Why Rose Colored Glasses Look Good On Everyone

Positivity is always in fashion

woman in pink glasses

O Cheerful Ones!

We are thrilled to see so many of you staying for longer periods of time on the next plane over.  Within this physical playground that you have created for yourself, you have all of the tools and guidance necessary to satisfy any desire that you can imagine. Lately, in your terms, you are happier, you feel safer, and are more curious about what you can actually create from this perspective that defaults to love.  That cheer goes a long way.

Humanity has many labels for “happy go lucky” people such as yourselves; one that we especially like is seeing life through “rose-colored glasses.”  It implies that those with positive attitudes see only what they want to see, and ignore the other, harsher truths of reality.

With the implication that there exists only one reality that everyone participates in, comes the opportunity for judgment of others; for their behavior, their beliefs, and even for where they choose to focus their attention.


Those with significant energetic rebalancing to complete may consider your cheerfulness inappropriate during these times.

We would like to emphasize that if you experience this sort of judgment from others, that you recognize that those viewing their worlds from the denser plane cover a wide spectrum of self-awareness at this time.  Much work is being done in the sleep state, leaving people waking up even more confused than before they went to sleep.  This “de-cluttering” of dense energy happens in the gentlest way allowable through free will.  Some will move easily to the next plane.  Some will resist and may lash out in frustration when their old ways don’t work anymore.

Please stay cheerful.

For you are providing an example, as always, but you are also broadcasting to the world that choices are infinite when it comes to possibilities.

And it is just as easy to choose a positive outcome, as it is to focus on a negative one.

Since we are very fond of the roses that grow on your beautiful planet, let’s do a little cheerful exercise to help you remember how powerful your focus really is.

Imagine a rose in your mind, but make it a color that you have rarely—or have never, if you feel daring!—seen before.  See the colors that tint the petals.  Smell it. Hold the rose in your hand and twirl it around.  Marvel at the new color, and recognize that new species are being “found,” and “bred,” all the time.  It’s not a big stretch!

Now the next time you go out, keep an eye out for roses.  You will of course see many examples of those common varieties that you see all the time. Marvel at them!  Honor them for the way they chose to express themselves, as different as it may be from the rose you imagined in your mind.

In your new energies, your manifestations are occurring at rapid rates, so it is good policy to expect that those good things you desire, including your rose, have already taken form; it is simply your job to allow them in through your belief in the magnificence of this beautifully-orchestrated Universe.

You are supported in realms that you’re unaware of at this time.  New flowers are being designed for you.  New opportunities are being created for you.  New choices abound, and it is entirely up to your viewpoint as to what you allow in.

Here is one more tip for you, to further tint your life with beautiful opportunity:

All humans have a pair of rose-colored glasses in their toolbox.

You can pull them out, and you can look at any situation from the best possible angle.

You can choose that angle as your truth, and you can go from there.  You can form anything.

We are very excited to see what consciously cheerful humans can create on your world.


Our love—and multicolored roses—are sent to you from Far Away, and Very Near.