Your Role In A Well-Ordered Beneficial World

As a unit of consciousness, you can view the world from anyone’s perspective.

origami dog in front of house

This is a time when, if you can make choices with “beneficial intentions” as your motivator, they will easily manifest into your physical environment as “beneficial outcomes.”

So how do you know what is beneficial for someone else?

In this Free Will Zone, all consciousness has the right and the ability to make choices for itself.

If you regard anyone, or anything, from this perspective, then your behavior will always allow them to exercise their free will.

Not only are you honoring all beings no matter how they choose to express to you, but you are also making choices with the knowing that you will benefit as well. You have made a conscious decision to allow another their freedom of experience.

Since everything that you see around you is a reflection of your thoughts, you can tell by the world that you encounter whether you are making choices from a place that benefits all, or some, or just yourself.  Since the Law of Attraction will bring to you people, places and things of like frequency, there is no escaping ramifications; although they need not be harsh to get the point across.

So let’s discuss what making “choices that benefit all” might look like in your external world.

Suppose you are taking a walk, and you come across a loose dog in the neighborhood.  He is large, and has a collar and identification tags.  You watch as he barks and chases off a well-meaning bystander who was hoping to return him to his owner.

You are faced with a challenge here.

  • Do you walk past the dog and continue on your way?
  • Do you call for help from a city agency that controls animals?
  • Do you attempt to read the dog’s identification tags for more information?

Whichever decision you make, you will do so according to your current world view. If your perspective contains great possibility of negative outcomes, you may choose personal survival concerns over other options.

If your world view contains little to no threat, you might choose stillness.  You would view the dog, and the situation as a whole, as a learning experience, brought to you by you; and no matter what your choice, you will attend to the event in a peaceful manner.

There are, of course, a myriad of outcomes in either direction for such a scenario.
Your challenge is to put yourself into the perspective of everyone involved:

  • The dog
  • The dog’s owner
  • The neighbors
  • Yourself

Since each may view their world in a completely different manner—in this case, what is threatening to them, and what they can do about it—your task is to honor each perspective as valid and perfect for that being, in that moment.

We wonder what you would do in such a situation.  Can you put yourself into the eyes of each of the participants, and determine how your decision would impact them?

This is Earthly Guide Training!

It is one of the most beautiful roles in a well-ordered beneficial World, and you put yourself here to contribute to this knowing.  It is a magnificently powerful, and rewarding place to be.

In fact, we have incorporated this concept into our own Earthly “motto”…for the vessel tells us that “intention statements” are powerful motivators there in your World:

“Leave a small footprint, and a large ripple, wherever you go.”

Thoughts, words and deeds orchestrated from a place of Love, for the benefit of all involved.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,



Origami art by Pixel Squid360
Background mix by Kimberly Darwin