Your Unhealthy Beliefs about Health

Raise your vibration when doubt rolls in

unhealthy beliefs about health

As children, we’re fully dependent on others for a long period of time.  Others who weren’t all together themselves—with insecurities, fears and opinions that are passed on to you before you had a chance to question their validity.

We grow up with these programs running in the background, and we formulate our lives seeing through a particular filter.  As you wake up, you will question your beliefs, and you’ll consciously consider if they serve you.  Let’s take a common belief and follow the path of addressing it head on.

Belief: I haven’t been living a healthy life. I’m overweight, and every time I try to be healthy always fails. It will take me a long time to get healthy again.

So you get into your place of meditation (or hibernation, for people like me), and you visualize what a healthy you would look like.  How would you feel? How would your life be different?

You get excited at the prospect of a better you, and you focus on that better-you feeling.

And then what happens? Do you stay there on that path of being the healthy person?

Or does the doubt roll in about your ability to change your belief?

For most of us, the doubt, our old frenemy, creeps back in to the show through the side door.  It’s familiar.  You know it.  There’s comfort there, in a way.

“You don’t have to change if you don’t want to. Look at HER; you’re way healthier than she is.” it says.

“Remember last time you tried, and here you are again in the same place?  Why not just stay where you are and avoid all that wasted effort?”

or here’s a good one for the spiritual seeker:

“Maybe it wasn’t in your karma to be healthy in this lifetime.”

As soon as these questions arise, NOW is the time to raise your vibration.


Do whatever you do to raise it.  Listen to your favorite song.  Go onto Pinterest and look at the baby animal feed. Go for a run.  Shift your mind—because I can guarantee it’s leading the show anyway—over to things that consistently make you happy.  They don’t have to be related to health at all. Pull out all the stops and keep going until you feel better.

And don’t lay off of the happiness overload until your mind and your heart BOTH agree that you feel better.

Now your heart can take over from here.


Put up a Star-Trek style force field in between now and your past.  Yes, your entire past. Your force field is like a big wall, which lets things OUT, but not in.  Your force field is invisible; you can see what’s on the other side of the wall. You know it’s there running in the background to keep you feeling safe, because in your current reality, safety is important.

No need to look back there. You can observe it from where you are, if you really wanted to.


Remember this. My writing it here for you, and your reading it, will solidify it in your mind.  Your heart already knows the following is true:

You are energy, and you are creating your entire reality.  All of it.

Even though this reality feels solid, you know that it’s simply an illusion you created so you could experience growth with your physical senses.  You know that this physical reality is completely malleable, by you, at any time.

Any beliefs that you had about your health were only there to get you to right here and right now, to your place of remembrance about your true nature as a powerful creator.

You choose a different belief now; one that recognizes your power to create any reality you desire, including the perfect functioning of your physical vessel.

You recall your ability to change anything in your reality simply with the intention to change it, and that your physical form will follow suit.

Now forget about all of this, and go have fun.  Seriously.  Next time that doubt tries to inch in through the side door, the remembrance of Who You Really Are will have your back. And your physical reality will start reflecting your new beliefs.



author: Kimberly

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