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Happening Now: You’re Transmitting to Humanity

Earth is making its move to Fourth Density.  And you, Lightworker, are a vital part of that.

Since COVID-19 has made its appearance and altered the behavior of virtually everyone on Earth, now is a perfect time for many people to evaluate their lives.  We as Lightworkers are tasked to do the same, but we’ve been at this a bit longer than most of the population, so perhaps for you it’s just another day of evolution.

Yet you may have, up until this time, wondered what your individual purpose is on this planet regarding this scenario.  With the onset of the virus (symbolic for connectivity), humanity has created an anchor; an event so significant that it changes virtually everyone on the planet and is recorded as a Primary Event in the annals of time.

Your purpose is multifold. Each of us is working on our individual goals and aspirations, all the while functioning as transducers of energy to the population while we’re accomplishing them.  Every individual contributes to the collective with their individual frequency; once we are conscious of that, we choose our creations knowing that everything we do affects the whole. So during this time, it’s a good idea to create with building blocks based in love.

Your visualizations are important right now.  What you imagine turns into form.  You can choose one of the current probable timelines, or you can imagine your own.  The important part is to use thoughts that embody unity, health, harmony and fulfilling the best and highest good for all.

If you want to keep tabs on what’s going on within the awakened collective, you may be interested in Daniel Scranton‘s daily channel messages.  They are short and succinct, with valuable information on what you can do to maintain your frequency and serve others during this event.

Are you up to the task?  If so, I’ll see you on that timeline.


Love to you.



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koalas hugging
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How Fast Can We Infect the Earth with Kindness?

Earth is experiencing a Reset.

With the coronavirus making its way around the globe, humanity is learning how connected we really are.  It’s a huge opportunity for us; and conditions are ripe for the population that incarnated on Earth at this time, to remember that they are creating their own reality.

Forced by law to spend time at home, we’ve been given the chance to review our lives; declutter, and wash our hands of things that no longer work for us.  News abounds about the ways humans are helping each other out, and this web of kindness grows each day.  The evidence is there if you look for it.


We at Are You Awakening have decided to start a movement.

As the virus puts pressure on humanity to clear blockages in the root chakra (safety and survival) energy center, Lightworkers can focus our thoughts on the positive outcomes of this Reset. So how fast can our little acts of kindness ripple across this planet?

We’re aiming to find that out, by creating our own positive virus called the KoalaVirus. It’s meant to infect Earth’s inhabitants with KINDNESS.

We spread the KoalaVirus by sending little bits of loving support to those who may be feeling fear about this whole thing.  People who are separated from others, or who are out of work right now, or struggling with kids who don’t understand what just happened to their world.


Earth is Leveling Up

As termed in my upcoming game Evolution144, humanity is moving from Level 2 (“The Doer”) to Level 3 (“The Questioner”). The game is created to assist awakening individuals along the sometimes bumpy awakening path.  When one enters the “Questioner” phase of awakening, we are prompted by events (often external, such as a quarantine) that provide stimulus to go within…and start asking ourselves Who We Really Are.  A large number of people are facing such an implosion at this time.


There are many who will welcome this introspection…and there are some who won’t.

In those times of solitude, we will face our past.  We will come to terms with abundance, and the lack of it. We will be prompted to consider sudden death from an outside force, that seemingly has more power over our own bodies than we do.


Those focused solely on headlines are unlikely to see the silver lining in the stormy cloud currently encircling our planet.

Love them right where they are.  There is no need to offer solutions unless asked for them.  Help them feel the connection that always exists, despite physical separation.  And remember that you were there once too.

Here are a couple of fun ideas:

  • Create kind words of support, and post them to a Twitter feed that focuses on negativity.
  • Write a poem and dedicate it to your aunt.
  • Post a photo of a loved pet doing silly things.

Using the hashtag #koalavirus will allow us to track the usage, and to form our own growth curve depicting the spread of KINDNESS around our planet.  More information can be found on the KoalaVirus website.

Here’s a meme to pass around anywhere you like:

…and you need not limit your actions to online.  There is surely someone on the street who would love a meal.  If you’re on your way to pick up your takeout meal, consider buying an extra one and provide it to someone who is unable to order on his own at this time.  With fewer people on the streets, there is less money being distributed to the homeless. Remember that all others are really you, in a different costume.


We’ve got this.

Love to you.



author: Kimberly

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when you don't feel like giving
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Those Days When You Don’t Feel Like Giving

Learning to give is a prevalent lesson for humans in our day and time.  Yet there are times when you just don’t feel like giving to anyone. And that’s OK.

