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Redesign Your Avatar: Beginning the Journey

Your avatar, otherwise known as your physical body, is just as holographic as the rest of the world in which you’ve been living.

It’s a perfectly-orchestrated machine that functions with supreme precision, to provide you with sensory experiences and challenges along your journey in this Earthly game.

What does being holographic mean for you?  It means that your soul chose an avatar to represent you in your incarnation on Earth.  And that avatar is made of light. It’s not as solid as we were taught to believe.

It means that if you want to change it, you can. You can redesign your avatar to look as you want it to look, within the scope of your current belief systems.

I’m talking about the whole you:

  • How old you look
  • The shape of your body
  • Your overall health
  • Your confidence level
  • Your outlook on the world


Does this sound like a tall order to you?  Impossible, maybe?  That’s what society’s programming wants you to believe.  Keeping people fat and fearful makes them easy to control.  And on a planet where the gameplan has included controlling the masses through making them feel powerless, that’s been the case all this time.

So how do we redesign an avatar?


Let’s talk about body image.

Think you’re overweight? Most of us do.

Ask yourself this:

By whose standards are you measuring yourself?

There is no right or wrong answer here.  What’s important is that you ask yourself the question and you answer it truthfully.  No need to share your answer with me, or with anyone else.  In fact, in avatar redesign, it’s important that you don’t share your answer.  We’ll talk about why a little bit later.

Here are some prevalent 3D standards by which society defines the ideal body:

  • You should look like a movie star.
  • You should weigh the same as you did in your teens.
  • You should be a size ___ for your height and weight.
  • Your body should look young, with no signs of age.

These are all criteria that society has determined for us. With programming like that, no wonder we suffer from guilt, intimidation and shame for not living up to these ridiculous standards.

Get used to this saying, for I will say it often:

“They are all lies.”

Here is the truth:  There is a perfect YOU.  It’s a unique, authentic YOU that need not be compared with others, with a perfect body composition for YOU, a healthy balance of peace and sense of well-being.  Those are the only standards you need to consider.

Your soul chose your particular avatar precisely to maximize the opportunity for growth:  Body composition affects our self-worth, lovability, and our recognition of personal power, among a myriad of other things.

Quick story:  I did a series of deep hypnotic sessions called “In Between Life Regression” to visit my soul in its natural state.  I observed the planning session for this lifetime, to better understand what my major life lessons would be and who the major players were.  During my planning session, I was given 3 avatars to choose from.  These were blueprint avatars; showing them in their ideal template state, without any distortions from societal programming.  The bodies were vibrant and healthy and unique. I was able to view snippets of what my life would look like, navigating in each avatar.  I made my choice based on growth opportunity offered with that avatar, according to my plan. And after 53 years in this avatar, I completely understand why.  It’s perfectly-designed, to support my goals as I move about in this game. Just an aside:  I have met both of the other avatars since incarnating.  As soon as I saw them, it was immediate recognition, and, as you would guess, we hit it off like old friends.

Many people have been challenged by body weight issues based on Western Society’s standards of what the perfect body should look like.

Yet anyone who’s spent some time with ridiculously skinny models can learn quickly that skinny doesn’t necessarily equate to healthy, or happy, for that matter.

What we’re aiming for here is for you to look in the mirror and LOVE what you see, based on your own standards.  This happens after you recognize the lies that have been stuffed down your throat for all this time.

After an ugly divorce that had me drinking a bottle of wine a day for a while, I recognized that it was time to get back on the healthy side of things. I’d gained 18 pounds.  I looked in the mirror and I loathed what I saw.  And the more I sent myself those loathing messages, I loathed myself even more, and I gained more weight.  Things had to change.

Having generally maintained a healthy body weight my whole life, I knew what needed to be done to get myself back in shape.  I was aware of what my particular calorie intake should be, and how much exercise I need to get back to the me that I didn’t loathe.  As a long time proponent of the Law of Attraction, I understood that the self-talk that we deal out to ourselves plays a huge role in determining who we are.  And that includes the physical part. I decided to combine as healthy a lifestyle as I could muster with the recognition of the programming that set unrealistic standards, and to rewire myself for creating the best version of me yet.

