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labradorite shatters the matrix illusion
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Labradorite: A Reminder of the Illusion

Want to remind yourself that you’re creating your entire reality? Carry a labradorite around with you.

Labradorite is a feldspar with commonly gray background, and silica inclusions that catch the light and display a “flash” or flame” to the viewer.

The stone is a great reminder that in every moment, no matter how gray it may look, there is always a beautiful opportunity waiting for you if you view it from a different perspective.

Labradorite is known for its ability to dispel illusions (like the 3D not-really-solid-at-all physical reality that we are currently placed within) and to ensure that any holes in your aura are filled with truth.  As we all expand on this journey of upliftment, our doubts and insecurities create holes (or susceptibilities) in our electromagnetic field that allow lower thought forms in to wreak further havoc.

Labradorite is useful for dredging up and healing old memories, including past life issues, reminding you that it’s no longer necessary to heal those karmic imbalances.

Helpful during times of transformation and change, Labradorite can also help prepare the body and soul for awakening.

Here’s how I use it:  When I’m going out into a crowd of people where there is sure to be some lower thought forms (places with lots of drinking, drugs or gambling, for example), I slip a Labradorite in my purse.  Being in crowds like this will assist you in such ways as:

  • Curbing your judgment of others’ behavior.
  • Filling up holes in your aura so that lower thought forms go elsewhere.
  • Remind you that you are a player in the game, and those around you are simply acting out parts along with you.
  • Balance you to function in both physical and spiritual realities with ease.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this stone, especially since the “flash” is so prismatically beautiful.  Consider a tower to place on your desk at work to remind you that even your annoying boss is a perfect aspect of Source just playing out a part in your game.

More information on Labradorite can be found here.

If you really want to dive into learning about crystals, consider the Crystal Bible:



Earth Energy:





688 (material needs met, sell something you’ve been intending to sell)

88 (balanced interpersonal relationship)



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cintamani stone
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Cintamani Stone: Fortifying the Light Grid

There is a grid of light that encompasses Earth’s surface.  You, Lightworker, are part of that grid.

Rather watch a video than read?  Here it is…

Lightworkers, or Lightwarriors as many are being called now for their progressive Light-bearing action to deliver healing energy to humanity, are spread around the globe.  We’re represented in tiny families living in mud huts in Indonesia, and as Upper West Side philanthropists, and as school teachers in Kansas.  The connection between us begins with our ethereal bodies, which extends in a dimension your physical body has, historically, not had access to see.

That’s what keeps us longing for each other.  That’s what makes connection with another Lightworker such an exhilarating experience, when we meet someone as weird as we are, we rejoice in being able to be our authentic selves without having to explain the basics of our shared beliefs.

This grid is becoming exponentially stronger as each member of it expands its consciousness to allow in communication from ourselves in other dimensions. It’s the fortification of this grid that is squeezing out the Darkness on Earth.

Along with a huge network of beings living both beneath the surface of the Earth and around it, humans are creating what’s been called Compression Breakthrough.

This concept is much like a panini, if you will.  Light as the bread on the top, light as the bread underneath, and as it’s pressed together, the Darkness has nowhere to go but out.

There are many theories as to whom is living beneath the surface, and my beliefs may not match yours.  Doesn’t really matter, as long as you consider one thing:  if you are partnering with them to encompass Earth with your energy, ensure that you sense collaboration with beings of Light.  You can call them anything you want, and attribute their galactic history to any of many groups that are assisting us with Earth’s upliftment.

One way you can connect with those who are squeezing the light from below is with a Cintamani stone.

Cintamani stone, also known as Saffordite, is the most fascinating stone I’ve ever encountered.

The Cintamani (Sanskrit for “wish-fulfilling jewel”) has a sacred connection with the Agarthans, light beings who live in subterranean caverns on Earth. The Agarthans are one of many civilizations assisting us with positively increasing the vibration of our planet, to liberate those humans living within the constraints of limited consciousness.

The stone Saffordite, which is found in Eastern Arizona, is a weathered Obsidian glass.  Volcanic in nature (vs moldavite and other tektites, which are formed by meteors pounding the earth and forming glass,) Saffordite contains crystalline magnetite, which, as you may deduce, makes it magnetic.  Thus, the stone is also an integral part of Earth’s magnetic grid.