Life will provide you with tons of situations in which to determine who you are.  By making choices, you define yourself and gauge the magnitude of your expansion by the consequences you experience from those decisions.  Although at times we can perceive life as torturous, it’s the whole reason we came to Earth.

That’s why our Higher Selves send us little tests, to see how far we’ve come in our expansion. One of the most popular situations I see lately is someone asking for money.

So are you required to hand something out to every person who asks for it because you want to pass your self test?  I know that for me, living in Los Angeles, that could amount to a lot of money, since I walk nearly everywhere.  As we discussed in an earlier post about the act of giving, it doesn’t matter who you are giving to, or what they will do with what you gave them.

It is the way that you handle the situation that the “larger you” is gauging.  Did you handle the situation with integrity, or did you take the easy way out?

I bet you’ve done it.  I know that I’ve done it:

Someone asks you for money on the street, and you tap your pockets, indicating they’re empty, and say, “Sorry, I don’t have any money.”

But you really do.

So what happened here?  Society teaches us to take the easy route, escaping from uncomfortable confrontations such as these.  Say whatever you have to say and get the hell out of there, right?

I get it.  There are some people who will love to have even your partially-divided attention long enough to tell you all about how they can make whistles that only dogs could hear.  And sometimes you truly don’t have the time to listen.

Yet telling them a lie serves no one.  There are other ways to deal with such situations that maintain that positive flow of energy that Lightworkers are tasked to deliver.

Let’s try the scenario again:

You pass someone on the street who asks for a couple of bucks.  He’s kind, and he’s respecting your space. You are in a hurry, though, and although you do have a couple of bucks, it’s all you have in your wallet. Honoring him as a human being of equal value, you could look into his eyes, and answer:

“Sorry, not today.”

With this three-word answer, you’ve declined his offer with full respect for him as someone in need, yet today is not the day for you to give.  There’s always another day, and that leaves things in a positive tone on both sides.  You have maintained your integrity, and he may have a little more faith in humanity for a kindness he probably doesn’t experience all that often.

Remember, Lightworker, you represent the Family of Light, whose purpose is to cast high-frequency energy to all around you. Maintaining that high vibration serves not only you (you manifest things faster!) but everyone else in your surroundings, which extend further than you imagine.



author: Kimberly

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what if you became famous overnight
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What If You Became Famous Tomorrow?

There are few things that will reveal a person’s true character than being in the spotlight.

Back when you were asleep, you may have yearned to be adored, admired and worshipped as a public figure. I dunno, you may still yearn for that.

Think of the people that request bodyguards to take them to the grocery store, just in case an enthusiastic fan gets a little too close. Those who can’t go anywhere without someone snapping a photo.  Those whose every movement and spoken word are recorded for others to review and judge.

As we awaken, we expand our awareness of the governing beliefs that fuel our actions.  We see that some people (not all), aim for such fame in order to satisfy an insecurity, or underlying feeling of unworthiness, that is unconsciously running their show.

The focus on external influences solidifying an ego’s sense of value is an easy path to take when there are people giving you things, extolling on your beauty, youth, talent, or luck.  Feeling special is a great motivator.  And in today’s media whirlwind, this can happen literally overnight.

What if it happened to you?

Awakening Lightworker, how would the evolving YOU handle overnight fame?

Would it bring up the best in you?
Would you use your notoriety to spread compassion and a message of love?
Could you use your abundance to share with a wider berth of recipients?


Would it bring up the worst in you?
Would it flare up an ego that hasn’t been fully addressed and acknowledged?
Might you use your power to get what you want at the expense of others?


There are also other behaviors, in between:
Would you err on the side of humility, downplaying your talents and gifts because you don’t want to seem boastful?


Contemplating such things, even if it never happens, is the way your new, integrated, self can determine its preferences without having to endure painful catalysts in the physical world.  Now, we can view the various timelines before we take action, of how things could be, if we chose this…or that…or that.

See it in advance, feel what you would feel in that situation, and determine how you could be the most authentic you. It’s learning how to be yourself in any situation, whether you are sitting alone on a city bus like a regular citizen, or you’re walking down the red carpet.


Earth Energy:






111 (New beginnings coming)

155 (Timing is right for new project)




author: Kimberly

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lightworkers live where they should live
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Why You Live Where You Live

Ever wonder what it would be like to live off the grid?  Away from social media, beauty influencers and political mayhem?

Well, Lightworker, since you’re creating your reality, you can choose that. And, I’m here to tell you that most likely, you wouldn’t choose that. How can I be so sure?

Because you, as a Lightworker, were meant to be among the crowd.

