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Make your dreams solid
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Video: Make Your Dreams Solid

Answering the question of our dear friend: What’s it like when your dreams become solid?

What if we could fly, walk through walls, make statues move, and enjoy other ‘weird’ abilities without any limitations just as seamlessly when we’re awake?

People are told to believe that the waking state is our only normal; that the dream state is just our brain’s special activity at the times our body is having some rest. What if we said that as our subconsciousness is shifting in that dream state, we simply disregard imposed limitations! And we can do that “in the real-life” as well! Just believe the fact that you can do anything.

And here is another surprise from Kimberly for you:

Your waking and sleeping states are actually the same!

But how do you transfer that unlimited state to your everyday life? The path from noticing coincidences to making manifestations is slow but possible for everyone of us. It all starts with noticing synchronicities. Such as 11:11 on the clock or knowing who’s gonna call. Then, as you broaden your perspective of what is possible on earth, small manifestations start to follow. As you proceed, you’ll be able to manifest bigger things. Though you manifest a coin or a car using the same amount of energy, your beliefs in what is possible get uplifted gradually.

Also, in this video, you’ll get to know Kimberly’s rabbit statue Winston, who may or may not be moving in the future. It all comes up to when Kimberly expands her belief system and decides that Winston should be dancing around.

Remember: All possibilities exist!

If you’re interested in meeting other creators, join the AwakeCon event hopefully taking place in October 2021 in Los Angeles!

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Make the messages in songs work for you

Video: Make the Messages in Songs Work for You

The easiest way to send yourself a message is through music, don’t you agree? That feeling when you know that the lyrics are about you and your current mood? This is not a coincidence. You’ve created it.

As you send out your energy, it returns to you in messages. And once you come to the understanding that you are creating your reality, you’ll know that nothing that comes to you is random.

For that reason, Spotify algorithms are a perfect way of communication from your Higher Self. Your song-lists are the reflection of your vibrations. They bring messages meant to guide and help you grow. Watch the new awakening video from Kimberly explaining how to make the messages in songs work for you.

And here’s more: check how you can use Spotify to find the songs that speak to you.

Find Your Most Desired Timeline
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Video: Find Your Most Desired Timeline

The world is full of possibilities. YOUR world is full of timelines that you can switch between. With this knowledge in mind, you can finally choose the most desired timeline that would make you squee! You know that feeling when something seems so right for you that you can’t believe it’s true. But it is!

Many of us live with the stereotype that some things are too perfect for us. Expect the worst, just in case, right? Not at all. These social biases are the final milestone between you are your desired timeline.

Join Kimberly in this video (with a bit of Janis Joplin’s wisdom) on the lookout for the best path for you. With the help of visualization, choose the desired possiblity and refrain from switching to the bad paths that would make you miserable. Imagine you are looking for a new job (as many of us are now). Be sure to put away the offers that pay little or make you something you don’t like. Stick to your goal but stay open to other possibilities. They may surprise you. After all, your goal might be not the ideal one for you. Be on the lookout for the best timelines!

The best advice is to focus on the things you desire. Use your “in-pictures” to map out the “out-picture”. You create all possibilities and are free to choose the best one!

You are the creator of your reality.

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awakening timeline jumping

Video: Timeline Switch: How to Dump a Past Memory

When a bothersome memory from the past keeps popping up in your head over and over, you may realize that it’s hindering your evolutionary progress. If so, you need to remove the bad memory or replace it with a good one helping you to manifest your desires. How can you do that? This video will give you the basics.

By learning the mechanics of creation you’ll be able to redesign your past, applying it to specific memories and past events.
Redesigning a memory is simply when you remember that time really doesn’t exist. Timeline switch is as simple as recognizing a lesson associated with the memory and putting it away.

Seems too easy? That’s because it is! The universe is simple. We as humans have chosen to live with limitations. The truth is, there’s no time, it’s all happening now!

You do have the power to change your past! You are the creator of your reality.

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