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The Energy Traffic Jam

Energy likes to move around.

It moves in:

With each new concept you embrace, with each new perspective from which you observe Life, your Consciousness is expanding.

Awakened beings, it’s so amazing that you want to learn so much about the meaning of life.  Searching for these answers helps give us an bird’s eye view of the beautifully-orchestrated synchronistic dance of Life.  We begin to shatter the illusion of “reality” and recognize that reality depends on our intentions.

There is plenty of insightful information out there (check out our Resources Page for some suggestions) to guide you within for the next step in the expansion of your Consciousness. As you expand, so does the entire Universe.

Energy in.

And it moves out:

Human bodies are incredible vehicles of energy in and of themselves.  Historically they’ve been carbon-based; now we are moving to a crystalline-based vehicle (think “Light”.) Energy is expended in the metamorphosis; and in addition, our upgraded less-dense physical vehicles convey energy more efficiently.  Energy out.

Today you may find yourself in a state of purging, or “energy out.”

This may manifest itself in physical symptoms (loose bowels, restlessness, pacing, fidgeting, headache, cravings) or emotional ones (crying, fear, sadness) just to name a few.  It’s important to avoid an energetic traffic jam by allowing that energy to flow back out.

Here are some things you can do to avoid an energy traffic jam:

I recommend that you create something tangible with that energy, so I prefer to draw or write.  That way, I have made a small snapshot, a memoir of my ascension progress.

Today, move the energy through yourself in a healthy manner.  This makes room for new ideas and knowledge to flood in from the Universe.

Earth Energy:






000 (Circular connection with the Universe)

777 (Everything is in divine order)



Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – Unclogging – November 30, 2017

You are being bombarded with really good energy right now.  It’s up to you to let it in.

Today we are continuing with the clearing of old crap that you no longer need.  Whether it be an old credit card or a friend that doesn’t honor you, find one thing that you can let go of today with love and joy.  This leaves room for newer, more aligned things, situations and people to come into your life.  Unclog yourself today so that you can let in some of that higher-frequency energy being offered to you.


Earth Energy: Red, Black, Hot Pink.  Remember that nothing is meant to last forever on Earth.  Clear out something that no longer serves you by sending it off with love and appreciation.  Numbers: 000 (Things are coming full circle), 988 (Clear out the old to allow in new opportunity.




This morning brings in bubbling waves of sacral release. Head pressure likely. Surround yourself in healing light as this moves through. Afternoon chance of stormy moods and scattered crying likely this evening.



STORMY!  Mysterious.  Pouty.  If I could suck my thumb in public I would do it.



Realignment, another day for progressing and getting things done, moving in the right direction. A day of opportunities.



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Feeling the Call

Are you feeling the call?

Our world is changing.

These changes will be most noticeable in the Western World, where we’ve been taught to focus on wealth, prestige and accomplishment, often at the expense of family, the environment, and our health.  Due to an agreement prior to our incarnation on earth, each of us is being called to awaken our spiritual side to bring better balance to the physical side that is running rampant right now.  We haven’t done anything wrong, mind you.  In fact, we’ve done it all right, which is why we, as humans, are coming to the end of this cycle of limitations that we’ve imposed on ourselves.

It doesn’t matter which religion you subscribe to, or if you subscribe to one at all.  Your feelings are occurring according to plan, which is why you ended up on this site.  Every human soul who chooses to stay on Earth will awaken; it is just a matter of time.  We’re all going to the same place, but we’re taking different roads to get there, and none of these roads are wrong.

Here’s just a few of the signs that you are.

  • You are beginning to feel that your life is untidy, and you have a desire to declutter your surroundings.
  • You have interest in learning about new ways of eating that are healthier than your current eating style.
  • Your music interests have changed to softer, more melodic tones.
  • You have rid yourself of overly dramatic and energy-draining friends.
  • You refuse to argue.
  • You have decided to make exercise a lasting part of your lifestyle.
  • You give away more money, time, or knowledge.

Feeling these things, and other desires to cleanse your life do NOT mean that you are bound to live in poverty in a monastery and meditate for the rest of your life. You do not need to leave your family behind, and you do not need to be an evangelist.  In fact, you need not tell a soul.  They will learn soon enough, by your example, of the more evolved person you have become.  Leading by example will trump a lecture every time.

What do you do now?

Rejoice!  Jump up and down!  Be happy that joy will be easier to find, things will be simpler, and your relationships will improve because you’ll take an active part in them.  Just keep living your life, and take this one piece of advice from me:

In any moment, do whatever gives you the most joy that you can do.


Period.  The Universe will take care of the rest.