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Your Awakening Report Card

The process of ascension occurs on all levels of yourself simultaneously.

This means that not only is your physical body going through an upgrade, but you are also growing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well.  Your Higher Self, as we call the part of you that functions mostly outside of your conscious awareness, is growing right along with you.  And your Higher Self’s Higher Self is growing too….and onward up the creational hierarchy the growth goes…through your choices, actions and experiences while incarnated here on planet Earth.


There are times, however, in which you may feel that you’re not advancing at all.

It could feel like a standstill, in fact.  Your egotistical You has its own timeframe for advancement and you’re just not meeting those goals. Know that it’s hardly that.


Let’s compare You a Year Ago, with You NOW, on two different levels:

On a corporeal level, the ego compares the previous You, and the New You, according to illusion-based criteria:

“I have a better job.  I live in a nicer place. I now have a car that runs.”


When you review yourself from a higher perspective, those physical milestones lose their importance. Other measuring sticks take over:

I’m happier. I’m healthier. I am more creative.”


Every once in a while, review your personal report card.

Compare the Now You with a Former You.

Pick a You from a year ago, and a month ago, and yesterday.  Reviewing all of these different You’s will give you a perspective on how malleable time is, for you’ll see rapid acceleration in all areas of your life the closer you get to “now.”  This is because the illusion of time is collapsing into only “now.” It won’t be long before you, and others around you, will be living in the moment rather than in the linear “past” and “future.”

Your report card need not include grades.   In a holographic Universe, self evaluation using linear grades make no sense.  You are growing on all levels, some of which you’re aware of and others in which you are not.

Here’s my favorite decree when comparing my earlier Me’s to the now Me:

“I see progress.”

Soon enough, if not already, you will be recognizing your progress in every area, from every You of which you are aware.  Being in this state of appreciation brings more vistas of awareness to your view, and more You’s will feel comfortable making their existence known.  This is how we integrate, by accepting ourselves in all their forms, and recognizing how much we’ve all grown.

Love to you.



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Whose Reality Is Valid?
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Video: Whose Reality is Valid?

Do you think YOUR REALITY is the only one? Or is it the most important one?

Processing your feelings and beliefs about reality is an essential part of the awakening process. Understanding that people have different realities and beliefs in a part of your journey. A chance encounter with a person of different ethics has shown Kimberly how to deal with judgment toward others and accept their reality. Sometimes, the simple act of littering can teach you something new.

Learn about her encounter and what revelations it’s bought in this video!

In your reality, have you defined yourself?
Remember, you are creating your reality. Have fun while doing it!

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author: Kimberly

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how empty are you
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How Empty Are You?

Awakened beings are fully accepting of the paths of others.

No matter how ass-backwards they may look to us, each individual has chosen his own journey through light and dark, doubt and trust, and recognition of his own power.

Since every option exists already, there are so many to choose from that no human needs to tread on a previously-treaded path of expansion.  That’s the fun of it: you get to make decisions based on what you want, and others do as well.

Now our society would have you think otherwise.  The media is great for letting you know which path they think you should follow: one of fear, submission and suffering.  After all, you buy their stuff when you are in that state.

When you wake up and realize that the well-trodden path of our history hasn’t worked—ever!—then you pull yourself back into your own power, and start thinking (and feeling) for yourself.

That’s when shit gets fun.

Which brings me to emptiness.

Here, I define emptiness as the ability to trust your Higher Self without force-feeding your life with impotent, non-serving actions. You allow yourself to be guided in the direction your soul has intended to go, and you observe the path from a place of wonder within.

It’s the ability to observe yourself, and others, as fully-functioning individuals who don’t need your human interference to evolve.

It’s embracing that ego that has been running the show for all these years.

Notice that I didn’t use aggressive words, like “battling” and “fighting” the ego.  It’s not leaving you; it’s part of your human existence, and it has its function within our thought-based world.  But it was never meant to be a decision-maker.

So you embrace your ego, like you would a stubborn child that stomps its feet on the ground in a temper-tantrum.  You recognize that it’s just doing what you’ve let it get away with all this time, and now you are changing your patterns.  It will adjust, I promise you.

When you feel yourself about to judge, compare, or preach about what you think someone should be or do, curb that temper tantrum, and focus on observation instead.  Ask to be guided, and let go and trust that.  Be empty.

And just as we use diversions to change the attention of a rebelling child, do the same for yourself.  Put your attention on things that incite wonder.  Keep your attention there until your frequency rises to allow in the fun, the intrigue, the pure design of life, rather than the petty things.

This is being empty.


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1700 (Release negativity – focus elsewhere)



author: Kimberly

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