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Your Children in the Awakening – Fixing Stuff We Broke

Those Crazy Kids…Inventing Cancer Tests at Age 15 and Filling Art Galleries at Age 5

Heads up, elders (and that’s anyone older than a Millennial, so probably YOU):

If you haven’t noticed it already, there’s a rash of child prodigies flinging themselves into our population.

Gone are the days where we wise ones were the authority, and could teach the young ones the path of wisdom.  Times have changed, and kids now are being born with the concepts that we—as mere humans—had to learn by sticking our hands on the hot stove and getting burnt.

Kids are incarnating with the wisdom from past lives already ingrained and ready to access when they need the skills or experiences that were gained from them.  No more horrific hypnotic regressions or empty tissue boxes.

These old souls are already trained and are ready to build back up the world that previous generations screwed up.

Our job as parents is to basically just keep them alive.  As awake parents, we may do a little course correction here and there. All in all, it’s been made very clear that these kids are superhuman, and that they know what needs to be done to foster integration, and rebuild systems that support the whole rather than the few.

Check out these kids as just two examples of how kids are reshaping our world:

Jack Andraka,  at age 15, develops new test for early detection of pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer that is 90% reliable.

Akiane, now an adult, began creating and selling her art from age 5.


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