After all, I’m just light.  The recognition (or at least the suspension of doubt) of a non-physical reality is key to accepting your power as a creator.

So I went into “redesign” mode and included intention along with my diet and exercise regimen.

My goal:  “To mindfully return my avatar to its healthiest, most stable, perfectly-functioning ideal state.”


I created a mental image of what the perfect me should look like, when I view myself in the mirror. I felt that feeling of power, of confidence, and felt the excitement of what the world had to offer, now that I looked and felt my best. I named her Kimberly.  Which also happens to be my name.

I didn’t aim to look like someone else; I just wanted to be the perfect version of Kimberly. I vowed to embrace authenticity, and since I was able to view that perfect blueprint-template of Kimberly during my planning session, I could use that template as my goal, here in my incarnated state.

Every time I looked in the mirror, I vowed to see that blueprint Kimberly.  The perfectly-designed Kimberly, who was happy at the reflection she saw in the mirror.  That Kimberly that wasn’t so concerned with other people’s opinions of how she should look, because she knew that the only person she should be comparing herself with is earlier versions of Kimberly.

And things improved dramatically.

The more often I recognized the new Kimberly in the mirror, the more Kimberly appeared to be changing in the eyes of those observing her out there, in the world. The more lies I confronted, and transmuted, the closer and closer my avatar matched the blueprint Kimberly.

And I dropped the extra weight with no effort, with no feeling of sacrifice, not much work, and with no stress.  Despite society’s assertion that to get the body you feel great in you must sacrifice, sweat and work until it hurts (all lies), I got there by changing the thoughts that paraded through my head, and allowing my body to lead me to proper nutrition and motivated physical activity.

There was no feeling of sacrifice.  I ate what I wanted to eat, yet once my Higher Self took over reviewing the menu, what I ate changed along with it.  I didn’t say I was on a diet, because “diet” has a negative correlation with sacrifice and self-discipline.  Fat people are controllable.  “And it’s tough to lose that weight.  It’s work.” (Another lie.)

Similarly, the “exercise” part was easy because once I began listening to my Higher Self’s guidance, I was led to things that were fun to do.  So “exercise” morphed into “movement”…and like that—the stigma of sacrifice, pain and sweat was replaced with something I longed to do because it made me feel better about the me I saw in the mirror.*


The veil has lifted, and I invite you to join me on a journey of avatar redesign.

Wait, what?  Aren’t you the blueprint template Kimberly you intended to be?

The answer is, I WAS.

And then last year, I had a bad motorcycle crash that rendered me incapable of movement for a while.  I broke my pelvis in 3 places, got pinned back together, and had to learn to walk again.  I got to experience all sorts of issues that disallowed much movement until I healed.  During this enormous period of momentous inner transformation, the weight reapplied itself. That same 18 lbs I had lost the year before, to be exact.

So here I am, restarting the journey back to the template Kimberly.  I am way ahead of where I began the first time, because the lies I’d previously transmuted are no longer an issue for me.  Different lies arose: about how fast the body can heal after an accident, about victimhood, and about what doctors say you can and can’t do with your own body.  New lies for me to confront.

And this time, I’m documenting the process, so that hopefully my story will inspire you to consider the thoughts that parade through your head about what you can and cannot do with your avatar.

So if you care to join me on this journey, please stay tuned.  I’m writing the book, and I’m taking you along with me on the ride.




author: Kimberly

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*Note that diet and exercise are also physical actions that we’ve decided to adopt as necessary for the avatar’s well-being while we are incarnated on this plane. When you realize that you are fully creating every single thing in your holographic life, from your avatar to the props that populate your living space, there’s really no need to go through the physical actions at all. From a balanced perspective, any one of us could reach the point where simply sending out the intent to change is all that’s needed.  It’s just a tough pill for most of us to swallow with all that programming to which we’ve been subjected. So we’ll include nutrition and movement as part of this plan.


heavy alcohol use in awakening individuals
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Trigger Message: Darkness Wants to Keep You Drunk

The awakening process is not only a spiritual one.  Your body will come into play as the vessel which holds the magnificent part of you in the 3D world.

