The 97 + 3 = 100 Earth Equation

"You are vast."

purple geode painting

As each individual comes into the remembrance of their true nature—that of eternal creators that cannot NOT exist—the shedding of smaller worries occurs quickly.

Limitations will fall away, revealing the vastness of the Universe, both externally and internally.  Now you’ve been shown the vastness of the external Universe symbolically in the formation of planets, solar systems, galaxies, and beyond.  Yet there are few symbols in your physical reality suggesting the vastness of your internal landscape.  One of them is an equation.

We would like to consider the symbol of “imagination,” for it will open up worlds that exist inside of you.

Imagine a desire that you have, that is currently unrealized in your physical world.  Now, consider what it would be like to have it in your current life.  How is that person different from who you are now?  Let’s find out!

We will start with a little bit of Earthly math:

97 + 3 = 100

The equation itself is an analogy, yet it suffices to activate some latent knowledge:  In your truest form, you are always the sum total of 100%.  You are Whole.

So why is the Whole divided up into smaller portions?

In order to see life from different viewpoints.

The human personality that you consider you—the one with your name, your age, and your current physical location—encompasses approximately 3% of the You that chose the conditions, and the reasons, for your particular incarnation.

This number, of course, is fairly arbitrary, since lives are beginning and ending all the time.  Yet it’s a good approximation of the Earthly Collective’s standing in this matter, at this junction of your evolutionary time.

So who are the other 97%?

Those other aspects of the larger You who are living out other lives, also chosen by the Whole for the purpose of exploring various systems of reality; all of you report back to the Whole.  Each individual aspect is consciously focused in their particular systems, just as you are in yours.

What makes this even more exciting is that these other lives were borne out of the desires of not only the Whole but also from intentions sent out by all of the individual parts as well.

So every desire that you have ever sent out, has produced a version of you that has accomplished it.

This means that:

Among that 97% exists a You that has already achieved that dream that you still haven’t realized.

Wouldn’t it be nice to communicate with that person?  To find out which choices they made to get there, and what they’re doing with that accomplishment?

Well, you already are in communication with that person.  And the most efficient way to fortify this alliance is to connect consciously.  Here’s where the equation comes in.

You must realize that the 97% has much more power as a group than your 3% does on its own.

You need all aspects of the self to comprise the 100%, and that includes the you that is reading these words.

Because your 3% is a necessary part of the equation, you understand that you are a valid, contributing member of the Whole.  You have the right to exist, and to contribute your unique view of the world to the 100%.  Your experience and abilities benefit all others.

So you see it’s actually a family reunion, this equation.

And the party is ongoing, with an open invitation to new members who come to the remembrance that a family even exists!  Yet your attendance must be on your own terms, in your own timing, since you are focusing in a Free Will zone.

So how do you find this party?

You can use the RRR method!

Anxiety is the realm of the 3%.


Recognize your best accomplishments
You’ll be bringing them to the reunion. Consider it wearing your most authentic outfit, incorporating the best aspects of the 3% that you are.  Bring your quirky characteristics and all of your propensities.


Recall recent kindnesses
Your smiles to strangers.  Waves were sent to passers-by. Good deeds were performed, as well as received.


Do this until you feel the anxiety fall away.  After all, you’re only using your imagination.

Now you are ready to meet your family!  So what will you encounter?

There are many family members who are already aware of you.

They took their respective paths to get where they are and are cognizant of their divine nature; they know themselves as a portion of the Whole.  Meeting a long-lost Cousin of Consciousness is an exciting opportunity for them!  Such family members know through life experience that they are much stronger when combined with the other 97%; this allows them to tap into the abilities of all others comprising the Whole, including your 3%.

There are also some family members who are not aware of you.

You will then be the one that’s in the know for a while.  This gives you the chance to explore their differences, to observe how they live their lives in an alternate fashion from yours. As you send them love, the bond will grow and they will become more and more aware of you.  Remember that all of consciousness is expanding together.

How do you know when you are connected?

You may see visions, such as looking to the ground to see someone else’s feet where yours would be.  Scenes that don’t match what you’ve experienced in this lifetime.  Images of lifestyle elements such as different animals, odd food, strange structures, or new faces.  These are all indications that you are interacting with party guests!

As you take moments in your day to view your world through the eyes of your 100%, the 3% walking around on your plane will begin to view its world differently.  You might make changes to put you more in line with those versions of You that are living the life that you prefer to live, based on their examples.

For along the way, you will receive messages—tips you could call them—in the form of impulses, synchronicity and luck, from divine family members who want to see you accomplish your dreams.  Your 97% is a powerful support system, so why not let them contribute to your accomplishments? For you are also assisting them with theirs.

The key to using this equation:  View the world from the larger, divine vantage point more often than from the 3% that’s in limitation.

When you can do this, you will master one of the greatest gifts that consciousness could receive: the ability to turn one’s thoughts into physical form…to walk around within it! …and to playfully experience creation from a multitude of different perspectives.

You will truly be living in the best of all worlds.  So welcome to the party.  We are very glad that you decided to come.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,



Photo by Amber Lamoreaux from Pexels