The Futility of Forcing Others to Wake Up

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Are you tired of people telling you what to do? Do you wonder why they can’t leave you alone to live your own life?

Heh, I felt it too.  That little fire ignite inside the gut.  “They should know better!” If that was you, I want you to consider what is coming out of your mouth and how you may be putting undesirable force on others.

Yes, we awakened Trailblazers live in a totally different reality than those still asleep.  We no longer thrive on the endless and insatiable yearning for acquisition of people and things.  We go inside, and we face our demons, rather than searching for escapes from them. We strive to be better than we were yesterday.

And we know what a liberating experience that can be, to stand outside the circle of madness and look inside with resolute decision to never partake in that mayhem again.

Yet those that are still within that circle are there by their soul’s design; and if it’s in their soul plan to awaken, they will do so on their own terms.  Get that.  Their OWN terms, rather than YOURS.

I know how exciting it is to want to share your newfound freedom and expanded perspective of reality with anyone who will listen. Despite the social awkwardness most of us feel about speaking the “awakened” language with asleep people, we’re usually more than happy to discuss the great strides we’ve taken in our quest for growth.

But hold back.  Unless you’re specifically asked to discuss it, you are simply making an assumption about what someone else needs.  That’s ego, and its insidious tendrils will curl themselves around your intentions unless you recognize its presence there.

Rather, lead by example, without uttering a single word about what’s right and wrong.

Right. Wrong. Good. Bad. Recognize the polarity you’re embodying when you speak in dualistic terms like that. Remember, that ladder you’ve been climbing is attached at both ends—it’s a circle—so you cannot ever assume that you are farther along than another soul on the path to integration. The veil of forgetfulness we’ve draped over our physical Earth selves can conceal the oldest of souls, who is wanting a particular Earth experience that includes remaining asleep.

Today, be aware of your words to others:  are they supportive of where each is on their chosen path?  Or do you feel the need to force them to correct their course?  How do you know what is right for another, when you are aware of only one point on their journey?

Love really is the easiest path, if you suspend the judgment about, well, EVERYTHING.

This includes yourself; you don’t need to force your own awakening, either.  I’m pretty sure that the Universe has the process figured out by now.  So go relax, laugh, and shoot out beams of love wherever you go.  It’s good practice for what’s coming your way.



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