Will You All Look Like Superheroes?

You think your body into form.

superhero on purple background

In preparing to move to the next plane over, we would like to discuss your physical bodies, for they are a part of your chosen journey in this Now.

There are many of you—including the vessel Kimberly—that would be perfectly fine leaving the body behind and continuing on without it during the upliftment process.  Bodies seem vulnerable, hardly superhero material.

Yet You, and thus the Universe, are excellent creators.  You don’t make mistakes!

You didn’t “end up” with a body, due to your low status in the ascension category.  It isn’t any form of punishment for wrong deeds performed in other lives.  Your body is a fine-tuned set of magnificent receptors and transmitters; ready to perform a myriad of actions and to deliver messages from origination points far outside of its perceived boundaries.

You, human, are a skilled craftsman when it comes to bodies.  It is your most valuable instrument in the physical plane.

Your body is a loyal tool; for it is also consciousness, a part of you made into form.  Some may call it a quite fragile tool; yet that assumption will naturally disappear upon full remembrance of your eternal nature.

Your corporeal vehicle is a culmination of all of your beliefs about Yourself.

All of your dreams.  All of your choices.  All of your propensities.  It is the physical representation of your ideas.

You think your body into existence, based on your opinion about yourself.

Now during your upliftment process, you and your body may have some reckonings. You may change your diet, you may add pleasing exercise.  You may make other habitual choices that show the body that you are considering its well-being in your decisions, rather than as an afterthought.

As a result, your body changes in accordance with the appreciation you give it.

Now humans have created for themselves a very spiny trap there on Earth when it comes to bodies. We know that you are familiar with historical stereotypes, and how they helped shape the collective’s ideals towards “exclusion” in past times. Humanity is moving away from those worn-out standards. This positive change is a result of individuals—like you—who make a conscious choice to love their bodies just as they are.


On the next plane over, your body will be supercharged.

Does this sound exciting?

Not only can you unlock latent abilities and use them freely, but you can also collaborate with your body—your closest friend— to create experiences with it that have never been experienced before by the consciousness that is encountering it.

New things with your new bodies!

We would like to help you to make this vibrational change with the least possible discomfort.  So let’s discuss one false assumption about your bodies that often runs the show in the background:

Your evolved physical body may—or may not—resemble a superhero.

Does this statement bring up anything in you when you read it?  Might you believe, perhaps, that because you do not resemble the heroes that you see in movies and legends, that you are somehow less of a human and have a long way to go to evolve?

If so, you are not alone.  It is simply old programming that can be left behind; in its place will emerge the most authentic You, perfect in its individual human expression, whatever that may look like.

You may associate superheroes with the ability to handle any situation with confidence.  With superior muscle power, or even extra-sensory proclivities that others don’t think they have.  These are collective assumptions and they put you into a very small box if you expect yourself to conform to those standards in order to succeed.

There are many reasons that your enhanced avatar may not match your particular “ideal standard” for the healthiest, strongest, most capable human body.  In all cases, it is a choice you made.  Here are a few examples:

  • You remember that some issues were selected prior to your birth, in order to experience life amid certain conditions
  • You realize that your chosen shape or size serves the Others that encounter you
  • You intended to experience a heart-centered, internally-focused life rather than an extroverted one

Chances are, there exists a parallel superhero version of Yourself.

As you merge with the larger portion of the Self, you will most likely connect with another version of You that is, indeed, living life like a superhero. You can tap into this version in your Now, and check in to see what’s going on there.

This type of life, too, has its own set of conditions, and its own challenges. Those are the versions of you that crave the action!  The suspense!  The jumping off of buildings and landing on your feet, and such.

But having a superhero form is by no means a requirement for heightened human existence. 

Let us tell you, you will be very surprised when you see that this can be done with any body.

When you see your first “Grandma” take a leap from a third story balcony and land safely on the ground, dust herself off and continue on her way…all of those worn-out ideals about who can do what in a physical body will quickly fly out the window.

We look forward to seeing your excitement at this new remembrance.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,



Article image:
Original photo mix by Kimberly Darwin.
3D superhero by PixelSquid360