What Your Energy is Like To Other People

Your signature frequency

what your energy looks like to others

Our existence in this Universe is all about frequency.

We’ve discussed earlier the reason why you meet people, why you feel crappy when in big crowds, and how you can sometimes be invisible to those around you.

In each case, it’s about your frequency, or in other words, your vibration.  Also known as spiritual density, it’s the amount, and balance, of light you exhibit.  Each person has an energetic signature—just as individual as the one you use to sign for a package—that others can sense, whether they are aware of it or not.

Imagine yourself in a room, seated in a chair, and you’re blindfolded.  Now imagine that you have a helper who ushers people into the room, one at a time, in complete silence.

First, they bring in a sibling or someone you’ve grown up with.

Could you recognize the signature of that person?

Without your physical senses in action, you’d be using your ethereal body to read their signature.  Your etheric body will recognize the energy of the person who has entered the room, and indicate to your mind who owns that signature.

Now, let’s say they usher in a stranger.  Your ethereal body will read that signature, and, based on the balance (or lack thereof) of his energy centers (also called chakras,) you will receive all sorts of information.  You may feel like the stranger is benevolent, or you may not.  Male or female.  Older or younger. Such indications are sent to your gut, where the intuitive center lies.

Falsehood can’t exist in this realm of the gut.

That means that if you follow your gut, then you are acknowledging one of the most powerful connections available to you while in this physical incarnation.  It’s going to be only as good as your mind allows, however, because anyone who has ever been on a diet knows, the mind can talk us out of anything if we give it that power.  Just takes a little bit of training to trust yourself to quiet the mind to receive the signals.

So let’s experiment with signature-detecting in a real scenario.

Next time you walk down the street, put some headphones on and play some music that makes you bounce in your step. Think of joyous things, and get to the highest vibration available to you.  Be really OK with life right now.

You and your signature are just walking along, between and past other people. And in the background, they sense your signature, and you theirs.


Those that are vibrating at a much lower frequency than you will not see you.

These individuals may be upset about something; or they could be sick; or mourning; or completely unconscious of their power as the creator of their life.  They could be trauma victims, or working through financial issues.  This could be a temporary decrease in their vibration, or it could be their normal state.Some may just see you as a gray mass or faceless blob, due to their focus on the underlying issues running their mind. You may even have to sidestep to avoid their running into you, as they often don’t even see the physical aspect of you walking along.


Those that are vibrating at slightly lower frequency than you will see you.

Depending on your own frequency, this is the largest portion of the population.  If you are awake at this time, it will be the majority of people that you encounter.  They will be engulfed in themselves; in whether or not they fit in with the crowd or if they feel accepted in the current situation.  Or they will be focused on external things like their cell phone, complaining at a spouse, or be in a hurry to get somewhere.  It is possible that you could have a conversation with them, and if there is common ground, communication could be fruitful for both parties.


Those with a Service to Self path will attempt to avoid you.

Thankfully, this group is diminishing, however with the Earth ascending at such rapid speed, if you were to run into this group, it will be in the very near future.  This group would be those who have chosen to focus on power over others, even to the point of exploitation; their focus is not on service to fellow man, but service to the self as the center of their creation.  I had an encounter with a soul like this last week, while I was walking to the gym.  An older female, she was walking towards me, saw me, and made a very wide circular berth around me.  She stopped completely, watched me pass, and then continued on. Those of this vibration are so dissimilar to you that, when you’re on top of your game, they cannot interact with you whatsoever.


Those of a slightly higher frequency will smile at or acknowledge you.

It will generally be them initiating the smile, and you will both see them as kind and as non-offensive.  They will leave you with a feeling of calm, joy or peace.  This group is increasing in number, and although we are usually surprised to have someone initiate a friendly connection, it is beneficial to both parties to do so.


Can you see where I’m going with this?  I could go on to other levels, of course, but you can place yourself in either position in this interaction—that of the walker, and that of the one who encounters the walker—and understand that there will always be those of lower vibration, and always be those of higher vibration around you.

And of course, those of very high vibration—well, you can’t generally see them, right?


As you practice increasing your vibration, and maintaining the highest level available to you for longer periods of time, those of a higher vibration to you will start to show.

And further around we all go on the circle of consciousness expansion.

One caveat here to mention:  Assess where your ego flares up in such situations.  Do you judge those of lower vibration?  Are you envious of those of higher vibration?  Such assessments are part of the programming from which you’re freeing yourself.  That programming was put there to keep you feeling separate.  You no longer need to compare yourself to anyone else to determine your value.  If you must compare at all, compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.  Is your frequency higher?  Are you joyous?  Have you served anyone today?  Did you send love?


And remember:  Always be you, all the time.  Love.



author: Kimberly

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