This past weekend I viewed the evidence of a mass awakening.  I was visiting a beach, and thus was exposed to a wide variety of individuals that had come in from out of town.

Each person’s energetic signature is marked with colors related to their experience, attitude and focus.  They look like little colored sparks of light.

I have noticed this past week* that there are more higher colors included in nearly everyone’s energy field.

Take a look at a chakra chart and view the colors from the bottom up.  As the colors rise, so does the individual’s frequency. So the more green and blue that appears, the higher the frequency that is available to that person.  Also note that it’s not just the colors—but the intensity of and the balance between—the colors, that also determines a signature.

What I also noticed, was that heavy drinking was going on.

As more energy is being sent through the body of an awakening person, the nervous system is faced with a quick decision on what to do with this energy. It can expend it in physical labor, anxiety, and…escape.

And since our society pitches the escape lifestyle so often, it’s easy to connect the dots on what your anxious mind might choose.

So here you have an asleep lightworker who has, until recently, been living in the programmed matrix grid; he’s being shot up with energy UP through both his root chakra, and DOWN through his crown chakras.  His nervous system is on overdrive as he learns to accommodate this new energy. His human brain searches for what to do with that energy. Alcohol, one of the most potent, legal and easily accessible drugs, can look like a perfect way to process it.

There will be no judgment here.  That’s not what this is about.  But if you are finding yourself drinking more, then please read the following statement to yourself.  It’s a trigger message:

As you awaken, your nervous system will search for a way to transmute the intense energies that are coursing through your body. There is societal programming set in place for you to seek escape from this discomfort, in the form of socially-acceptable substances.  This is an attempt by Darkness to keep you fixed in the grid by promoting your consumption of chemicals that LOWER your vibration, thus delaying—or avoiding—your awakening.

Remember that your entire existence is governed by free will. You can choose any option to seek alleviation from the discomfort of these extra energies in many ways.  Alcohol is simply one choice.

I am not talking about one glass of wine here.  I am talking about going out on a Saturday night, downing a bottle, then adding a couple of drinks later.  I’m talking about the kind of drinking that takes days to recover from.  Look how far away from spiritual bliss a person is after a night of heavy drinking.  This ensures that shadow gets to keep you on its team for just a little bit longer.

These energy transmissions are NOT going to stop.  As a lightworker, you will be receiving more and more energy of this intensity.  There’s no going backwards here.

Just check in with yourself.  Is there any other way to release that energy?  Can you exercise, or write a poem, or pet an animal? If so, consider it.  We want you here on the Light side with us.  It’s much more fun than a hangover.


Earth Energy:





666 (Balance physical / spiritual)



author: Kimberly

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*When I enter a crowd, I can see the energy of the collective in a building, as well as each individual.  You can do this too, by the way; we all possess this skill.

Learn to summon your inner fire
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Summon Your Inner Fire

Greetings from New York City, where it’s a spit-freezing 16 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s -8.88888888 Celsius, for those who love synchronistic numbers).

It’s a great time to think about what happens when outside factors are so challenging that you just want to shut down.

I’m sure there are times when you didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning, because staying where you are provides warmth, familiarity and comfort. There was something you didn’t want to face, be it the cold, a confrontation, or a job with which you are no longer aligned.

Welcome to Earth, the planet of duality where we wanted all those external challenges so that we could grow from the inside out.

Yep! You signed up for it. But the shift is getting easier, with Source energy helping you along in your transition.

Still, there will be days in which you just don’t want to deal with the outside world. It’s those days when you can summon your Inner Fire, which is the part of you that is in charge of the controls despite the shitstorm surrounding you. This Inner Fire will restore your faith in your purpose and get you back on track in your awakening process.

