You Are All Multidimensional Pilots

You progress at your own pace, and that is pace is perfect.

boy with toy airplane

You have reached the place in your upliftment where your limitations are falling away in rapid succession.

Some days may seem like a busy airport, with symbolic messages bombarding you all at once in many areas of your life, vying for processing through the filters of your beliefs.  The synchronicities may be incomparable to past times; with resources and opportunities coming out of nowhere, again and again.   Life gets easier when you remember that you are a multidimensional being, creating it all.

It is great fun to see you light up upon the realization that one of your dreams is on its way.  As exciting as it is, we recommend that you remain in a state of self-examination.   You recall that your focused attention to what’s going on in your conscious mind that determines what you see in your landscape anyway.  

Conscious creation from the inside out is your goal!

This is not to say that you are doing this alone.  In fact, it’s likely that you would never have chosen to incarnate in a human vehicle if you had wanted to do this alone.  Yet your immersion into the frequency of separation gives you the impression that  you are “in here,” and the world is “out there.”  You can regard this self-imposed limitation anywhere along the spectrum of polarity that you desire.

Part of the integration process is the remembrance that you have created this environment, with others as mirrors of your inner beliefs, thoughts and behavior.  You intuitively know that all of this is for your expansion.  But we would love to see you having more fun during your expansion!  Enjoying yourself is not only possible, it is just as possible as not having fun during your expansion.  

So which do you choose?

Either way, you will be expanding with your friends. 


The friends that you interact with will reflect your general world view.  

They will show you what you believe about them, whether that be beneficial or detrimental, in your terms.  And if you change your beliefs about your friends, expect to see new versions of them appear right alongside with the new You!  This is why you always hear that “you won’t be leaving anyone behind” during your upliftment process.

Once you recognize that all of those people “out there” are really your friends, you can relax into this journey of actually living your life.  This loosening of limitations allows you breathing room to consciously practice your creational abilities.   

Then, those same friends that you previously viewed from a largely physical level of understanding, become much more than that. 

They become cohorts; fellow internal tourists that join your illusion to help you fulfill your dreams. 

As the feeling of separation between you and others diminishes, you will come to the remembrance that you really are safe.  You really are having a good round of responsible fun while you learn your lessons, you know.  You really can relax into it.  You really can dream bigger than you thought possible.

This spanning of two densities can be somewhat confusing, while you rewire your brain to accept others as compatriots rather than as threats.  

So let’s use another analogy, to explore your co-creational experience while here on Earth.

Consider accessing one of those games that acts as a flight simulator; a process which requires steady hands, quick thinking, as well as encompasses the desire for preservation of life.

As the pilot, you take on great responsibility!  Not only might you be conveying human cargo, but you are also in charge of a very valuable piece of equipment!  It is a long way to the ground, with a lot of controls to be aware of!

Now with “real” airplanes on your Earthly grid, the risks are of course much greater than in a simulation.   For not only do pilots intentionally increase the odds of ending their own physical lives in a messy fashion, but they are also willing to increase the odds of ending the physical lives of others who trust them.

Pilots represent a group of highly-loving beings that are exploring life at the cutting edge.  They are always heading into the unknown, willing to face unexpected challenges, and keen to keep everyone alive while doing what they love.

We would like you to know that even if you do not fly a plane of your own, you are still a pilot!

You, too, can use the simulator to take daring leaps into the unknown.  You do the best that you can, and if you crash, you really don’t die.  You can restart the game, and you can try something different, something else that’s daring.

We would like you to know that your human existence works exactly the same way.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,