Why Do Awake People Believe in Aliens?

And are they having more fun than we are?

do aliens exist?

Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Extradimensionals.  Who are they really?

First off, let’s set a guideline before we start explaining this fascinating subject about why do awake people believe in aliens:

The term “aliens” is generally considered derogatory, since they were here long before us; it’s a Christopher Columbus thing.  Instead, we call them Extraterrestrials (ET) or Extra-dimensionals (ED).  Since the acronym ED has other connotations which sometimes make me giggle like a sixth-grader when I try to associate it with a 4-foot-tall Zeta Reticuli, I prefer to use ET.

So, let’s start over:

Why Do Awake People Believe in Extraterrestrials?

Because once you begin your journey of expanded consciousness, you discover that you are the creator of your entire reality.

One being, LIFE, has decided to individuate itself and endow each of the other selves with all its power.  And some of those individuations wanted to forget they had that power, so that they could experience the fun of remembering it was there all along. So those individuations incarnated into bodies on planets, like Earth, whose stage was set to support forgetfulness like that.

Other individuations decided to create in other ways, so they chose different bodies on different planets that were set up with environments to support those challenges.

There’s your Extraterrestrial.


Now let’s take it a bit further:

If we are all individuated from One being, LIFE, then all of those others are just YOU.

You in different bodies, in different timelines, and on different planets.  Other you’s, created by YOU, to see and experience the world from different eyes.

You can drill this down further:

Once you awaken, you understand the concept of unity.  Accepting the differences of others who don’t think, behave, or look like you.  These differences expand in both directions infinitely.


  • Family
  • Country
  • World
  • Galaxy

or microcosmically:

  • The dark part of you
  • The happy part of you
  • The shameful part of you
  • The fearful part of you

Doesn’t matter what direction you look, there will always be another, different YOU to integrate.  That’s the purpose of life, to bring all the other YOU’s back together.  Not only does it include doing the inner work of facing your dark side, but it also includes doing the outer work, from accepting others in our own world, to accepting others who look and live vastly different than we do.

Hence the strong relationship with ETs when you’re awakening.  Not only do you get to learn about the cool story of how our planet evolved, but you get to meet other you’s in every shape and color you can imagine.

Please visit the Resources page for ways to learn more and establish contact with ETs.




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