Although it’s our nature to want to hide away while we’re doing our inner work (I mean who wants to go out and DO things while we’re purging our demons??), our purpose includes being with others.

This includes where you’ve chosen to live.  Location is part of your soul plan.

Choices are made for various reasons.

You live where you live because either your special gifts are of service to those in your area, or you have a special affinity for themes related to that location.

Here are a few:

  • The language you love to speak, with its intonations and word choice, make it easy to communicate with others.
  • The energy of your environment (city vs suburbia) that your avatar thrives best in. Some love the bustle of cities, and others prefer smaller, more intimate groups.
  • Your avatars tend to love a particular weather climate, so your soul reincarnates in similar climates.
  • The food that is common to the area works well for your avatar’s metabolic needs.
  • You have previous “reincarnational” history with that area, and came back to balance energy.

In any case, know that you are supposed to be there, at least for now. Can it change?  Yes, it very well could change, if your soul’s plan dictates it.

Pay attention to any urges to move locations, and weigh in with your gut and your heart to determine if this is your next move.

If you are meant to move, then the transition will be EASY: you’ll find a new place, new job or other reason to make the move.  There will be no struggle, because this move will be part of your soul’s path.  Ride it!  It gives you a wonderful opportunity to declutter things that no longer serve you in your life.

And remember that you are a lighthouse to others no matter where you are, just by being YOU.


Earth Energy:






8818 (Lions gate portal is open)

1111 (Snapshot of your thoughts – keep them positive)



author: Kimberly

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swindled by someone not really homeless
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Been Swindled by Someone? Celebrate!

There are plenty of examples of allegedly homeless people driving home in their Cadillacs after a long day on begging on the street.

I imagine them carefully putting their battered cardboard “Homeless Vet” sign in the trunk of their car and using the alarm fob to lower the trunk door.

That person probably bought that car, and the home that he’s driving to, with money that other people gave him.  Society would be outraged, if they followed him home and saw the “imposter” that he is. They would want him to be brought to justice.  Stealing like that.  That swindler.

Our Western Culture teaches us we must work hard for our money.  It has to be honest.  You must earn your money with integrity, providing a service for which you are remunerated by the system for your dedication.

(Here I’m uncontrollably laughing, because one need not beg on a street to break those rules.  Look at most politicians.)

Trace this back to societal programming.  To the people who make money when you’re plugged into the system and you’re a good consumer.  You work, you eat, you buy.  Repeat indefinitely until you can support the medical system in your old age.

There will always be crooked senators, greedy corporate moguls, and Madame Zeldas who stare into a crystal ball and deliver vague predictions.  There will always be someone who is ready to take advantage of you.

The beggar you gave money to could actually be a homeless vet. Or he could be that guy who drives home to his suburban home and big screen TV.

None of that matters.

In any experience you have, the prize is in learning to love yourself in the doing of it.


If you gave him money, you GAVE.

It doesn’t matter what he does with the money after you give it to him.  That person showed up in your life—sent by YOU to YOU—to see what you would do in that situation.  An opportunity for choice.

It is in the giving that you win.


You took something that you love—in this case, money—and you gave it to someone. That is a kind gesture, my friend, and I hope that you celebrate it.  I am honoring you, because the entire world benefits from your simple act.

And as for lending money, the exact same principle applies here.  Societal standards would mandate that you should receive the money back from the recipient.  In spiritual terms, that’s giving with expectations.  So, if you’re in such a situation, and you are feeling regrets or anger about lending money and not receiving it back, remember that having expectations is a distortion of love.  Let it go.  You still gave. Then see what happens. The Law of Attraction never fails.

It’s in the giving that you win.


Remember, always be yourself, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy:





1144 (Twin flame activation – if you are the divine male ((DM)) in a twinflame experiment, it is time to reach out…)

222 (Keep visualizing what you want – it is working)




author: Kimberly

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No Need to Go Viral to Serve Your Purpose

Humans as a whole yearn to align with their purpose.  We all want to leave some mark on this world that remains after we’re gone.

With the media the way it is, we are inundated with stories about those whose actions and words have changed the world—millions of people, sometimes— for the better.  And it would be natural, in our Western society, to want to emulate that.  Not only would it be a great feeling to positively influence so many people, but it also brings up ego-related endorphins that we get to address for the experience of growth.

Your purpose does not have to be quitting your job and feeding the homeless.  Your purpose could be your being the reliable one at your office, or the shoulder that people cry on and they know they’re safe.

Here’s the key:  You don’t have to go viral to serve your purpose.

