What Happens When You Guess

Your thoughts have an electromagnetic charge.

creepy car on road
why guess about outcomes?

Guess what? Symbolism allows us to reap multiple meanings from any event.

When you experience a new synchronicity, it’s easy to start guessing which parts of your life puzzle it’s meant to illuminate.  Does it mean this?  Or does it mean that?

It’s a human thing to want to connect the dots.  We all have unsolved mysteries in our “past,” and many doors to choose from in our “future.”  Let’s take an example.

You’re taking a walk, and a car slows down, paces next to you for a while, and then pulls up to the curb up ahead.  The whole thing looks weird, it feels weird…and your mind might race for an explanation.

If you take a stab at it, you might feel some fear; after all it’s a common setup for a creepy scene. Or perhaps it is exactly the car you were thinking about test driving this weekend.  Or maybe, someone just needs directions.

With every possibility available to you, you as a conscious creator have the power to choose what it means to you.  Now that’s a whole lotta fun…yet remember that running each of those guesses in your mind sends out electromagnetic instructions to the Universe. And if you continue pondering them (Abraham suggests it’s 68 seconds), the physical manifestation process begins.

But wait!  No one wants to manifest creepy people in cars!

No, you probably don’t.  But you also don’t want to be fearful of creating, either.  Remember that as you awaken, your limitations fall off in increments; so a few negative outcome options may pop up for review if you formerly trended towards them in past moments.

It’s easy to get yourself on the positive track, though, if you went straight toward “creepy madman” and skipped other options.  Ask yourself one question:

What kind of world do you live in?

I’m going to guess that if you’re reading this blog, it’s a pretty good world; or you are at least headed in that direction.  Reminding yourself that your physical surroundings as of late have demonstrated your positive progress can be helpful.  Some fallout is expected until you gain momentum in the positive direction.

If you must guess, contemplating positive outcomes is a good place to start, and to settle.

Eventually, you might just not guess at all, as a neutral opinion offers so many more possibilities that you simply cannot conceive of them all.  Why limit yourself by guessing?  My favorite answer nowadays:  “I have no damn idea what that means.  Let’s see what happens.”

By the way, this scenario occurred recently on one of my walks.  The outcome?  The person stopped to give me a bouquet of roses, and thanked me for the kind smiles I sent as he drove past every day on his way to work.  So expect the Universe to have some playful, joyous outcomes for something you may have formerly labeled as ominous in past moments.

You really can have the best possible outcome for any experience, if you forego the guessing and allow things to play out.  You’re here for the adventure!




author: Kimberly

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