers.  But you are.  So even if you don’t have dimes in your pocket to give, you can give out some love, a smile, a nod.  You are that powerful.


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How to Read Someone’s Soul

The eyes truly are the Windows to the Soul.

That’s why it’s so hard to stare someone down.  When they are gazing at you, and you are gazing back, the energy can get so intense that someone–and quickly–is likely to back down and divert their eyes.

Looking into a stranger’s eyes can incite crazy vulnerability in many of us.  I mean, what can they see when they look in my eyes?  Can they see my pain?  My weakness?  My inability to connect with another human in such an intense manner for longer than a minute?  All of our trials, tribulations and glory can be found in our eyes.  Focusing on another’s eyes allows us to determine on, almost immediately, what kind of person they are.

As you awaken, it’s a great gift to give your soul to another in service.  This means that you will allow them to unconsciously survey your eyes, and determine how trustworthy, how kind, and how compassionate you are.  You’ll be staring into more eyes.  And you will face possible judgment.  Are you OK with that? Do you have things in there that you don’t want another to see?

Better face that shit yourself, then.  There’s little room for hidden agenda in the New Earth.  Transparency will reign.

Here’s a little practice for you.  I’ve included photos of various people.  Can you look into their eyes for a few minutes (yes, minutes!) and comprise a story about them?  Shut your mind off, friends, and use your heart.  Allow those voices in your head to speak, without judging your opinion, about each face. You’ll be surprised how much you can glean about a person in just a few minutes.

Use the arrows on the right and left to scroll between photos…

Love Bomb
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How to Send out a Love Bomb

When you wake up, you will be overwhelmed at times with the feeling of goodwill, unconditional love, and just pure joy.  You may smile for no reason, which sends a ripple of joy out to all who see you.

You can create broader ripples by sending out love bombs –  shots of joy to whomever is around and wants to accept it.  It’s free, it’s discreet and it changes the energy of all around you.

Imagine a dry dandelion you’ve just picked.  It’s white, it’s fuzzy, it whispers joy.  It wants to be spread around.  Imagine that same white fuzziness descending down from the sky, through the top of your head, and down to your feet. You are filled with white light.  You are love.

Now mentally blow that light, just like the dandelion, in all directions away from you.  Each soul will absorb the love you sent in its own way.

No one needs to know.  Be the secret light for someone.