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As you awaken, expect the questions to arise...and your quest for answers to be insatiable.

There are many teachers out there, each offering information in their own style and language. You may find yourself connecting better with some more than others, and that’s perfectly fine. In a world of abundance, there is room for everyone.

We find that people make a natural progression through the identification of other aspects of themselves. You may identify with angels and guides. Others identify with extra-dimensional beings who may be in the form of Extraterrestrials (or if you must, “aliens”), fairies, elementals and unicorns. All that really matters is that you connect with the energy no matter the form it takes, and that you glean something helpful from it. Trust your gut. It will tell you which material aligns with your higher self’s intention for self-discovery and growth.

We've divided up the following into three categories, based on how comfortable you are with your stage of awakening.

There is no judgment here; yet the language is different in the three stages, and new ideas and concepts presented are built on earlier stages. You can glean information from any stage; the categories below are based on our spiritual journey and list the resources that assisted in our growth for each stage.

"I'm New To This."

Are you just starting to ask questions about the meaning of life? Want simple answers that plant seeds for further development? Start here.


One of the most valuable places to start is with Abraham-Hicks channels. Abraham’s a collective of energies that’s been guiding humanity seeking answers for 30 years. Their messages are upbeat using simple language, and focus on manifestation, abundance, and relationships.

In Kimberly’s opinion, the first book anyone just starting to awaken could benefit from is Ask and It is Given. This book not only teaches you the basics of recognizing your non-physical facet, but also provides you with the information on how to read your own frequency based on an emotional guidance scale.

I recommend this in book form because you will want to refer to it often. I still do!

Buy Ask and It is Given, by Abraham-Hicks, on Amazon


Conversations with God

Neale Donald Walsch has written countless books after he angrily asked God to answer his questions as to why life wasn’t going his way. The first three books, entitled Conversations with God, Books 1, 2 and 3, are considered some of the most informative awakening catalysts in print today.

Don’t let the “God” part scare you away. These books are not based in any organized religion. I recommend the audio books, as Ed Asner and Ellen Burstyn make great narrators. God is represented by both male and female voices, just to make it fun. It’s impossible not to expand while listening to these volumes.

Buy Conversations with God on Audio

Disclosure: I did write a book for Neale that accompanies his best-selling book Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends. In my opinion, Neale’s book explains the death process better than any other material I’ve read.


Michael Bernard Beckwith

This, in our opinion, is the most charismatic man alive on Earth at this time. Guidance is provided with “gentle thrusts,” in that you are always moved forward, yet from a state of peace. Things are easier this way.

"I've Been Around a Little While."

If you’ve been doing a lot of research, and you are ready to accept that your thoughts create your reality, then check out these resources that could help you answer more esoteric questions, such as the existence of life on other planets, Galactic history, and extra-dimensional concepts.


Channeled by Darryl Anka, Bashar is an extraterrestrial hybrid whose physical form exists 300 years from now. His calling is that of a “Contact Specialist,” whose joy is interacting with life forms throughout our Universe. He’s been guiding humanity in its ascension for over 30 years. Check out his Saturday live streams for a real treat.  Bashar’s language is coded to stretch your awareness on multiple levels, so you will be unraveling truths for days after a transmission.


Lyssa Royal Holt

Have you ever wondered what’s going on in our galaxy? Then Lyssa Royal Holt’s material will rock your world. Channeling Sasha, a Pleiadian female version of herself, and Germane, a collective of high-dimensional consciousness, Lyssa is one of the original pioneers of channeling. She’s clear, warm, and informative. Attend her annual contact retreat in Arizona if you can. It will change your life forever. Lyssa’s book, The Prism of Lyra, is considered a textbook on Galactic History.

Buy The Prism of Lyra, by Lyssa Royal Holt, on Amazon


Daniel Scranton

Daniel is a truly talented channel, who brings forth many entities, with the Arcturians (also called Arcturans) being the most popular lately. He sends out a daily channel that can help shape your day, can explain about the energy on Earth and other areas of the galaxy, and to combat the loneliness that Lightworkers can feel on this journey.


Barbara Marciniak

She’s surrounded by mystery, yet Barbara Marciniak is one of the clearest original channelers of a group of Pleiadians tasked with healing their own torrid past with respect to humanity. From a historical perspective, this information goes a long way in answering questions about why Earth got the way it did, and our role in transforming it from a place of heavy polarity to a frequency of light. Newer information may or may not resonate with you, depending on your current outlook.