There are stories that King Solomon understood the sacredness of the Cintamani, which is infused with Sirian energy.  He was purported to carry one with him on his journeys to keep him secure during travel, and there are some pieces of channeled art (well, actually ALL art is channeled) that denote such stones being used in sacred contact with evolved cave-dwellers.

They are really not very pretty stones, as stones go.  As a gemologist, I get to study a lot of rocks. Rather dull and commonly opaque, they display similar dimpling to moldavite, which many use as a conduit for extraterrestrial contact.

In current times, it appears that this stone is playing a supporting role as we near The Event, when Darkness succumbs and Earth turns its corner toward critical mass in awakening.  It’s fortifying the Light Grid, by transmitting the energy of the Lightworkers who interact with them.

Owning a Cintamani is a responsibility, though.  It’s not just another crystal to stack in your pile of pretty rocks.

The stones themselves are magnificent transmitters, so if you are feeling dark and gloomy, it’s best not to handle it until you feel better.  You are an integral part of the Grid.

When I first touched mine, it nearly burnt a hole in my palm.  I had to put it down, get myself centered and grounded, and try again. The energy is a strong, ancient, Earthy one, and although I believe life shouldn’t be taken so seriously, I have great respect for this stone and the information it provides to me. I treat it with the utmost of respect. In fact, for as long as I’ve been around stones, this one holds the most energy of any stone in my collection.

I keep mine on a piece of palo santo wood, which is commonly burnt like sage to cleanse an area.  I find myself desiring it to be nearby more and more often.

This is most likely due to my commitment to spread Light.  Being part of that grid is important to me, and it strengthens my resolve to serve as a Light bearer to all that I meet.  And the burning part?  Just an ego check, in my book.  Always a good perspective to revisit from time to time.

If you are interested in a Cintamani stone, there are plenty of places online to obtain one.  It’s always better if you can pick it out in person, however in this day and age we’ve gotten good at recognizing energy from photographs; so listen to your gut and you will know which stone is right for you.  If none speak to you, then it’s not time to own one.

And although grade of quality is normally important in choosing a stone, it’s not as important in choosing a Cintamani.  What’s more important is which one speaks to you.  The photo accompanying this article is my stone, which would be considered a B-grade.  It chose me, so maybe it’s a small reminder to accept those imperfections all humans have on their evolutionary path of remembrance.

So now what do you do with your Cintamani stone?  Here is how to activate and anchor yourself into the Light grid.

Peace to you, Lightworker.


Here is a great resource for Cintamani stone on Instagram:

The Saffordite Collection


Rather watch a video than read?  Here it is…



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why crystals work
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Why Crystals Work

Crystals are magical things.  Despite being sparkly, they are also stepping stones in the awakening process, providing a tool to aid you in focusing your intentions.

Lots of people are afraid to venture into using crystals in their daily awakening practice.  There are so many of the damn things, each with its own properties and vibrations and uses.  I am a gemologist, and yet I am still overwhelmed at times by all the choices.

Here’s my view on crystals: they do for you what you ask them to do.

This I can say with all certainty, spanning across all crystals used everywhere, for any purpose.

It’s simple:  Thought creates.

It doesn’t matter what you’re holding when you think something, what you say, or if you face East when you think it.  It’s merely the belief that these aids, such as crystals, are assisting you in sending out your intention.

If you say it is so, and you feel it is so, and you intend that it is so, then It Is So.

So do you need anything, really, to get what you want?  Nope.  But that’s a long stretch for someone just breaking out of the illusory gate.  Awakening, although certainly not linear, is a journey of small steps of increasing perspective.  Our human minds think in linear steps, and so it’s much easier to increase our vibration in increments as our perspective broadens.

So why do I use crystals if I know I don’t need them? Here’s why:

  • They’re beautiful and they bring me joy
  • They are a stunning example of the magnificence of Creation
  • They serve as a focal point for my magnified intention

If you would like to venture into crystals, I recommend start by researching the basics*, and then shopping for crystals in your own area.  It’s important that you get to touch them.  The right crystal will call out to you, and you’ll know which ones you’ll be taking home with you.


Earth Energy:





444 (All is well)

222 (Keep visualizing what you want – on the right track)


For dependable crystals, visit the Healing Crystals website.  Their metaphysical directory is, in my opinion, the best on the Internet.  Read up!


*If you like to hold good old books, try Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible


Note:  We may earn a small affiliate fee from your purchase at Amazon using the link above.  If so, we thank you.



author: Kimberly

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