Contrast: The Earth Campus Has An Elevator

Up--and down--is part of your expansive experience.


Have you ever read an article that made your heart sink?

There are plenty of opportunities to do so on the Earth plane in your current timeline.  It’s one of the reasons you chose this particular experience, as we’ve said before:  You love contrast!

So with this knowing, let’s explore how to maximize your expansion from contrasting stimuli on the Earth plane.

Consider the last time you read an article, and the reading of it made you feel “worse.”  Especially helpful in this case would be an article from a trusted source; one that usually sends you positive feedback about your world.

Let’s take a look at the beliefs that may be fueling this feeling of “worse,” based on the article you read.

You encountered some information that appears to go against your desires.  Perhaps it feels like a setback that starts you doubting your whole life plan.

Now, when associations run rampant without examination, you will draw more examples of “doubt” into your awareness unless you recognize their relevance in your Now.  Let’s use a quick visualization to rewire your thoughts back to the positive, as well as to gather the most information possible from the message you have just received.

It’s as easy as pushing a button to move yourself back up in frequency.

Imagine looking around for an elevator.  You can look for a physical one, if nearby, or imagine one in your mind.  They are exactly the same, when you remember that you are a beautiful extension of Source Energy that is dreaming!

Once you have located an elevator, we’d like you to walk over and press the button to go UP.

As you wait for the elevator doors to open, consider the symbolic gesture you just made.  You have taken action to elevate yourself, both on the physical plane as well as in frequency.

Now, watch as the doors open, and take a step into the elevator.

Pick the highest floor of the available buttons that doesn’t require a key!

The doors close, and up you go.  Now since you have probably been on at least one of these contraptions in the course of your human life, you know that there is some time to think during your journey.  After all, you don’t really have the option to get off in between floors.

As the elevator rises, let’s revisit that article you read and contemplate a bit. We can do this by asking ourselves questions, as always:

  • What was the subject matter of the article?
  • What do you believe about the subject?
  • How do you feel?

Explore this for a moment.  It’s why you’re here, and it’s part of the journey back “up” in frequency.

As you watch the numbers rise on the elevator display, let’s go a little deeper.  Now that you’ve identified the subject matter of the incoming message, let’s consider the contrast that it provided to you from an adjacent angle:

  • What are your beliefs about your evolutionary progress?

Have you been doing better?  In other words, do you believe that you have been learning from your experiences, and that you continuously aim to realize the most positive expansion from every encounter you have?

If Yes – then feel free to do a little happy dance right there in the elevator!  This is an accomplishment that deserves celebration! While you are dancing, recall other supporting examples of your success, and feel those too.  More reasons to dance! This action reinforces your positive association with the experience.

If No – then read that article again, with this reminder:

You sent yourself the article!

In an experiential world such as the Earth plane, you do such things to encounter contrast, and thus to expand.  So with this knowing, you now have the chance to read the article from a different perspective: that it is a part of your learning, and that it is the next step forward in your journey.

Just like a page in your text books, it is here to provide you with more knowledge.  Let’s continue investigating the experience, then:

  • Did you need to bring up some emotion?
  • Have you been avoiding something regarding this subject?

If you don’t feel better from these inquiries, it may feel like you are stuck between floors.

Consider this additional reminder:

You are the creator of your reality, and you want yourself to win! 

So why would you ever get in your own way?  Why would you send yourself evidence of failure?

Since you will probably agree that you wouldn’t, then you can concur that there could be another, more positive reason for this article to show up in your Now.

When you can consider the contrasting article as PROGRESS rather than as a SETBACK, then reviewing its contents as if you are a student will bring your frequency back up nearly effortlessly.  It’s part of your expansion, and this means that you are still moving forward!

Creating a positive association with any encounter allows you to glean the most relevant information out of the experience.

Your Earthly-campus elevator ride will be a smooth one…and when the door opens you’ll be back at your most resonant frequency.

As you step out onto that higher plane, remember to recognize yourself as the dedicated and enthusiastic student that you are. You can continue your happy dance on this plane too…for it gives us great joy to watch you celebrate your accomplishments.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,


Flora is a member of the Carpet Hunters, a group of artists that leave positive artistic installations across time and space.