Ways to Summon your Inner Fire:

  • Physical Exercise to move the Kundalini energy around.
  • Use a mental squeegee to swipe away those negative thoughts when they arise, and immediately replace them with the thought of a person, place or thing that gives you warmth.
  • Pet your pet. Or yourself if you don’t have a pet.
  • Call on Guides (they are waiting for you to do so) and then surrender.
  • Give something away.
  • Hot liquids, especially those with lemon.

Earth Energy:

  • White
  • Clear
  • 666 (Ask Guides to help you raise your vibration)
  • 228 (Do not give up)
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The Energy Traffic Jam

Energy likes to move around.

It moves in:

With each new concept you embrace, with each new perspective from which you observe Life, your Consciousness is expanding.

Awakened beings, it’s so amazing that you want to learn so much about the meaning of life.  Searching for these answers helps give us an bird’s eye view of the beautifully-orchestrated synchronistic dance of Life.  We begin to shatter the illusion of “reality” and recognize that reality depends on our intentions.

There is plenty of insightful information out there (check out our Resources Page for some suggestions) to guide you within for the next step in the expansion of your Consciousness. As you expand, so does the entire Universe.

Energy in.

And it moves out:

Human bodies are incredible vehicles of energy in and of themselves.  Historically they’ve been carbon-based; now we are moving to a crystalline-based vehicle (think “Light”.) Energy is expended in the metamorphosis; and in addition, our upgraded less-dense physical vehicles convey energy more efficiently.  Energy out.

Today you may find yourself in a state of purging, or “energy out.”

This may manifest itself in physical symptoms (loose bowels, restlessness, pacing, fidgeting, headache, cravings) or emotional ones (crying, fear, sadness) just to name a few.  It’s important to avoid an energetic traffic jam by allowing that energy to flow back out.

Here are some things you can do to avoid an energy traffic jam:

I recommend that you create something tangible with that energy, so I prefer to draw or write.  That way, I have made a small snapshot, a memoir of my ascension progress.

Today, move the energy through yourself in a healthy manner.  This makes room for new ideas and knowledge to flood in from the Universe.

Earth Energy:






000 (Circular connection with the Universe)

777 (Everything is in divine order)



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Feeling the Call

Are you feeling the call?

Our world is changing.

These changes will be most noticeable in the Western World, where we’ve been taught to focus on wealth, prestige and accomplishment, often at the expense of family, the environment, and our health.  Due to an agreement prior to our incarnation on earth, each of us is being called to awaken our spiritual side to bring better balance to the physical side that is running rampant right now.  We haven’t done anything wrong, mind you.  In fact, we’ve done it all right, which is why we, as humans, are coming to the end of this cycle of limitations that we’ve imposed on ourselves.

It doesn’t matter which religion you subscribe to, or if you subscribe to one at all.  Your feelings are occurring according to plan, which is why you ended up on this site.  Every human soul who chooses to stay on Earth will awaken; it is just a matter of time.  We’re all going to the same place, but we’re taking different roads to get there, and none of these roads are wrong.

Here’s just a few of the signs that you are.

  • You are beginning to feel that your life is untidy, and you have a desire to declutter your surroundings.
  • You have interest in learning about new ways of eating that are healthier than your current eating style.
  • Your music interests have changed to softer, more melodic tones.
  • You have rid yourself of overly dramatic and energy-draining friends.
  • You refuse to argue.
  • You have decided to make exercise a lasting part of your lifestyle.
  • You give away more money, time, or knowledge.

Feeling these things, and other desires to cleanse your life do NOT mean that you are bound to live in poverty in a monastery and meditate for the rest of your life. You do not need to leave your family behind, and you do not need to be an evangelist.  In fact, you need not tell a soul.  They will learn soon enough, by your example, of the more evolved person you have become.  Leading by example will trump a lecture every time.

What do you do now?

Rejoice!  Jump up and down!  Be happy that joy will be easier to find, things will be simpler, and your relationships will improve because you’ll take an active part in them.  Just keep living your life, and take this one piece of advice from me:

In any moment, do whatever gives you the most joy that you can do.


Period.  The Universe will take care of the rest.