There Are No Chance Meetings

Is today a day of synchronicities?

goat watching koi

Even chance meetings are by free will.

Remember that you intended to recall your right to fully create your reality while in physical form.  Are you hoping for chance meetings with someone who can help move you along your awakening path?  If so, remember this:

You also intended to honor all others’ liberty to create their own life experiences.

This is free will.


Should you be hoping for chance synchronicities today:

Know that chance meetings are never accidents.  All are by agreement.  How exciting this is to meet up with old friends you know and yet have never met.  Those people that you chat with in line today?  They know you, and you know them.  Other versions of yourself, living lives from different perspectives, serving you as you serve them accordingly.

We recommend that you ponder this today, for this remembrance offers a wide scope of possibilities; as well as to illuminate some stringent limitations regarding time and space that you might decide are tired and worn-out.  You can let them go!

Is today a day of synchronicities?

This is a little bit of a trick question, for EVERY day is a day of synchronicities.  Will you use new eyes to recognize them?  It is our hope that you find great joy in the little things in life.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,