Lightworkers: Act Like a Kid


The life of awakened lightworkers person can be lonely.  Always striving to be better than you were yesterday, and holding back on judgment, unkind words, and 3D human actions.

Lightworkers are wired differently, and one of our main purposes is that we support higher frequency behavior and set examples for those around us.  We’re weird that way, and the weirdness that alienated us in the past is now the weirdness that supports us as valuable contributors to the shift in Earth consciousness.

But it does get tiring, living up to our own high standards.  And it’s OK to want to check out and stop being the example once in a while.

When kids are upset, they divert their attention to something that brings them to a higher vibration, that makes them feel better.

If you feel exhausted from all the growth, take the time to regenerate.  This may mean that you just watch animated movies all day, or go swing on the swingset in the park.  Draw a picture that looks like Picasso’s worst work.  Go buy some Legos and make a fortress, join the lightworkers’ tribe.

Even though you’re not sitting lotus-style in meditation while you’re engaging in such activities, you are still growing.  You are experiencing the exhaustion, the “I’m fed up with this shit”-ness, and you are feeling the feelings that come along with the lightworker’s path.  We came to Earth to be human, and humans experience a gamut of emotions, many of which just suck.

And I guarantee that you can’t watch Sloth TV without smiling.  I dare you.



author: Kimberly

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