Western culture idolizes those in the spotlight. And, admittedly, the spotlight is a great information propagator to the masses.  Who could count the number of inspirations those in the spotlight have dispersed?

Yet, making the assumption that this is the only way to serve one’s purpose is cutting yourself way short.

Consider this:

What if, during this lifetime, you only inspired ONE person on Earth?  Would your life have been worthwhile?

Imma let you think on that a second.

You might pull up thoughts like:

  • That would be a waste
  • When he dies, then my impact will die too
  • I must have been pretty insignificant to have only inspired one person


Remember that awakening is about seeing things from a broader perspective.

That ONE person could go on to change the world by the millions, all based on your contribution to his development.  All based on, perhaps, one conversation, while waiting to board a plane at the airport.  Or by one of your acts of kindness to a stranger.  Or simply a smile when someone really needed one. We really have no idea what our actions are doing for another person, for each individual is battling his own demons in his own special way.

Your impact is always greater than you think, though, or you wouldn’t have ever interacted with that person. That’s why people come into your life, whether it be for a 30-second conversation, or for 50 years.

From our limited (but thankfully, growing) human perspective, we can’t see that big picture; and this is by design, because we wanted to discover life in increments.  Every single interaction is an integral part of the grand design, serving everyone involved, as well as reminding you of your magnificence.

Your purpose is right NOW, my friend.  There’s no need to quit your job or live the life of the ascetic, unless you want to. Knowing this allows you to cast your Light outward to the world, knowing that it will affect exactly the right people in just the right way.  You don’t have to know the details to know that it’s working.

Peace and Love to you.


Earth Energy:






688 (Give yourself the credit you deserve)

999 (End of an era – prepare for new chapter)



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finding coins
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Finding Dimes? They Are a Gift from Beyond

Do you pick up a coin when you find it on the ground? Yes? No? Either way, it’s about abundance.

I ask people this question often, if they pick up coins that they find. The answers are funny.

Some believe that coins such as pennies and dimes are not worth the effort; after all the streets are dirty and who knows what’s on them.  Not worth the risk, contracting some weird disease that could change your life forever.

Now a QUARTER….that’s grounds for bending down, eh? I mean, you can always wash your hands at your destination.

Finding coins on the street is a beacon from your Higher Self to measure your current beliefs about abundance.

Awakening souls are tasked with assessing the self and where it is on the belief scale for life’s themes.  The theme of abundance is at the top of most lists in the Western World.

There are two lines of thought here regarding the finding of loose coins on the street and how the situation can relate to your beliefs about abundance.

It’s a gift from the Universe

If you are truly sending out your intentions to experience abundance, then when money shows up, this is physical evidence that you are in the correct vibration to receive it. Despite it “just” being a coin, which in our space/time doesn’t buy much, it’s a milestone for you.

Ask yourself if you have expectations about what abundance looks like.  Is it supposed to come in one chunk, like winning the lottery? Or can it come in unexpected ways, in other increments?  Does abundance always mean more money, or can you feel abundant in other ways?

This is a microcosmic glimpse of your belief systems, and thankfully, there is no suffering involved in the lesson being presented to you, if you’re aware that a simple coin on the ground has relevance for you.  Know that any increment of positive flow to you is abundance.


I’ll leave it for somebody else.

This line of thought still relates to your feeling of abundance, albeit in another way.  In this situation, you’re feeling abundant enough, and you would like to spread the wealth around, even so much as a dime’s worth of it. This situation is comparable to the decision whether or not to take the toiletries from your hotel room, even if you have tons of unused toiletries at home.

Dig a tiny bit deeper: Ask yourself if you feel that you don’t NEED more, or if you don’t DESERVE more, than you have. It could go either way, right? Another glimpse into the microcosm of You, and a chance to correct your thoughts if you feel they’re off-path to who you want to become.


There is no judgment here (OK, maybe if you are a germaphobe, but that’s for another day.)

I write about these thought-provoking situations in hopes that they might provide a lantern in your journey to discovering more about yourself, what makes you tick, and remembering Who You Really Are.

I wish you great abundance in any way you see fit to experience it, even if it’s one dime at a time.  Love, from me to you.


Earth Energy:






1111 (Snapshot of your thoughts – maintain high vibration today, especially)

0000 (Reboot, brand new beginning after some clarity.  You are a new person every second)




author: Kimberly

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Simplifying Your Wardrobe? You Are Healing Some Huge Stuff

Have you found yourself staring into your clothes closet with no recognition of why you went there in the first place? That’s great news!

You are not acquiring dementia.  Albeit, it can be a scary thing to forget why you went to a certain area and then you find yourself at a loss as to why.

