Your Answers Are In the Present, Not in the Past

Our life on Earth has included multiple repeats of an undesired past. When a choice needs to be made, it is common to look back at previous history and base our decisions on how it all played out last time.

Do you want things to play out that way, or would you rather have something new happen this time around? It has been human nature to look back at our past (ummmm, you’re focusing on it again!) to look for answers to a problem…and use that past experience to determine our current course of action.

This does not serve you.  The reason history keeps repeating itself is that we keep making the same choices. You will be presented with similar situations repeatedly until you choose the path that follows your soul’s theme.  How can I tell you what your soul’s theme is?  Well, all souls share one common underlying goal:  To learn to love ourselves, and everything else around us, as equal Source Energy beings.

You may find resistance to the suggestion that answers do not lie in the past.

“So past experiences mean nothing?  We learned lessons from them—like what not to do next time!”

Here’s the flaw in that premise:

Situations are never the same.  Even if they appear the same on the surface, YOU, and every other person you’re interacting with in that situation, are a different person than you were the last time around.

Earth’s new energy urges us to live more in the present and not revert to the past for answers.

Every answer for which you need to make a decision is available to you in the present.  These come to you in the form of synchronicities, gut feelings, and gentle nudges from your Higher Self in a particular direction.  Watch!  Listen!  Hold back on the judgment, and the irrational reactions, and observe this time around.  Try other solutions on for size. One of the biggest lessons humanity has to grasp is that you have all the time you need to figure it out.

So next time you’re faced with a decision, know that referring to the past no longer serves you unless you want to repeat it again.  Treat every new occurrence as just that:  NEW.

Use prompts from RIGHT NOW to guide you, and know that things that didn’t work in the past have the potential of happening this time around.

How exciting!



author: Kimberly

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