Your Earthly Self-Study Project

You didn't incarnate to get a perfect score.


Many of you know that you are taking part in a grand evolutionary mass-awakening experiment.

As extensions of Source energy having a human experience, there is no set past or future; you each get to decide what happens in your individual—and collective—worlds.  This is a self-study activity.

We see many struggling at this time with determining WHICH part they are playing on Earth.

This is a puzzling inquiry!

Who assigned these roles?
Who watches over your progress?
And who decides whether or not you are playing your role as prescribed?

We would like to introduce an analogy that may help you work out these inquiries from the inside out, which is, of course, the way that souls expand in a physical world.

Our analogy suggests that your Earthly incarnation follows a self-study course of learning.

As always, let’s visualize this idea to give it some experiential substance.

Picture yourself in the grandest study room that you can imagine.

We see that the vehicle Kimberly has put herself in a lush and yet mysterious library, with long tables, individual lighting, and leather-bound books on shelves.  There is a free coffee shop and a snack bar nearby!  Seated at these tables are students, each with their respective study materials. There are sofas among the rows of books, in case one needs to stretch their legs.

Now once you’ve imagined your particular study room, we’d like you to sit down in front of your study materials.

And then, go to sleep.

Although this sounds counter-intuitive to learning, it’s actually what you are doing at this very moment.

For when you reach the altered state of forgetfulness, you awaken in your Earthly vehicle to begin your studies.

Now while you are in this state—also called incarnation—you have many guides and teachers that wander the room in case you have a question. These entities are the voices in your head sometimes, and act as guides in the physical; and sometimes they are the initiators of those chance synchronicities that give you such joy.  They want you to fulfill your educational goals.

So what are these goals?

They are as varied as individual souls are, although many of you are exploring common themes on Earth at this time.  Chances are, you and some of your physical friends are in the same “class,” you might say.


Before you went to sleep, you decided what you’d study.

You chose your family.  You chose what kind of people you’d meet, which growth opportunities you’d explore. What your body would look like. Your passions and your idiosyncrasies.

In fact, you yourself wrote the entire lesson plan.

And here is an idea that you may or may not remember about your self-study program:

You also wrote all of the tests!

Now why does it benefit you to remember this idea?

Because when you solidify this concept, then you will view the theme of polarity very differently.  You will notice your testing patterns, recognize the gentle repurposing of events, props and situations so that you can fully explore a subject from various angles.  Gone will be the concepts of victims and oppressors, and gone will be all limitations, when you see your course of study for what it is:

A chance to expand in unknown ways, while recalling known truths about yourself as an eternal being of unconditional love.

With this remembrance, you can view each challenge that comes to you as a planned one, with supporting roles played by loving friends who want to see you succeed.  They are your soul mates, your twin flames.  Some are asleep next to you in your study room, having their own experiences; they will jump into your illusion when it serves to do so.

Mostly, you do fine on your own; but when you get stuck, there is always help!
This why you are always told that “you are never alone.”

Now because self-study courses are on the honor system, they involve some sovereignty.

We know that at least once in your current Earthly incarnation, you were told to correct your own test in school.  Perhaps you considered the teacher as over-trusting, or even naive.  Maybe you thought grading your exam in this way was less oppressive, without that extra judgment.

Were you honest?
Whether yes or no, either way you learn.

You will remember that there are no teachers grading your performance; all of your examinations are self-evaluated.

During your self-study course, you have all of the answers in the back of “the book.”

That means that at anytime, you can skip right to the solution to any problem by accessing the eternal part of yourself.  It knows about your course of study; and yet it also knows that you really don’t want to go straight to the answers.

If you did, then what would you be learning?

Although your self-study course includes very physical experiences that sometimes elicit discomfort, the remembrance that it is all your plan might help you relax a bit into the learning process.  Perhaps you won’t be so hard on yourself.  And most likely, you will take more responsibility for your words, thoughts and deeds.

After all, who wants to learn the same lesson over and over?  You’ll find out that it is not required!

We hope that you have a lot more fun, while you’re learning with your sleeping friends…until that time when you are awake and are studying at the same time!   This is where you are headed as your consciousness expands.

This awake/learning state is when you can really enjoy the illusory nature of physical existence. It allows for more magic, activates more superhuman abilities, and earns you extra credit on the “conscious creation” learning path!


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,