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Accessing the 8th chakra
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Video: Accessing The 8th Chakra

We all know about the 7 chakras! They are widely discussed and can actually be seen. But there is an 8th chakra hiding within us a well. Is it a secret chakra that only a few know about? No, we all have it and can access it. It is just the one that represents the non-physical you that you as a human being are made to feel separated from.

Want to learn something shocking (not really)?? It really never was separated!!

Now, how to get to that 8th one? As you’ve learned to balance the initial 7 chakras, it’s time to release that separation and get connected to the chakra that knows the Higher Plan. As you realize the connection with your Higher Self, you see it communicating with others on a different level. And you can learn to do it consciously and meet your guides!

As you notice yourself spacing out, you are probably connecting to the 8th chakra. You switch your focus above the physical! Another physical sign of reaching for this chakra is when you become “invisible” to people because you are at a higher frequency.

As you reconnect to the 8th chakra, expect more voices and interactions! In time, you’ll learn to navigate through both levels!

With Love, Kimberly.

Learn the Basics on the 7 physical chakras.
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Moving Kundalini Energy is like taking a shower on the inside. Feel the shift from 3D to 5D earth and have a great Kundalini experience!
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Take a Kundalini Shower on the Inside

The natural state of energy is that of motion.

Being as physical as we are, things seem so dense and static. But I know that you know that everything changes, even when it looks the same on the outside.

As human bodies experience the shift from 3D to 5D, we move from a carbon-based to a crystalline structure. Talk about alchemy!

You might notice that you hurt in the general area of a chakra today. For many it’s the bottom two chakras; those of survival and love, which are some of the most popular karmic themes humanity has been tackling in the past 300,000 years. You may feel tight, or “achy” in that area.

It’s important to move that Kundalini energy around in your body when you feel “stuck” in one place. There is no need to delve back into your past to find out why, unless you like that sort of thing.  You can simply notice a block or bottleneck in a certain area of your body, feel for the message it’s sending you, thank yourself, and then send out the intention to clear the path for energy to flow again.

It’s like taking a shower on the inside!

These signs of Kundalini awakening are great news. You are paying attention to the messages from within, and you are consciously attending to the message by taking action in whatever way is best for you.

Earth Energy:

  • Yellow
  • Light Green
  • 888 (Abundance)
  • 1010 (Get out of your comfort zone)
Video explaining how to clear 3 main chakras responsible for human body vibration and release your energy blocked inside them.
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Why is My Body Vibrating Without a Vibrator?

Kimberly from AreYouAwakening answers another question about the awakening process: “Why is my body vibrating?” 

She’ll talk about 3 main chakras that are responsible for human body vibration:

  • the Root Chakra,
  • the Sacral Chakra,
  • and the Crown Chakra.

After watching this video, you’ll learn how to meditate and clear out the energy blocked in your chakras.

Watch more awakening videos helping to identify your key awakening symptoms, learn how to deal with them, and make your awakening process a little more fun and exciting.

Still have questions?  
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Energy Report – Seeing Red Today? It’s Your Root – November 24, 2017

If you are seeing red today, you are probably in line somewhere for Black Friday.  Lines do that to me, too.

Or, it could be your root chakra doing flips with all the energy seething around inside you waiting to be sent back out there.

If you are reading this, lightworker, you are transmuting a bunch of yucky stuff for the collective right now.  Their fears about survival, safety, the loss of comfort and the unknown.  Physical, basic needs stuff.

The collective won’t thank you just yet, so remember that you chose this prior to incarnation.  You knew that you were strong enough to take on not only your personal crap, but also the group crap.  Here’s to being a galactic overachiever!

Today you may see the color red, or feel your root chakra vibrating like, well, a vibrator–at the base of your tailbone. You could feel fears about the future.  Note them, take charge of them and shoot them back out.  I like to shoot them through my crown so that those at higher dimensions can reassign the energy, but you could also send them out through the root if you choose.  Just get that crap out, and fill yourself back up with white light.

Earth Energy:  Red, Maroon, Black.  Survival issues are a priority for most people right now.  Be the example and express your vision of a positive future Earth.  Armageddon isn’t on your menu. Numbers: 911 (Transmuting the Fight or Flight response), 999 (End of an era)





Bit slow and sick. Processing more crap (does it ever end lol).



Closed for spiritual maintenance to work with inner child.



Sensing a lot of root chakra survival junk coming up but it’s not mine.  So, lower thought forms, I call your bet and raise it for the transformation of the collective.  Bring it on (she says with white knuckles.)



Content, creative, aware 🙂

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3rd Eye Headaches and Other Awakening Phenomena

When I first starting my journey to awakening I was plagued by crying fits, physical pain and fear that would quickly meld into complete joy and elation and back again.

Sometimes in a matter of minutes.  

I felt like I was losing my mind. I had no idea what was happening. I started sharing these symptoms with a group of “spiritual” people I had recently started hanging with.  A few nodded their heads with a complete knowing, others laughed and made comments like “ohhh just you wait.”

It wasn’t until a few months in that I really started recognizing these physical symptoms weren’t the normal flu or cold or aches and pains we get as humans. I would wake up in the morning convinced I had strep throat. Then after a nice crying session or saying “FUCK” a few times really loud I felt the pain release.

What the heck was going on? What there really a “block in my chakra” like someone had told me? And what the heck was a chakra and why was it in my throat? I turned to my old friend Google and spent a day immersed in research.

I discovered a whole new world of things I could not “see” yet I felt and could relate to. Terms like “awakening,” “empath” and “ascension symptoms” turned up over and over.  My mind was racing as I experienced a multitude of “lightbulb” moments all at once.

Foot pain? A block in stepping forward into my true self. Yep!

Heart palpitation? The release of stored grief and sadness to make way for higher vibrating energies. Yes!

Mad cravings for carbs? Trying to ground myself.  Yes, yes and million times yes!

It all clicked in. This was really happening.  My body was releasing stored memories and pain so that I could lighten the load of my physical and emotional body and make way for these new healing energies coming in. After all if my purpose on this planet is to be a lightworker I need to be in the light right?

Fast forward a few years. The cycle of release and ascension symptoms still takes place as I release deeper and deeper layers. Each one a gateway to greater spiritual connection.  I’ve found a balance and inner peace with myself and now feel comfortable saying things like, “I have a 3rd eye headache” or “I’m staying home today to process and integrate new energies.” Embrace these changes within yourself. You and your angels will thank you.

By Kelly Greene ( Awake since October 2012)

See this page to see more Awakening Symptoms.



Please see a doctor if symptoms persist.  There’s plenty of room for both allopathic and naturopathic medicine.  If you would like to read more about how we take part in the creation of our symptoms, see Louise Hay’s book.  It’s considered one of the most respected books on self-healing.