Want to Really Help Someone? Use The Law of Deliberate Intent

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Rarely does a day go by that we aren’t reminded that someone in our world is a victim; whether that be from a natural disaster, or a bad relationship, or physical illness. It could even be you.

The media is first to provide every juicy detail of victimhood in its daily news reports.  And if you look at your own life, chances are that you were labeled a victim for something you experienced in your past.

It’s an easy trap to fall into.  I myself have been there many times: from losing it all in a hurricane, to losing a child, divorce, a gnarly motorcycle accident.  You can add your own experiences to mine, and suddenly there’s a group of victims having a party and talking about it. I was invited to a lot of those parties, because I was a great victim.

So easy to do.  We receive sympathy, validation and undivided attention while we’re relating our woes.  Victimhood keeps people in the spotlight; but that spotlight is never aimed at the solution.  That’s where the Law of Deliberate Intent comes in.

The Law of Deliberate Intent dictates that what you focus on, expands.

So if your focus is on the details of victimhood, then victimhood persists.

Be careful with ego-fueled responses now.  There is no doubt that people suffer, and it’s important that we ensure that all beings basic needs are met if they are in crisis.  With the Law of Deliberate Intent, we go further and send out the intent that these “victims” move on to live safe, secure, abundant lives, without considering themselves victims at all.

In other words, we focus on their well being.  Because recounting the horror over and over again just keeps us all in a low energetic cycle of darkness, and we know that it doesn’t get anyone closer to happiness.

Here is the part that some people find hard to swallow.

Every victim, everywhere, at all times, has chosen that experience on some level.

Every victim. Always.
And then they forget that they chose it for a while.


We incarnate for the opportunity for growth from the interaction with others.  In order for there to be a wide array of opportunities for expansion, some people choose to play parts on the receiving end of negative actions.  The potential for growth is huge, when you add suffering into the mix.  This applies to both the victim herself, and to all of those who are aware of it.

That’s where you come in.

Instead of focusing on the “poor victim” situation, you can focus on those same people and see them as abundant, healthy and thriving.


It’s not hard to do.  You already visualize how you want your own world to look.  You’re just doing it for others, by sending out positive thoughts, and the intent that the situation will be resolved to the Best and Highest Good for all involved.  They may or may not recognize the life lesson involved in their victimhood; that matters not.  That’s free will, and as you send Light to others, they can consciously accept it or not.  You’ve done your part by dislodging that “victim label” and being a living demonstration of one who values all life.

This is how one person changes the world.  Seems such a small gesture, doesn’t it?  Not noticeable to others that you’re doing it…but it spreads.

Your actions are noted on an energetic level by the collective, so why not make them focused on positive outcomes rather than dwelling on the occurrence that got that victim where he or she is?

Your focus on the positive outcome is a great use of the Law of Deliberate Intent: Focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want.  Your contribution raises the energy of the entire collective, which then makes higher-vibration experiences available to everyone.  That’s how powerful you are.



Love to you.



author: Kimberly

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