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Video. Awakening Trigger Message: Send Out Love
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Trigger Message: Send Out Love Today

Today should be the day of love. This is an ethereal substance that is always present around us. Even if we don’t notice it and don’t know it’s there, love is among us. A Lightworker’s job is to fill the world with love through positive intention.

Send love! It’s important right now, even if you don’t think it’s going anywhere. Energy isn’t usually visible with our human eyes. Just try to feel it with your heart. Look deep inside and try to see and what is good and what is bad for you. Don’t be influenced by the public and media information.

Make decisions according to your own feelings and know that its all is for the better. No matter what decision you make, believe that you are deeply loved by the Universe – a force that would never want any harm come your way. You are safe and everything will go the way you want if you believe in yourself and your wishes.
Remember the send out love and it will come to you tenfold, especially on October 12.

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be careful which words you speak to the Universe
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Bring It On — Three Words to Use Carefully Nowadays

This New Energy doesn’t mess around.  Gone are the days when you have to repeat an affirmation until you choke yourself.

No more vision boards needed, unless you think you do.  All of those tools that we depended on to manifest our desires were just there because the 3D you thought they were necessary.  Bashar calls them “permission slips” because our human minds needed a reason to explain the source of the magical things happening around us.

No longer needed!

Now, I still surround myself with sparkly crystals, because I have many lives of dealing with rocks—from a traveling merchant that dealt oddities from other galaxies, to a gemologist in this Earth life—and sometimes I choose to lean on their “powers” to jumpstart a particular desire.  Perfectly OK.  The difference is now I know that it’s not necessary, just a choice.

The power is in me.  The power is in YOU.

I am the power activating the crystal, or the mantra, or the vision board, if you will.

Which brings me to the subject of words.

Words deliver your strongest intention while you’re in human form.  So choose them carefully, my Trailblazing Lightworkers.

When you are ready to send out an intention, feel it first, and use the words that match your intention.

One day I was feeling cocky about my spiritual evolution, and I challenged my guides, spirits, Higher Self, Source:

“Let’s do this. I’m ready for rapid spiritual growth.  I can take anything.  BRING IT ON.”

The day after that, in a freak accident, I slammed my Ducati motorcycle into a truck, was thrown into a brick wall, and ended up in the hospital with a pelvis broken in 3 places, in excruciating pain. I had to learn how to walk again. It took a year to recover.  My entire life was altered from carelessly shooting out those three words.

But I asked for it. And I got what I asked for: Rapid Spiritual Growth.  And I confirmed my ability to take anything. And it was very, very painful.

Because the words “BRING IT ON” contain an element of cockiness, it was just a reminder from the Higher Me that I am THAT powerful to deliver exactly what I asked for, with all the subtle undertones of the words.  Lesson learned.

So remember to feel out those intentions, and speak the words out loud that match the vibration of your desire.  Consider the nuances of the message, and ensure that they match what you really want.  You no longer need to feel pain to expand. That is, unless you want to.


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