Your NON-Love Powers are Amplified Too

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It’s exciting to know that you can consciously create anything in your reality.

Once you discover the massive power of your thoughts, it’s great fun to create things with your mind.  Visualize it, and BAM!  There it is in your 3D world.

Exciting stuff, creating from nothing.  And that lag time between intention and manifestation is shrinking exponentially as we ascend.

It’s all fun and games when you’re getting what you want, right?  Well, you always get what you want.

But you may be sending out intentions for things you don’t want, and you’re going to get those too, and fast.

It’s awesome when you’re sending out love, but do you always send out love to everyone you meet? I sure as hell don’t.

Your power is immeasurable in your natural state.  Your energy affects everyone about whom you think, focus on, or with whom you interact.

How about that annoying co-worker?  The homeless person that sits on your clean car?  The ninth person that cuts you off in traffic on the way to work?

Are you sending them love too? Or are you sending out other things, which I’ll call NON-love?

Remember that that newly-rediscovered power of ours is amplified when we’re sending out bad thoughts too.

Things like this can hit the recipient of your NON-love in a very real way.  Your power is immense, and it affects others in a big way.  Don’t underestimate that power.

Now we’re all human, and no one should be expecting you to immediately turn into a Saint just because you’re waking up.  But you do have an increased responsibility to be aware of how you’re using your newly-recovered power.

Knowing that the Law of Attraction is gonna send that shit back to you, try giving yourself an extra buffer of time before you respond to anyone, or anything, in an unkind manner.  Sending out love, instead of the finger, will benefit everyone involved.


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