Tiny Elders Incarnating Now

Age and wisdom need not go hand in hand.

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We note that many of you are bored with the limited range of acceptable human behavior.

In other words, you no are no longer incarnating with adherence to the belief systems of your ancestors.

Although the human elders incarnating from your past have some very insightful information to share, they deliver their stories, poems or admonishments through the limiting filters of a human living on Earth. They wrote to a targeted audience:  their tribe, their followers, their particular society.

But in your system of creation, the target is always moving.

Since humanity creates its reality spontaneously in the Now, your current world and its conditions may not have existed in your ancestor’s awareness.  This leaves all messages open for wide interpretation, based on the observer’s viewpoints.

So must every elder’s wisdom apply to you?

Widely-interpreted messages have birthed a multitude of varied  timelines.  Part of this divergence is based on whether the reader regarded the message literally, or figuratively.

Multiple timelines can result from any message, interpreted differently.

Consider your Bible:  a period piece, written by many humans over a large span of time, in book authorship terms.  Readers that register this book as literal fact will use their interpretations as building blocks for their reality;  similarly those readers that consider it symbolic narrative could create a very different world.

Every bit of writing that exists on your planet is written on more than one level.   It is encoded with great amounts of information.

Now the author may or may not be aware of this multidimensional authorship during the creation of it, but other levels of the Self are well aware of the wide interpretations possible from the message.

So now that you have begun to question the applicability of your elders’ messages, we recommend that you review each written work, each piece of art, even each body of music, from two different perspectives:

What could it mean literally?

Once you’ve considered these questions, then check in with the higher levels of Self:

“How do I feel about this?”

You may find that some messages you took literally in past Nows actually make better sense when applied symbolically.  If you find a better balance in the alternate perspective, then you can rewire the association to pull out more information with the reinterpretation.

So if the wisdom doesn’t solely lie with the elders, where is it found?

Consider this limiting filter that many people construe as fact:

“Wisdom requires age.”

In a multidimensional world, this does not apply.

In fact, many of your past elders are now incarnated as children at the moment; in fresh new bodies, searching out a new audience for their wisdom.  This could be someone you know.

These children are incarnating on this planet in response to a collective call for change.

They arrive already plugged in, so to speak.  They have no need for the self-imposed grand division—between the physical and the non-physical—that previous generations chose to experience.  Thus all wisdom is accessible to them, as they remember that they are home, even while expressing with a physical body.

Time to shake up things a little, with some playful messages.

We know that many of you have experienced great truths uttered from these small mouths. You may find it adorable, and appreciate that your child is bold enough to voice their opinion when you often are not.

Anytime you hear a child utter a curious statement that seems beyond their years, consider asking the same questions as you would of an elder’s message:

What could it mean literally?

“How do I feel about this?”

You might find that the answer you were looking for regarding a seemingly “adult” situation is right there for the taking, if you are open to it coming from the mouth of a babe.  With your support and encouragement, these young elders will feel more free to express their already-wise selves in any Earth scenario.  All will benefit from this allowance, including those of us watching through non-physical eyes.  We revel at their liveliness right along with you.

We hope that you experience much joy from these tiny elders now incarnating on your planet.  They are joyous, intense, and incredibly powerful; please welcome this new wave of elders tailoring themselves for an expansive New Earth.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,


image of Flora

by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda