Tipsy Mystics – Souls Just Wanna Have Fun

Now that you realize you’re creating your reality, you can get serious about having fun.  Let the Tipsy Mystics show you how.

Join Kim and Maranda as they muse about the wild side of ascending.  Seriously, you must laugh your way through this thing or no one will come out alive (get it?).  So let your soul loose for a few minutes, look past the state of always “healing” and get some chuckles in your day.

Once the “boo-hoo stuff is over, souls just want to have fun.”

Yeah, Kimberly said that.  You can ascend, and it can actually be enjoyable. Laughter is incarnation’s natural medication, so whether you drink, smoke, or whatever…you can enjoy the body and still expand your consciousness towards Oneness.  No cross-legged meditation is necessary unless you like that sort of thing.  Since everyone’s ascension process is unique, learn how two very different people are ascending along divergent paths that sometimes meet.

This podcast highlight sparked the Tipsy Mystics’ idea to create AwakeCon, Earth’s first multidimensional community.  It’s forming now, so if you would love to practice your telepathy, telekinesis and multidimensional art creation, join the Tipsy Mystics as we create new worlds with other Lightworkers in Earth’s tribe.  Read more about it at

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