Use Your Higher Self To End Monotony

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Feeling stuck? Like nothing’s changing?

That’s called monotony. No new experiences or exciting changes in sight. I don’t mean outlandish things like rainbows shooting through your window, although that would definitely improve a mood. But if you feel like you’re going nowhere fast, like those good things you’ve been wishing for are always just out of reach, then perhaps it’s time to strengthen your connection with your Higher Self to find out why.

You know Einstein’s famous saying:

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We get it, but what if we can’t actually define the PROBLEM?

When you’re dealing with the metaphysical, humans only have part of the picture.  There’s a whole lotta learning going on at other levels that we are not privy to at first glance.  The problem behind our “stuckness” may be eluding our intellectual faculties. Of course, Universal wisdom is available to us all, yet life nowadays is not always conducive to long periods of meditation to maximally forge the connection with All That Is. Fortunately, we can connect one circumstance at a time.

Let’s start by consciously changing our perspective.

Imagine you’re sitting at a cafe with your coffee, and next to you is the Happiest Couple on Earth.  For those of us who haven’t had a healthy relationship in decades (or ever, maybe), this can be an intimidating visage to behold. They’re over there, interacting with each other like whipped butter on warm toast, and feelings flare up in you.

Remember, you are in charge of your feelings; you have choices as to how to react. And many of us unconsciously follow the same path each time.  But wait, there’s Einstein, his unruly hair blowing in the wind, whispering in your ear: “There are other ways!” So why not change it up and see what happens?

Since you have an army of Universal assistance awaiting your command, let’s check out our options.

Ego, Your Infantryman

The human ego was devised to protect us with metaphorical armor and shields during the Earthly game we’re playing.  If you’re a gamer, it’s your strength score, tallied by how many close calls you’ve had—and still made it out alive, intellectually speaking. That’s the ego’s job: to keep us from getting hurt. And it isn’t afraid to wield its sword if necessary to do it, in the form of sarcasm, debilitating self-talk, and recalling unconscious fears about “bad” outcomes from the past.

The ego pulls up what we’ve “repressed without expressing,” just like a weapon in its armory, and it slashes away at perceived enemies in order to keep you from feeling old pain again.  Oh, and it’s also got an army of assistants with mad skills ready to further the cause.

It might call up the cynic in you, shooting dagger eyes toward the loving couple.  Or it might bring in the self-flagellator, who reminds you that YOU are not worthy of such an experience right now. Yet as we increase our awareness of the ego’s duty, we can also befriend it.  So rather than considering it a mindless soldier on the front lines stabbing away at perceived attackers, let’s view its role differently:

The ego keeps you on the path of expansion.

Those flare-ups you feel sometimes—the burning desire to defend yourself from something—are your ego’s way of letting you know you have unexpressed experiences awaiting your attention. You can ignore this fact by giving it free rein to slash away, perhaps like every time before…or you can try something else this time around.  You give it the recognition it’s been asking for.

Reaching Through the Veil to the Higher Self

So how do we get accurate information in order to put the ego at restYou call in a higher commander in your army. Enter the general part of You that navigates expansion without a body: Your Higher Self.

Here’s one way to ask for assistance:

“I’m mastering this human thing, and I need some help right now.”

Notice the word choice.  By using the word “and” instead of “but,” I am eliminating my doubt.  I am admitting that I AM mastering the human thing, AND part of it includes asking for help. It’s your right to do so, and that’s why your Higher Self is there. It’s taking orders from your Oversoul as to what your next learning experience will be. And it’s the guide that helps you ace every challenge if you call it in.

When you do, the ego and his army will sit on the bleachers with swords across laps…and maybe order a hotdog.  Your soldiers will observe this interaction with great curiosity, for slashing is not the only method of getting things done, and they are also growing along with you.

Imagine a winged Adonis with a six-pack gliding down if you like, or a bright blue bird sitting on your right shoulder. Or a beam of light, or orbs hovering over your head. No matter what you choose, ask it to assess the situation.  You’ll feel it in your heart: a calm, “I’ve got this” feeling, that puts the ego at ease.  His crew can learn from afar, munching on their hotdogs, perhaps flagging down the beer guy. I add humor here because levity helps make change easier.

And now…you allow the feelings to flow.

Yes, I said that.

Right there in the coffee shop.

Right there with other people around.

This is New Earth and it’s completely OK to express your feelings in a respectful manner.

Maybe the scene recalls the last relationship that didn’t end so well for you, looking at it from your current mindset.  Maybe a few tears flow quietly behind your sunglasses and you wipe them away with the scratchy Starbucks napkin.  Yet if your Higher Self and you are truly communicating, you’ll also get some messages along with this release.  Maybe something like this:

  • You’ve had moments like that.  Wasn’t it magical to feel that kind of love?
  • Here’s a great example of what’s available to you when the time is right.
  • Oh, here’s an opportunity to amplify their love by appreciating it.  Send them a smile!

No matter the message, if it’s coming from your Higher Self, it will be tender.  It will be gentle, and it will include love and understanding of the human experience.

You ARE mastering this human thing.  AND you do deserve help.

After you’ve expressed pent-up feelings about the situation, the pain will subside.

A New Outlook

You can look at that couple with new eyes, with a new perspective…which forms new pathways that lead to making such a situation a reality for you in the physical, if it’s something you want. The Higher Self is your first love, of course. So please make it a priority to trust it, and the rest comes when the Oversoul deems you ready for the growth that such a life experience will provide.

So now what’s the ego’s role once you’ve forged a solid connection with your Higher Self?  Well, there’s plenty to do besides defending you in painful situations.  The ego is also responsible for getting you out the door for a synchronistic meeting, and for ensuring that the parking meter has money in it.  You’ll have an army of internal Virtual Assistants, getting things done so that you can think bigger thoughts that move you away from that old pain they used to defend.  The cynic will serve up compassion when you see cynicism in others.  The self-flagellator will exchange his whip for a feather, promoting respectful self-love. No swords are necessary for the ego to continue serving you.

Feel for the tenderness, the gentle calming effect that resides in your heart and your gut as you connect. That’s where the Universal wisdom resides, and you have a right to access it at all times.  This is how monotony turns into rainbows because you’ve once again, you’ve mastered Yourself.  A New You yields new experiences.

Einstein would be proud that his words got through.



author: Kimberly

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