You’re being led there by your Higher Self, and congratulations for following your inner compass.  That’s a huge step!

Waking up from the illusion of 3D Earth reality means that the wool is no longer pulled over your eyes.  Each day, you’ll glimpse more and more of the dream-like state that your soul is in.

You  will start to see the world as the malleable environment that it is, created by Life as a playground for experiences that expand our ability to love, and take us back to the Light.

Once we grasp (and it is by no means linear) that we are living in a big hologram, then many of the “things” that we found important are no longer so.

So you’ll start to simplify, because “things” are energy, and your focus on them requires your energy.

That’s great for “things” that you love, but if it’s “things” that don’t bring you joy, then you’ll realize that your energy is better focused elsewhere.

This happens with stuff that you own, people, jobs, and how you present yourself to the world.

You’ll look in your closet and notice that you really only wear about 20% of the clothes that you own. And you will start to declutter your wardrobe, and focus on wearing things that you love.  Generally, your wardrobe will become simpler: neutrals, solids, and black.  Things that can be mix-and-matched because you really don’t care so much about standing out in the crowd anymore.

While staring blindly into your closet, there are many processes happening inside you. You are awakening subconscious belief systems to bring them to the surface.

These beliefs may be about:


It’s not a long stretch to understand the survival aspect; part of you in some other incarnation most likely lived in great scarcity, and articles of clothing were a valuable asset.



Again, another one of You in some incarnation (and don’t forget that it could be this incarnation!) has placed great importance on having a lot of belongings.  Often considered a sign of prestige, living in luxury required quite the accumulation of luxurious things.  Silks, furs, and gems.  You know the story.


External Influence

Recognition (or envy, or worship) by others has been a recurrent theme in Earth’s incarnations for, well, ever. This one is prevalent in our current society, and many souls awakening are addressing, or failing to address, the need for praise and admiration in order to maintain an identity.  If this is you, well you’re not alone.


Even if you’re unaware that you’re addressing such beliefs, you are, simply by simplifying your wardrobe.  Thankfully, the New Energy on Earth makes it easier to transmute this old crap, and move on to experience joy rather than struggle.

So move those clothes, and—yes—-shoes, out of your life and into someone else’s who really needs that energy right now.  You’re growing each time you do it.


Earth Energy:






888 (upcoming financial windfall)

778 (You are exactly where you are supposed to be)



author: Kimberly

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Let's look at the people who use their power to serve themselves and those who use their spiritual power to serve other people
Awakening Rants, Daily Energy Report, Life on Earth,

The Polarity of Power

Power contains polarity within it.


You could use your power to serve others.  Or you could use your power to serve yourself.

Let’s take a look at high-profile people who use their power to serve others:

  • Richard Branson
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Bill Gates

I also recognize countless others, who aren’t in the spotlight, as just as valuable as anyone IN the spotlight.  Yet the spotlight magnifies influence in a short amount of time.

Now, look at some high-profile people who use their power to serve themselves:

  • Kim Jong-un
  • Donald Trump
  • Harvey Weinstein

And hey, I also recognize countless others, who aren’t in the spotlight.  Our pedophiles, abusive parents and some Catholic priests in whom thousands gave their trust.*

It’s been a common belief that those who champion for unity and a peaceful world should be doing it for no compensation;  after all, you act from the heart, right?


That notion was distributed to keep you terrified about your very survival, and to seek out the comfort of a job serving those who serve themselves.

Yet look at the choices someone in the spotlight has.  Those who focus on service to others are doing perfectly fine being prosperous, and are sharing their wealth in ways they could never do without the funds to do it.

This belief system, that if you are a good person you must be poor, infiltrates Western Culture and limits how people feel they can contribute. My depression-era mother viewed her existence very differently than I do, and as such, she grew up with a constant expectation of lack.

You can break that cycle any time you like, you know.  Remind yourself of those who are using their success and prosperity for the good of all, and allow your abundance in so that you can do the same.

The best thing you can do is to be yourself.  That will bring you to the highest frequency available to you, and that in itself serves the world.


Earth Energy:





777 (Everything is in divine order)

0000 (Something’s come full circle – about to begin new phase)


* Note that there is another layer to service, which is discussed in this video if you want to delve deeper into why there exists the dichotomy of Service to Self vs Service to Others.  Watch it here.


Resource related to Servcie to Self vs Service to Others:

The Law of One material.  This is in pdf form and it is an advanced read.  Purportedly the channeling of Ra, who we know as the Egyptian Sun God.  Best to download it and read in very small portions.  See it here.



author: Kimberly

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