An abridged version of her first book is available on Audible:

Buy Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians, by Barbara Marciniak, on Audible

Dolores Cannon

Another pioneer in the awakening field is Dolores Cannon.  She started as a hypnotherapist, but soon uncovered her ability to access her clients in a superconscious state.  That’s where we can tap into the soul, its purpose, and our plans on higher levels. Although I, Kimberly, often butt heads with Dolores due to some faulty premises she advocates, there is no doubt that the information she has recorded is a gift to humanity.

Buy Between Life and Death; Conversations with a Spirit, by Dolores Cannon, on Amazon

"I'm Ready for Really Esoteric Concepts."

These resources are available for those who have addressed their belief systems regarding power and survival issues; and are ready to delve deeper in contemplation of one’s role as a co-creator of our collective reality. Such concepts as Extraterrestrials, Parallel Realities, Quantum Physics, Dimensional Evolution, Draconian Polarity, and Shamanism are covered in this category.


Really, Kryon is the clearest path to trusting that you are not crazy. A consciousness associated with Magnetic Service, Kryon has been advising for nearly 30 years. He has overseen the updates of Earth’s magnetic grid, and explains why that stimulates human evolution. Discussions on physics, quantum theory and our job as Lightworkers.


The Law of One

The Law of One material is channeled material from the entity Ra, who we humans have named the Sun God.

These five volumes were channeled from 1974 – 2011, and contain a vast amount of galactic history not only about our Earth’s beginnings, but also of the Universe and the civilizations that live within it. Note that this material is read-only; there are no easily-digested audio options, so expect to download the material in pdf version and take your time to read it in parts.


Lujan Matus

Pure energetic transmissions from shaman who encompasses Toltec teaching. Lujan is the sole guardian of the Spiral Energetics — also called Lo Ban Pai — system of spiritual development. It consists of a combination of dynamic and meditative movements that promote energy cultivation.
Lujan’s material is extremely esoteric, so turning off the analytic mind is a requirement. His book Whisperings of the Dragon will help you hone your skills to quiet mind chatter using the Eight Gates. Audiobooks are recommended.

Buy The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, by Lujan Matus, on Amazon

Since reading his books, I have successfully been able to:

  • Quiet the chatter to zero between conscious thoughts.
  • Send healing energy down to the bone marrow level.
  • Consciously live another of my lives, along with this one, for 5 minutes and counting. For you science people, that’s being in two places at once.


Paul Selig

The most influential material in Kimberly’s life so far. If you are called to a life of service, then you are following a path-within-a-path in this lifetime. It is a beautiful calling. The language in this book is specialized, so we recommend you listen to a sample first on Audible. If it sounds like gibberish, you may want to revisit this material at another time.

Buy The Book of Mastery, by Paul Selig, on Amazon

The Seth Books by Jane Roberts

Seth has been called the Father of the New Age.

Seth’s timeless teachings began in the 1960’s through Jane Roberts and opened the floodgates for others channeling Universal wisdom. If you want to learn about the physics of consciousness, how you create your reality, and basically everything that goes on behind the scenes of physicality, then Seth’s clear language will explain it better than any other being I know. He provides a massive amount of information that will require you to read (or listen) multiple times. Each time will be different. Try listening while you’re sleeping for extra credit; you will wake up a different person. Check out the books available on for a real audio treat. You’re welcome.

Buy Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts, on audio at Amazon

The Bibliotecha Pleyades

This is a whirlwind of everything metaphysical, esoteric, channeled, supported and non-supported related to any subject that has been hushed up about Earth, the galaxy and the Universe.

Read it with discernment, and anything that makes you feel awful (that pit in your stomach feeling), is not resonating with you. The search feature is questionable, but you can find full copies of most esoteric publications in here.

Nearly every channeled message from the Pleiadians is here, as well as conspiracy theory info that could make your head explode if you take it too seriously.

One to check out: The Handbook of the New Paradigm by George Green

Healing Crystals

The best site for learning about the various qualities and applications for crystals is Healing Crystals.

The website is massive, but the prices are fair and if you must purchase online, then they are reputable. Check out the Guides and Resources area where there is plenty of detailed information. Their Facebook group has cool sales, too. Plus you’ll be hanging out with over a million crystal-lovers.

Learning about Spirit Animals

Animals have been a part of divination since divination began. Although there are a lot of not-so-dependable sites on the web touting to know all about what the presence of an animal in our lives could mean, the most reputable is Not only do they detail how the indigenous groups view specific animals, they also discuss historical and mythological aspects of each animal.

Are You Awakening?

The Are You Awakening team (that’s us!) is dedicated to answering questions for those who have just realized they’ve awakened. You’re on the website now. Visit our YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter pages too.


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