Why Lightworkers Can Freak Out in Crowds

Ever wonder why your mind goes on overdrive when you’re in the middle of a big crowd?

The movement, the colors, the smells, the unpredictability.  Claustrophobia is the 8th most endured phobia in the United States.

The word claustrophobia is a combination of two terms:

Claustrum (Latin): Bolt, Lock

Phobia (English): Irrational Fear

You, physically, are experiencing an onslaught of sensory activity that is probably outside of your norm.


Now, let’s look at what you’re experiencing spiritually:

You are energy.  And so are all those people around you.  Bolting, locking you in.

Energy’s boundaries are malleable — your particular energy signature’s edges are meshing with those of your neighbors, and vice versa.  You are being bombarded with incongruous frequencies from every angle.

People you would never choose consciously to spend time with.  And there they are, getting all up in your stuff, invading your space, and infusing you with low-frequency thought patterns.

You, as a lightworker, use your higher frequency to shine your light on those around you.  And those lower-frequency thought patterns that abound in your environs may or may not accept your gift.

If you’ve done the inner work of facing your fears, cracking old belief systems, and ignoring 99% of what you were taught in school, then you know how to handle being among low frequencies.  You use your tools, from whichever reality you’re living in at the moment (Angels, Guides, Higher Self, Spells, Crystals, Talismans, Intention) and you ensure that you remain aligned.

But if your mind has been going full-on overdrive and you’re not considering the input from your gut, you can get caught up in it all. Your mind starts taking over the reins, and you plummet down to the lowest frequency available to you to match the crowd.

The combination of physical sensory-overload, and energetic overload, can incite some pretty intense fear about your well-being. And as an empath, as most lightworkers are, you’re feeling their shitty feelings, and adding them to your own.

So don’t forget to focus your attention on your gut, and your heart, in such situations.  They will guide you properly to carry out your purpose, and disperse your light to those who are craving it. Crowds offer you such wonderful opportunity to send out love, to practice non-judgment, and to look for desirable things that fuel your next big adventure.


Earth Energy:






555 (Upcoming change)

666 (Ensure physical / spiritual balance)



author: Kimberly

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