Your Abundant Connected Selves

"I am far more than this human self."

spanish fan

How do you feel when I tell you that you are always “provided for”?

Is it a stretch of the imagination based on what you’ve experienced so far regarding abundance in this current incarnation? It might be for many of you who have been taught that you’re all sharing the same resources, and thus you must fight to survive. This is another false premise humans chose to experience: a particular set of conditions.  You believe that keeping your physical body alive is the most important task.  After all, if it dies, then your personality may die with it, and who wants to be snuffed out?

Well, you can never be snuffed out.  You will never “not exist.”

So how can I tell you with such resolution that you are always provided for?

Take a look at the picture of the fan we’ve included here.  You’ll see that the fan is a series of veins that veer out from a single vortex, connected together.

As an analogy, consider each one of these veins as a life your soul is currently living.  While still connected to the center point, each one verges outward in its own direction. You can fold each vein on top of the other when you are finished using the fan.  All of the components are still there, just rearranged.

Your life, one of those veins, is connected to all of your other lives in the center. And you are also connected by the material that binds the veins together to make the whole fan.

In those other lives, there are probable You’s that are living in abundance.

They have transcended their human survival fears, and are experiencing affluence in whichever form they prefer.

You are connected to these other You’s, and you can access their abilities, skills, and belief systems, anytime you like.


Cool down.

Just as a fan is used to move air to the face (oh and for some spectacular dance moves, I must add), your human self would benefit from a cooling down period.

This means ridding yourself of pent-up emotions that heat you up in the background.  When you’re not consciously aware of the thoughts running through your head, then these unfelt emotions remain buried, generating “energetic steam,” you could say.

Cooling down entails spending more time not doing things in the physical.

We’re sure that somewhere you’ve heard the idea that if you’re hot, to stop moving and sit down in the shade. We’re dealing with this same concept on the symbolic level too.

Chill out.  Stare at the wall.  Let your mind run rampant, and watch it.  Soon, it will get bored, since you’re not reacting to its tactics in the physical.  Peace will settle in, and with that peace, starts your cooling down period.

This is when you can access those other lives, consciously.  This is you, being multi-dimensional.

Find that probable You that has no doubt and no fear about survival.  Kindly invite it to come to you, and chill out.  Plan an energetic party where you can all hang out and share ideas about abundance. We promise you that each and every one of you has a life like that. It’s your natural state, after all, so you may as well go back there if it sounds like more fun.

And a more satisfying way to heat up again when you’re ready?

Practice your dance moves!

My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,