The Road to 5D: Recognize Your Release Cycles

energetic release chart

On your journey up the frequency range, you will experience energetic decluttering.  You’ll lose the heavy energy, and replace it with light.

This happens in cycles. You’ve been doing this your whole life, by the way, even if you are unaware of it. But when you recognize these cycles, the awakening process to 5D flows so much more easily.

The cycle starts with a trigger. 

Irksome, irritating, annoying, totally unreasonable stuff. And it’s out of the blue, usually.

Here’s a trigger experience I had yesterday:  I went down to my garage to find an unauthorized Kia Soul parked in the space next to my sports car.  It left barely 6” between our doors, leaving me unable to get into my car.

Infuriating, right?  How dare that person!  Didn’t he even consider my needs at all? (and on, and on, and on…)

Your triggers could be big ones if you’re not currently in the habit of examining your thoughts; or small ones if you are.  It could be an event, an image that you see, or a situation that snaps you out of that great mood you’ve been in lately…and sends your thoughts spiraling right down to the basement.

If you continue to focus on the trigger (who is to blame, how it ruins your day, what you’d say to the owner of the offending car), then your frequency will continue to drop.  Your negative thoughts will bring your senses along for the ride; and soon, you will confirm those thoughts with experiential evidence.  Your day could suck in all areas.

This is the onset of a lesson. Here’s the key to getting the lesson the first time around:

Focus on your frequency rather than on the trigger itself.


It doesn’t matter what triggered you; what matters is how you feel about it.

Many triggers may seem totally irrational in retrospect, but they can feel gigantic in the Now. Yet just as negative thoughts will invite confirming negative evidence, positive ones will provide positive evidence.  So you want to get back to thinking good thoughts as soon as possible, and to grow from the experience so that you don’t have to repeat it again.

Encountering a trigger is your indication that there’s some energy ready to be released; and as Shrek says, “Better out than in.”  Clear it now.

This looks different for everybody.

You may feel like shit at your irrationality.  You may cry.  You may crave carbs.  You may want to curl up in a ball and sleep all day.  It’s your life, and you have the right to do anything that you want while living it.  Keeping others out of your cycle process, though, is good policy.  This is internal growth, so focus inward and experience your feelings on your own terms, with integrity.

There will be a time when you start feeling better.  Historically, it’s been a human habit to continue low-frequency behavior—even when we really feel better—because we were waiting for something external to change our mood.

But now that you know that creation starts with your thoughts, you will want to feel as good as possible, as soon as possible, to invite evidence of good things back into your life.  Your thoughts will determine which route you will take.

You know how it feels after a good cry.  Or how much better you feel after a grueling round of physical purging. It’s that sense of relief that something is finally over.

As you notice this positive upturn in your mood, find anything that makes you laugh. Find a funny movie, kids, pets, comedians, old musicals. Live animal cams, such as Kitten Rescue, are a great option.  Go for goofy; tune in, and let yourself laugh.

Laughing will naturally raise your frequency. 

Consider it assistance…but just like aliens that won’t land on the White House lawn to save us all, your frequency is your own responsibility. You must process the feelings. Use laughter as your gas pedal, and keep it steady.

Admit when you feel better.  “Oh, thank goodness I’m done with that.  I learned a lot about myself.”

Noticing, and acknowledging your improved feelings is what moves you into the carpool lane. Also, please congratulate yourself on the accomplishment of being conscious of your own clearing process. It takes strength to observe your own behavior and to love yourself unconditionally in all life situations.

Sealing the cycle

When you feel like you’re back to the “You” that you were prior to the trigger, then you’ve completed the cycle.

So how long was your cycle?  Did it last a week, 3 days, or 4 hours?  Were you happy with your performance?  Were there areas you’d like to work on, such as: “Next time I will get to laughing earlier, and not focus on the trigger so much?”

Now be careful of those potholes!  Over-criticizing can send your thoughts back on a downward spiral, and extend the cycle longer than necessary.  Focus on your accomplishments, shoot a peace sign at the areas in which you plan to do better next time, and look ahead.

Consider this a debriefing; you have identified your individual clearing process, and your navigation system has been upgraded by the attention to it.  You have returned, yet you’re enhanced.

You can leave the trigger, the cycle, and everything related to it behind, and never look in the rear-view mirror again at that event.


It is your right to experience joyful times.

Recognition of your true nature as the creator of your reality is a giant accomplishment.  The awakening process—when broken down into smaller cycles—prepares you for the ebb and flow of energetic traffic, so to speak.  You learn that you always get through them. You’ve done it before, and you can do it again.  They gradually become shorter and less intense.  Soon, you won’t freak out with even the most annoying of triggers, because you know there is a reason for them. You’re learning more about Who You Are. 

The Self that is You has no limits.  If you can imagine it, you can experience it.  That seems to me like a pretty good reason for letting go of that old stuff, and worth a trigger or two to access those possibilities.  You get to the state of endless possibilities by releasing your limitations, one cycle at a time.

And in their place:  Freedom.



author: Kimberly

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